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This is a transcribed copy of "Legs From Here to Homeworld". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. Beach House]
(Following the events in "Reunited", after finding out Steven possesses Pink Diamond's gem, Blue Diamond hugs and nuzzles him, crying tears of joy, in turn causing Steven and the other Gems to cry as well.)
Blue Diamond Ah... Oh, Pink! I can't believe it! You've been here all along! Oh!
Garnet I can't just hand Steven over to Blue Diamond, she's a shatterer!
Bismuth *sniffles* She's not gonna hurt him. Look at her.
(Blue Diamond laughs happily and continues to hug Steven.)
Bismuth She really thinks he's one of them.
Amethyst *desperate* Ahh!! Somebody make... Blue Diamond.. stop!!
Connie Are you guys okay?
Pearl It's just- *sniffles* Ugh, Blue Diamond's power. She's obviously relieved that Pink Diamond wasn't shattered after all.
(Yellow Diamond is seen trying to reactivate her ship, but it, as well as Blue's, are too damaged from the previous battle.)
Yellow Diamond Hmm. How could you do this to us, Pink? *approaches the house* Why did you let us think you were shattered? Why the strange disguise? Why are you doing a voice? Why didn't you say something at the trial? And Blue, can you please stop crying? I can't see.
(Yellow Diamond wipes away her tears and splashes them onto the Crystal Gems.)
Blue Diamond ...Sorry!
(Blue Diamond stops crying and puts Steven down at the entrance of the house, and he rejoins the other Crystal Gems.
Steven My mom kept it secret from everyone.
Pearl A-hem...!
Steven Almost everyone.
Yellow Diamond What are you talking about?
Steven Well, apparently Mom... Oh, geez, you don't know what a mom is... Okay! Pink Diamond took the form of Rose Quartz permanently after faking her shattering. Then Rose Quartz gave up that form to create a new life with my Dad: me. Rose passed her gemstone and some of her powers onto me, but... that's all. I... I don't have any of Pink or Rose's memories... I'm sorry...
(Steven shows Yellow Diamond his gem and she stares at it intently.)
Yellow Diamond Hmm. I'm sure your memories are in there somewhere, Pink.
Steven Actually, I go by Steven.
Blue Diamond Oh, stars! How did you even survive?! We blasted the planet and obliterated every Gem on its surface!
Steven They weren't exactly... obliterated...
[Trans. Ext. Ancient Gem Colony Ship]
(The Crystal Gems and the Diamonds to the abandoned Gem dropship, where the Centipeetles reside. Steven opens the door and shows a corrupted Nephrite to the Diamonds, as he feeds her Chaaaaps.
Yellow Diamond What... am I looking at?
(Nephrite's jaws drop at the sight of Yellow and Blue Diamond.)
Yellow Diamond No one should've survived our attack.
Steven Centipeetle's mind is broken. I've tried to heal her, but... It didn't stick.
Yellow Diamond Heal her?
Steven But maybe you two can help her! You're so much stronger than me, and... I got close!
Blue Diamond Well, that's not something we normally do...
Yellow Diamond This is completely unprecedented.
Steven But you did this to her! You have to help her— all of them!
Yellow Diamond Hmm, very well... I can try, but I make no promises.
(Yellow Diamond rubs her palms together and begins to attempt uncorrupting Nephrite, reverting her body back to her normal form.
Yellow Diamond There, good as new.
(Nephrite continues to make monster noises and flails around.)
Yellow Diamond She may be too far gone.
Blue Diamond Gently, Yellow.
(Blue Diamond's hand glows and she begins uncorrupting Nephrite too, healing her mind.)
Blue Diamond There we are!
Nephrite *starts crying* No! Please no! No! No! We’re all gonna be-!
(Nephrite grasps her head and keeps repeating her words hysterically and frantically.)
Steven Centi?
Nephrite No, please-!
(Steven licks his palm and pats in onto Nephrite's back, healing her further.)
Steven Centi! It's okay! It's okay!
(Nephrite stops panicking and looks up at the Diamonds.)
Nephrite *Gem-salutes* Nephrite! Facet-413 Cabochon-12!
(Everyone watch on in sheer shock.)
Amethyst W-w-w-what?!
Garnet Unbelievable.
Nephrite I’m sorry for my failure to heed my Hessonite's evacuation orders... My team and I tried our best to make it out before the attack, but... You're here and it must've worked! You finally avenged Pink Diamond! You destroyed Rose Quartz!
(Blue and Yellow Diamond flinch and let go of Nephrite, causing her to revert back to her corrupted form. Steven proceeds to comfort Nephrite.)
Yellow Diamond Ugh, Pink. How many perfectly adequate Gems did you have us ruin?
Blue Diamond Shh, Yellow! Pink's been punished enough. She’s been trapped here in this awful planet with these... creatures.
Steven Do it again! It was working!
Yellow Diamond How long do you expect us to hold her together?
Steven I don’t know. Forever! You did this! So you have to do something!
(Nephrite grabs Steven's bag of Chaaaaps and crawls back inside of the dropship.)
Yellow Diamond We can only do so much, if it was the four of us.
Blue Diamond Oh no! We can’t let her see this!
Steven Who? Who do we need?
Yellow Diamond What do you mean "who"? White!
(Everyone is dumbstruck.)
Pearl W-White D-Diamond?
Amethyst What?!
Pearl Steven. White Diamond isn't like us. She isn’t even like them. *gestures to Yellow and Blue Diamond* You have no idea what she's capable of!
Steven I just want to talk.
Blue Diamond I don't think you'd have much luck with that... White... hasn't left Homeworld in eons.
Steven Then we're going to Homeworld!
Yellow Diamond In what?! You and your "friends" destroyed both our ships!
Blue Diamond Unless... You don't still have yours, do you?
[Trans. The Desert]
(The Crystal Gems and the Diamonds arrive at Rose's Landfill in the desert.)
Steven This place is filled with Mom's junk, so there's a good chance it's buried around here! We can split up the area like a grid and divide the search! It's just past these pink pyramids!
(Yellow and Blue Diamonds stare at Steven in perplexity, like they already know what the pink pyramids actually are.)
Steven We've got a lot of deserts to cover. It may take a while, and be really super hot! But if we don't give up, I know we can find it!
(Steven rests his hand against the "pink pyramid", unknowingly activating a hand panel on it.)
Bismuth Uh... Steven.
(Steven turns around and gasps, realizing what he just did. The ground rumbles and Pink Diamond's ship emerges from the sand.)
Steven Oh...! *chuckles sheepishly*
[Trans. Beach City]
(Pink Diamond's ship hovers in the sky, casting a large shadow over Beach City as many Beach City citizens watch the leg ship flies by. Ronaldo records the occurrence with his phone as the ship lands in front of the Crystal Temple. There, Dr. and Mr. Maheswaran bids Connie farewell as she gets ready for the departure.)
Dr. Maheswaran You're going to do great! You sure you have everything? Food, water? Where's your sword?! I can't believe I'm saying that.
Connie It's okay, Mom! This is going to be a diplomatic mission!
Pearl And I'll be with her the whole time! I know the planet! There's an atmosphere; she'll be able to breathe.
(The Maheswarans look up at the leg ship uncomfortably, as its behind glimmers in the evening sun.)
Dr. Maheswaran Alright, be careful! Just, come home safe.
Connie Oh, thanks, Mom! Thanks, Dad! *hugs her parents*
Amethyst *holding Steven's Hot Dog Duffel Bag* I can't believe I'm finally going to Homeworld! There might be more Famethysts!
Greg Love you, schtu-ball! Be careful out there. *hugs Steven*
Steven I love you too! I'll be back before you know it! Lion! Bring it in, buddy! *hugs Lion*
Greg Garnet, should I be worried?
Garnet Steven... will be fine. *holds up Cat Steven* If you could water this for me while I'm gone, it'd be a big help.
Greg Oh, uh- Sure thing!
Steven *still hugging Lion* Don't miss me too much! *giggles*
(Steven notices Bismuth staring off in the distance and walks up to her.)
Steven Bismuth? Are you ready?
Bismuth I-
(Bismuth and Steven glance over at the broken Diamond hand ships.)
Bismuth I'm not gonna join a Diamond entourage! I know what you're doing, I get why you gotta do it, but I'm not gonna lay my gem on their anvil!
Steven "Anvil"?
Bismuth Okay! *places her hand on Steven's shoulder* Let me put this in Earth terms for you: You're about to enter the "lions' den". Luckily, you're a "lion" too! You gotta roar at them in their language; you're the one that has to do it.
Steven Right.
Bismuth Besides, you're gonna need me at the home base. Someone's gotta keep an eye on these two while you're gone.
(Bismuth shows Steven Peridot's and Lapis's gemstones in her hand.)
Bismuth We'll be waiting for you when you get back.
Steven Hmm! Ok! *runs up to the Crystal Gems* Let's go to Homeworld!
Amethyst & Connie Yeah!
Yellow Diamond *sarcastically* Fantastic.
[Trans. Int. Pink Diamond's Ship]
(The Crystal Gems and the Diamonds get inside the leg ship. Steven steps on a footplate and a pink aura forms around Steven's legs like a pair of pants.)
Amethyst It's a good look for you, Steven!
Steven Thank you!
Blue Diamond Oh, it's been so long since we've been together in Pink's ship.
(Blue Diamond begins weeping in joy, causing Steven and Yellow Diamond's eyes to tear up too.)
Yellow Diamond Please, Blue. If we could continue?...
Blue Diamond *sniffles* Yes, of course...
(Blue Diamond and Steven wipes away their tears, and Pearl walks up to Steven to instruct him.)
Pearl For launching, just get a running start.
Steven Mmm!
(Steven begins to move, and the legs of the ship awkwardly treads forward out to sea.)
Greg You got this, Steven!
(Steven struggles to maneuver the ship, while everyone else watch on in vexation.)
Steven Hold on! I'm taking off!
(The ship jumps up into the air, and launches itself out into space.)
Steven *sighs* I bet when Mom took off, it was pretty graceful, huh?
Pearl Heh... No, not really...
(Time passes by as the ship traverses through space. Connie and Amethyst lean against Garnet's legs, fast asleep, while Pearl navigates the ship control panel.)
Steven Should I have brought a gift for White Diamond? We are dropping in unexpectedly, and... I want to make a good first impression. Her help will mean everything for the corrupted Gems.
Pearl Steven...
Yellow Diamond Hmph. "Good impression"? We'll be lucky if she ever speaks to us again after this.
Steven But-
Blue Diamond The thing is, White... can be... difficult...
Yellow Diamond When we show up in this ship, it will be irrefutable that the last 6,000 years are now the biggest galactic embarrassment that's ever happened. And we're the ones to blame. If you don't want to be in a bubble for the next few millennia, I suggest you let me do the talking.
(An awkward silence fills the room as Blue and Yellow Diamond look away in unrest. The ship engine then begins to whir.)
Pearl Ahem... We're here...
Connie *wakes up and yawns* Really?
(Garnet quickly stands up, causing Amethyst to fall over from her legs.)
Amethyst Ughh! What- gives...?
(The Crystal Gems look out the ship windshield and sees the Gem Homeworld — a double-ringed planet that had been split and fragmented into large pieces.)
Steven Homeworld...
[Trans. Gem Homeworld]
(The leg ship somersaults and lands on Homeworld on its feet, on the roof of a building.)
Yellow Diamond Everyone, wait here. Blue and I will return for you... Once White's temper has cooled.
Blue Diamond Which might take a while...
Steven But I-
Garnet Wait, that sound...
(The Crystal Gems and the Diamonds exit Pink Diamond's ship to the top of the building roof. In front of them is an arena, filled with various Homeworld Gems, all cheering in unison, in a formation of the original Great Diamond Authority insignia.)
Steven ...Woah! Maybe things won't be so bad!
(A droning sound is heard, and all the Gems immediately quiet down. A white bubble descends from above and lands in front of Steven and the others. Everyone gasps as a white Pearl, with a navel gemstone and a series of scar-like cracks from the top of her right eye, appears from inside the bubble)
Blue Diamond It's White's Pearl...
White Pearl Pink Diamond, your presence is required.
Yellow Diamond Come on, Blue.
White Pearl Only Pink Diamond's presence is necessary. *glides towards Steven*
Steven Uhh, maybe we could-
(White Pearl, unmovingly, encases herself and Steven in a white bubble. Pearl gasps in shock as the bubble begins to fly away, and the Crystal Gems attempt to chase after the bubble.)
Amethyst Wait!
Connie & Pearl Steven!
(The bubble flies towards White Diamond's ship, shaped like a bust of her image.)
[Trans. Int. White Diamond's Ship]
(The bubble phases through the walls of White Diamond's ship and dissolves. White Pearl then phases back into the wall, leaving Steven behind.
White Diamond Pink! There you are!
(Steven turns around and looks up in awe at the towering Diamond before him.)
White Diamond Hello, starlight, you certainly gave everyone a scare. They're all just thrilled to see you safe and sound.
Steven Um, hi...? I-
White Diamond As for this latest little game of yours, thank the stars it's over! Did you have fun? Did you get everything out of your system?
Steven I-
White Diamond *dismissively* Good, good... Everyone is so relieved. Welcome home, Pink.
(White Diamond encases Steven in a bubble and sents him away.)
Steven ...Wait, hold on!
(The bubble pops and Steven finds himself inside an empty pink room. He then looks out the balcony of the room to see White Diamond's ship, standing ominously just in front of him.)

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