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"Last One Out of Beach City" is the 6th episode of the fourth season of Steven Universe and the 109th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Pearl, Steven, and Amethyst go to a rock show.[2]


Last One Out of Beach City 039.png

The episode begins in the Beach House with Steven and Pearl working on a puzzle, while Amethyst, who is also in the room, is shapeshifted into a ball and bouncing excitedly. When Pearl questions her behavior, Amethyst reveals her anticipation for a rock concert that she will be attending with Greg. Greg shortly comes through the door and tells Amethyst that he will not be able to go with her due to a previous request from Barb to play cards with her and Vidalia. Amethyst is disappointed, not wanting to go to the show by herself. Pearl tells Amethyst she can hang out with her and Steven, implying that she and Steven would like to go with her.

Last One Out of Beach City 087.png

In the next scene, Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven stop by the Big Donut to pick up some snacks. Pearl is now wearing blue jeans and an unbuttoned black jacket in her attempt to look cool for Steven and Amethyst. A pink-haired girl resembling Rose walks into the Big Donut and immediately catches Pearl's eye. Steven and Amethyst urge Pearl to speak to her. Pearl approaches her, but accidentally fumbles and knocks over a stack of cups before she can say anything. The mystery girl leaves the Big Donut.

Last One Out of Beach City 124.png

Later, Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl are in the Dondai Supremo, on their way to the concert, with Pearl driving. Eventually, the pink-haired girl pulls up beside them on a motorcycle. Following Amethyst's advice, Pearl gives the girl a look. The girl smiles back at her, causing Pearl to blush. The girl then drives through a yellow traffic light while Pearl gets stuck at the red light. After a moment, however, Pearl drives through the red light after the girl. This causes a police cruiser to begin chasing them. Pearl, not being a citizen of Earth, does not have a license, and so she tries to escape the police. After a chase, Pearl pulls the car off to the side of the road, hiding it behind a billboard. The police car passes by, unable to find them. Pearl attempts to start up the car afterward, only to find out that it is out of gas.

Last One Out of Beach City 231.png

Steven, Pearl, and Amethyst get out of the car and begin walking. Upset with herself, Pearl stops abruptly and says that she wanted to seem hardcore and impressive to the two of them by going to the concert, drinking juice, and wearing pants. But instead, all she did, she says, was listen to loud music, break the law, and chase a mysterious stranger into the night. Amethyst and Steven reassure her that they already think she is hardcore, and that they had a lot of fun with her.

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The three suddenly hear music, and upon following it to its source, find themselves at the concert they had meant to go to. They spot the pink-haired girl there as well. Pearl decides to go talk to the girl. Amethyst begins to worry about her, afraid that Pearl will be rejected. But Pearl's conversation with her goes well despite being a bit awkward. Afterward, Pearl is unhappy, saying that the girl walked off after giving her a code on a piece of paper. Steven and Amethyst are quick to realize that the girl gave Pearl her phone number, and congratulate Pearl.







Instrumental Songs

  • TBA


  • This episode's name was first revealed in the episode listing on the Cartoon Network website.[3]
  • Amethyst almost says the word "badass" in this episode but is interrupted.
  • American rock musician Mike Krol makes a cameo appearance in this episode.
  • Ian Jones-Quartey makes a cameo appearance in this episode.
  • The episode ends without an iris close, and the end credits play "Fifteen Minutes".
  • Deedee Magno-Hall, the voice actress for Pearl, was concerned about the scene in this episode where Pearl runs the red light, as her young children would see it.[4]
  • Delmarva is abbreviated "DV" on the signage on the Big Donut's front window.
  • Pearl's cool clothes resemble Jesse Zuke's Bad Pearl drawing.
  • Mystery Girl's phone number includes 301, the area code for the western portion of Maryland.
  • This is the second time on season 4 were Pearl became obsessed to something (this time, the anonymous girl), the first was Know Your Fusion.

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to Less Than Jake's 1998 song "Last One Out of Liberty City".[5]
  • The puzzle is a reference to the webcomic Homestuck; The number 612 is a recurring number in the webcomic and the puzzle is made of black and white lines, similar to the Battlefield planet. This episode was written and storyboarded by Jesse Zuke who is a fan of Homestuck.
  • Amethyst mentions "the pit", possibly referring to a "mosh pit", an area of a concert where people mosh dance, a dance characterized by the aggressive slamming into each participant, commonly associated with hardcore punk music. This is solidified when Amethyst tells Pearl there will be people pushing each other.
  • The face logo on the back of Pearl's jacket could be a reference to the logo of the rock band Nirvana.
  • The Strawberry Sugar Shock Shutdown energy drink has a similar logo to Monster Energy.
  • The Mystery Girl's motorbike resembles a late-1974 Suzuki TS250; however, it lacks the trademark Suzuki TS Series grille on both sides.
  • The police mobile used to chase Greg's Dondai resembles a 1987 Mitsubishi Galant Sigma.
  • Amethyst compares Pearl's poetic use of words in her conversation with the Mystery Girl to the works of famous English playwright William Shakespeare.
  • The Mystery Girl's phone number has an exchange (middle portion) of 555. Numbers of the form 555-01XX are reserved for fictional use to prevent prank calls.
  • The Mystery Girl's bike helmet has a sticker resembling the logo of the band The Aquabats.


  • Pearl reveals that the Gems lack any form of American citizenship and thus do not have things like driver's licenses. This supports the accusation that Uncle Andy makes in "Gem Harvest" that the Gems are "illegal aliens".
  • Pearl is disgusted by drinking apple juice, a similar occurrence to when she unfused from Alexandrite in "Fusion Cuisine" (though this is at least partly due to her surprise at seeing the Mystery Girl as well.)
  • The brand of apple juice is the same seen in "Lion 2: The Movie" and several other episodes.
  • Steven mentions that Pearl's reckless driving had made him the most scared since she "almost let [him] die," referencing "Space Race" and "Rose's Scabbard".
  • Ocean Town's entrance signpost said "Ocean Town: No Longer on Fire". This is a reference to the city's uprising mentioned by Mayor Dewey in "Political Power".
  • Pearl is seen driving a car again, which was first seen in "Ocean Gem".
  • When Steven tells Pearl she is now a criminal, Pearl states that she has been a criminal for 6,000 years, referencing the Rebellion.
  • Pearl telling Mystery Girl that her body is a "conscious manifestation of light" is reminiscent of the "What Are Gems?" short when she tells Steven that a Gem's body is "like a hologram, but with mass."
  • Mystery Girl's phone number is briefly seen stored inside Pearl's gem, next to a handful of cellphone numbers in the episode "A Single Pale Rose".


Note: Time is displayed in [mm:ss]; [00:00] refers to the point after the title card is displayed and before the episode's start.


  • [04:00] When Pearl knocks over the stack of cups, she has two right hands.


  • [01:57] As Pearl places the sky piece, there is a glitch in the animation.
  • [04.43] Pearl's hands are meant to be holding the steering wheel, however they are behind the wheel for a few frames.
  • [06:15] During the police chase, Pearl's reflection in the rear-view mirror does not move.


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