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You people have too much money!

—Li'l Butler

Li'l Butler is a sitcom about a butler that is first seen in "Maximum Capacity". Both Greg and Amethyst enjoy the show. However, Garnet views it as trivial and unnecessary, blaming it for distracting Greg and Amethyst from their individual responsibilities for weeks.


The show is a sitcom about a balding, mustachioed baby found on the doorstep of a rich family's house, who grows up to become their short butler. Li'l Butler's catchphrase is, "You people have too much money!".



  • The theme song is reminiscent of the sitcom The Facts of Life.
  • In Amethyst's opinion, season 3 is when the show really starts to get good since that is the season where the uptight neighbors, the Richingtons, move in next door.
  • A cat named Money is featured in the pilot in place of the dog, "Dirtbike".
  • The show is recorded on several VHS tapes.
  • There is a two-hour Hawaii vacation special.
  • The show bears some resemblance to the sitcom The Nanny and Mr. Belvedere.
  • In "Greg the Babysitter", Greg sees the first commercial for Li'l Butler on Vidalia's TV, finding it instantly hilarious.
  • Craig of the Creek contains multiple references to Li'l Butler.



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