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You brought me back to life! Just let me be somebody who deserved it.

Lars Barriga

"Lars' Head" is the 4th episode of the fifth season of Steven Universe and the 132nd episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Lars finally lets Steven in.[3]


Lars' Head 025.png

After Steven's accidental attempt to bring Lars back in the previous episode, Lars questions what happened. Steven hugs him and explains how he accidentally brought Lars back to life, unknowing of how he did it and states that he should have asked. Lars is confused, especially regarding his "change in hue". Steven asks numerous questions about how Lars feels. Since he really does not know, Lars finally answers that he feels really freaked out, as much as Steven is. Then the other Gems, Rhodonite, Fluorite, the Rutile Twins, and Padparadscha, realize there are more Shattering Robonoids approaching. Fluorite has the idea to block the entrance with a large stone and prevent detection, and Steven helps them carry it out. Afterward, Steven realizes that if he is still around, the shattering Robonoids will continue going after them. He thinks they should find a new hiding spot, but Rhodonite points out they will be exposed, and Fluorite knows if they stay where they are, they will still be caught.

Lars' Head 095.png

Lars questions if he is a zombie since he died before Steven healed him. Steven reasons that zombies cannot talk and do not have heartbeats. Steven listens to Lars' heartbeat and steps back nervously. While he finds it to be beating a lot slower than a human heart should, he is at least glad that Lars is not a zombie. Steven also notices Lars' hair is now pink. But when he touches it, his hair glows, much like Lion's mane. Lars is shocked when he notices, but when he touches his own hair, nothing happens. Lars requests for Steven to repeat what he did, and Steven touches Lars' hair, causing it to glow once again. Steven tells Lars that he has an idea, but he refuses to do it since he thinks that Lars does not want him to get inside his head. Lars asks if Steven will possess him again (as in "The New Lars") but Steven denies it. Lars then allows Steven to proceed. Steven enters Lars' head in a way similar to how he enters Lion's mane.

Lars' Head 103.png

While inside, Steven finds himself in a pink savannah and notices a tree atop a hill, just like in Lion's Dimension. He then looks around and observes another tree further away. Steven walks to it, noticing the tree's familiarity. When he finally gets close to it, he sees Rose's Flag, Mr. Universe Shirt, and everything near and on the tree. He realizes he is in Lion's Dimension. Testing this theory, Steven ducks out of the dimension and exits via Lion's mane. Steven is happy to be home and after snacking, packs some consumables for Lars while wishing he could inform the others that he is safe. Lion then approaches him and Steven longingly wishes he could talk to Lion and have his questions answered, upon realizing that Lion died a long time ago and was magically resurrected. Steven then re-enters Lion's mane and rushes back to Homeworld.

Lars' Head 172.png

Meanwhile, Lars is adjusting to his new form and his questionable status as living when Steven emerges. Lars questions what is inside of his head and Steven explains his discovery that Lars' head leads back to Earth. He explains how Lion's Dimension works, which confuses everyone. Steven offers Lars food, but he declines, which causes Steven to ask if Lars is feeling tired, to which he declines again but says he is still a bit confused. Steven, seeing that Lars possesses the same ability as Lion, says that he may need to eat "magical lizards", but Lars does not agree. Rhodonite asks what the juice box is, unaware of what purpose it serves; and Steven explains to her what humans drink on Earth.

Lars' Head 199.png

This confuses the Off Colors since they believed that Earth was decimated from the Diamond's attack. Steven explains to them that there was an attack, but Gems still live on Earth, and how it is full of life, using the food with him as an example. Rhodonite asks why Gems still live there, and Steven tells her Earth is a place where everyone can live freely and be themselves. Fluorite comments that Earth sounds wonderful. The others agree and wish to go there via Lars. However, Lars notices a flaw in their plan and asks what he is supposed to do once everyone else leaves. Steven attempts to pull Lars into his own head but fails. Steven tries to come up with a new idea, but Lars tells the others to leave him and go to Earth, telling them how beautiful it is. He expresses his sadness and regrets that he took his life on Earth for granted.

Lars' Head 238.png

But everyone (except Rhodonite) refuses to leave without Lars. Fluorite also states that the Gems had been around the underground Kindergarten for eons and have never been found, reasoning that Lars needs their help to find his way around and the Off Colors need to stick together. Lars, after a moment, nods in agreement. They then resolve to find an alternative escape route to Earth with Lars. Lars makes the point that Steven is in the most danger out of everyone and urges him to go back to Earth since it will not be safe for him to be around. Steven refuses, but Lars does not want to argue. After Steven helped him so much, Lars views this as his redemption for all the times he was rude to him. After a meaningful embrace, using Lars, Steven goes back to Earth.

Lars' Head 257.png

Shortly after returning, Greg, Connie, Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet warp back to the Beach House, still depressed about Steven's disappearance. Pearl stresses out after their plan to go to Homeworld by fixing an unknown Gem drop ship did not work, initially failing to realize Steven is there. Steven tells everybody that he is back. Upon seeing him, the group rushes to hug him. Steven smiles and tears up, glad to be back home.






Instrumental Songs


  • This episode has the same title card as the previous episode, "Off Colors", which is different than the others shown so far. It has a view from Homeworld of a white structure that resembles one of the murals on the Moon Base.
  • After disappearing in "Lion 4: Alternate Ending", the star iris out returns.

Cultural References

  • Lars' tree in his and Lion's dimension is a Narra tree, the national tree of the Philippines.
  • Steven returning home is very similar to Garak, Worf, Dr. Julian Bashir and Martok getting rescued on the Runabout from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode, By Inferno's Light.
  • The episode's title may be a wordplay on Herman's Head, a sitcom that aired on Fox from 1991 to 1994.


  • This episode takes place after "Off Colors".
  • A reference is made to "The New Lars" when Lars is worried if Steven is going to try and "possess [him] again."
  • Steven returns to Earth in this episode after turning himself in and getting captured by Aquamarine and Topaz in "I Am My Mom".
  • When Steven asks Lars if he eats magic lizards as Lion does, this is a reference to the episode "Lion 2: The Movie" when Steven and Connie notice Lion eating one.
  • The scene where Steven puts his hand on Lars' chest mirrors a scene in "Lars and the Cool Kids".
  • Steven telling Lars that he will come back and bring him something before returning home, foreshadowing his space adventure with Connie in "Lars of the Stars".
  • Garnet mentions the events of this episode in "Pool Hopping".


Note: Time is displayed in [mm:ss]; [00:00] refers to the point after the title card is displayed and before the episode's start.


  • [01:06] The circular gem on Fluorite's forehead has a circular facet in this episode despite having a triangular facet in the previous episode.


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