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This article is about the Homeworld fusion and her component Gems. You may be looking for other Jades.

I knew it. I knew I couldn't be the only one!

—"Together Alone"

Lemon Jade is the fusion of two different Homeworld Jades.[1] She and her components debuted in "Together Alone", at "Pink Diamond"'s Era 3 Ball. They fuse after they see Stevonnie, Garnet, and Opal form, and are subsequently poofed by Yellow Diamond. In Steven Universe Future, she is later seen as a background character.



Right Jade, as shown on the left (as nicknamed for her right cheek gem) has a greenish-yellow hue. Her hair is styled in two upward spikes. She wears a floor-length dark yellow dress with light green shoulder pads and a Yellow Diamond insignia in the shape of the triangle located on her chest. Her gemstone is located on her right cheek. In her Steven Universe Future appearence, she is revealed to be wearing flats under her dress.

Left Jade, as shown on the right (as nicknamed for her left cheek gem) has a minty-green hue. She wears her hair in a downward bob cut. She wears a green floor-length dress with dark green stripes along with a minty green shawl with a Blue Diamond insignia on the front. She also wears a pair of mint wrist-length gloves. Her gemstone is located on her left cheek.


Lemon Jade has a light green hue and is (like any other fusion) larger than the sum of her parts. She looks similar to her components except she has four arms that meet together at her forearms, six fingers on each hand and four eyes. Her top pair of eyes are circular in shape and have vivid mid-green shiny irises which lack visible pupils, and have three triangular eyelashes on the upper sides. Her lower eyes are thin and appear to be constantly squinted, possess one visible thin eyelash on each upper side, and have forest green irises with no visible pupils. She lacks a nose, but possesses wrinkle-like folds where a nose would be located. Her hair is light green and is styled into spikes on top and is messy on the bottom. She also has a gap in between her teeth.

Pre-regeneration (Debut)

She wears a green dress with puffy sleeves and dark green stripes located on the skirt part. Along with that, she wears a dark green shawl with Yellow and Blue Diamond insignias located on the trim. She also wears a pair of dark yellow boots with cyan rings located on the ankles. Her gemstones are located on both of her cheeks.

Post-regeneration (Current)

The details of her current outfit are incredibly hard to discern, as she is only seen from a distance. She appears to be wearing boots without the her previous shoe's cyan cuffs, and her shawl appears to be missing the blue and yellow diamonds.



Their personalities are currently unknown. However, according to their mannerisms the one on the left (with the right cheek gem) is shown to act more casual and flowy, while the one shown on the right (with the left cheek gem) acts more mature and sensitive.


Lemon Jade appears to have a very cheerful personality. She also appears to be very brave, as she doesn't seem to hesitate to reveal her relationship in front of the Diamonds in order to stand by Stevonnie.


"Together Alone"

Both Jades are in attendance at "Pink Diamond's" (Steven's) Era 3 Ball. After the Gems reveal themselves and fuse, the Jades fuse as well, expressing their joy that there are other fusions like them. Their moment is short-lived, however, as Yellow Diamond poofs them moments later.

"Homeworld Bound"

She is seen waving on the steps of Yellow Diamond's throne in the Diamond Throne Room.

"The Future"

One of her components is seen being playfully chased by a Ruby.


The Jades possess standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability. The abilities available to their fused form Lemon Jade is currently unknown.


Despite their opposing personalities being a source of friction between them, the Jades appear to have a very strong relationship with each other. It is unknown is this relationship is platonic or romantic.

Episode Appearances


  • Lemon Jade (as well as two singular Jades from "Together Alone") is voiced by Aparna Nancherla, who also voices Nephrite. Nephrites are considered a type of jade in real life.
  • While their names are not mentioned onscreen, it was revealed in the credits of "Together Alone" that Aparna Nancherla voiced characters known as "Jades". The name of their fusion, "Lemon Jade", was confirmed by Rebecca Sugar in a Crewniverse Reddit AMA.[1]
  • Lemon Jade is the first fusion shown to have extra fingers (having six on each hand, while her component Gems have five).
  • Lemon Jade is the first fusion involving a plump-lipped Gem to not have plump lips, the second being Sunstone.
  • Despite sharing the same name and real-life gem group, they both have different appearances and, unlike when other Gems of the same type fuse, Lemon Jade had an extra set of eyes and fused double arms. Sugar confirmed that her two components are different types of Jade, belonging to different courts.[1]
  • In error, the blue-green Jade's appearance is briefly different. In the scene where the Jades fuse, the blue-green Jade's hair is much lighter and her gemstone is erroneously on her chest instead of left cheek. For the rest of the episode (e.g. when the Diamonds enter the ball), the blue-green Jade's appearance is correct and her gemstone is in the correct location. When fused, her gemstone is in the correct location as well. The error is most likely due to a model mix-up between the Jades, as a Jade with the same design as the error is present in the crowd.

    Note how the Jade to the right of the Sapphire looks exactly like the fusion-component Jade.

  • The jade gemstone is associated with purity, harmony, love, warding off negative energy, and good luck.
    • The name "lemon jade", however, refers to yellow-green serpentine. The serpentine gemstone is said to aid in meditation and enhance spiritual exploration, assisting the retrieval of wisdom and helping to regain memory of past lives.
  • She is seen waving in her appearance in "Homeworld Bound", showcasing her kind and happy nature.



Image Description
The yellow-green Jade's gemstone is on her right cheek. It resembles a cabochon, a gemstone that has been polished, but not faceted.

The blue-green Jade's gemstone is on her left cheek. It resembles a cabochon, a gemstone that has been polished, but not faceted.

In one scene while fusing, the blue-green Jade's gemstone incorrectly appears on her chest.


Image Description
Jade (fusion) Gemstone.png
The component Jades' gemstones on Lemon Jade. Her two gemstones are on her left and right cheeks. They each resemble a cabochon, a gemstone that has been polished, but not faceted.





Concept Art


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    "The two Gems who fuse are both Jades, but different types of Jade, belonging to different courts. Their fusion is Lemon Jade."
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