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You love this ship, it's your best friend. You'd much rather let it get away than destroy it.

Lars to Emerald

"Lars of the Stars" is the 11th episode of the fifth season of Steven Universe and the 139th episode overall.[2]

Official Synopsis

Lars rises to the occasion.[3]


Lars of the Stars27.png

Steven and Connie are at the Crystal Temple's front porch, are about to take a care package made by Dante and Martha Barriga to their son Lars Barriga, currently stranded in space on Homeworld. Steven and Connie go inside the mane of Lion and enter the pocket dimension accessible through Lion's mane and Lars' hair. The two traverse the pocket dimension and exit through Lars' area.

Lars of the Stars98.png

Upon emerging from Lars' hair, they discover that Lars is now wearing a captain's uniform and seems to be on a spaceship. While Steven, Connie, and Lars are confused, a Gem known as Emerald appears on a large screen in the spaceship. Angrily, she taunts the "Off Colors", and Lars confidently responds that she'll "never take them alive". The four Gems comprising the group known as the Off Colors are seen to be piloting and running the ship.

Lars of the Stars195.png

It is explained that the Off Colors, led by Lars Barriga, had escaped the Homeworld Kindergarten and have been on the run. They had stolen an Emerald's personal shuttle before crashing it on the planet Upsilon-9, had traveled to various planets, impersonated imperial officers during a "cosmic jubilee", and had later snuck past sixty-seven elite Citrine guards to steal Emerald's fastest ship (the "Sun Incinerator") from a docking bay on the planet Klavius 7.

Lars of the Stars231.png

While Emerald contacts them through the ship, Padparadscha (now a "technical advisor" under "Captain Lars") makes an oblivious late prediction that Emerald will discover and contact them. Fluorite (now a "chief engineer") checks on the engine. The Rutile Twins (now pilots) fire up the ship's Nova Thrusters and keep them on their way. Rhodonite (now the "head of strategic operations") informs Lars that everything is clear up ahead. After Emerald threatens them, Fluorite tells Lars that the engines are all set, and Lars has the Rutile Twins pilot the ship into hyper-speed.

Lars of the Stars457.png

Once safe in hyperspace, Connie is introduced to the Off Colors and presents Lars with his care package while Steven brings him up to speed with events on Earth. Saddened with the fact that Sadie has been doing well without him, Lars barely notices as several warning signs begin to flash around the ship. Only with some pep talk from Steven and Connie and their subsequent transformation into Stevonnie does Lars finally get his confidence back.

Lars of the Stars867.png

Sure enough, Emerald quickly catches up in her imperial warship, the Destiny Destroyer, having tracked them through hyperspace using the Sun Incinerator's unique energy signature. She threatens to destroy them, but Lars calls her bluff, knowing she'll never destroy her favorite ship. As expected, Emerald refuses to fire on the Incinerator, but cripples its weapons and shields, then she ordered her crew to fire on the nova thrusters so they will never get away. In order to buy time to escape, Lars suggests piloting his personal custom starfighter, the Star Skipper, and Stevonnie quickly volunteers for the mission. Stevonnie is successful in piloting the Skipper and takes out the Destroyer's main guns. Unfortunately, an explosion from a missile sends them spiraling towards a nearby planet.






Instrumental Songs


  • This is the first episode to air in 2018.
  • A clip from this episode was shown at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017.
  • This is the first time someone other than Steven is shown inside Lion's mane willingly, and the second time overall after Bismuth.
  • This is the first time Connie and Lars have interacted (on-screen) since Connie's debut in "Bubble Buddies".
  • The fact that Steven and Connie fused shows that since the events of "Kevin Party," they have reconciled enough to fuse and (as shown in the following episode) maintain it for an extended period of time.

Cultural References

  • This episode's name might be a reference to Kirby of the Stars.
  • Emerald states that the Off Colors impersonated imperial officers during the cosmic jubilee; the Gems' role of the imperial officers is likely similar to the Imperial officers of the Galactic Empire in the Star Wars franchise.
  • Lars' outfit takes resemblance to the outfit of the titular main character of the manga/anime 'Space Pirate Captain Harlock' by Leiji Matsumoto. His iconic cape specifically is identical to Lars'.
    • Additionally, the several skull imagery in Lars' gages and the Star Skipper are an allusion to the series.
    • Emerald's first appearing here is also a reference to Harlock's rival, the female pirate Emeraldas. Emerald also has her gem over her eye in reference to the eyepatch worn by Emeraldas.
  • The warning signs on the ship's walls that appear bear a striking resemblance to a similar sequence in the anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and to the intro of the game "Xenogears".
  • Upsilon-9, the name of the planet Lars crashed Emerald's personal shuttle on, may be a nod to the name “Epsilon-2”, the planet that the ECV-197 visited in the pilot episode of The Orville.
  • Rhodonite's line "a huge battleship is approaching fast" may be a reference to the video game Darius, in which the same line appears whenever a boss enemy approaches.
  • The Off-Colors act like the crew members of the Enterprise from Star Trek.


  • Steven mentions the events of "Off Colors" and "Lars' Head".
    • Additionally, Lars remains in the same predicament as he was left off in said episodes: stuck in space with the Off Colors.
  • Stevonnie mentions being comfortable with driving a car, a callback to "Beach City Drift".
  • Lars' skull gauges from the episodes "Horror Club" and "Tiger Philanthropist" are part of his parents' care package.
    • MC Bear Bear also makes a return from the previously said episodes.
  • Sadie is still the lead singer of the band she began in "Sadie Killer".
    • The band is now confirmed to have the name "Sadie Killer and the Suspects".
  • When Stevonnie is formed, they're labeled as an experience, a callback to "Alone Together".
  • Due to Connie's previous hair change between "Dewey Wins" and "Kevin Party", this also makes Stevonnie's hair shorter than it was in their previous appearances.
  • Steven reunites with Lars in this episode.
  • Connie meets the Off-Colored Gems for the first time.


  • 09:23: Emerald's gemstone is reversed to the left side.
  • 1:50: Fluorite has an extra pair of lines across her face indicating eight eyes instead of the normal 6.[4]
  • When Emerald says "Very well, prepare yourselves for destruction!", her eyelashes are missing.
  • The lighter and darker sections of Rhodonite's hair switch places.
  • There are several spelling mistakes in the Cartoon Network version of the ending credits of this episode:
    • "Fluorite" is written as "Fourite".
    • "Emerald" is written as "Merald".
    • Jinkx Monsoon is credited as "Jinkx Monsoone".



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