My limb enhancers! Where are my limb enhancers?!


The Limb Enhancers are mechanical tools crafted on the Gem Homeworld and given to Era 2 Peridots who lack powers, as well as gems who are not their intended height, such as Amethyst.

They were formerly worn by Peridot. She wore them throughout most of her early appearances, and were confirmed to be separate body parts from her physical form in the episode "Catch and Release". The limb enhancers (excluding her left foot, which Steven returned to her in "Catch and Release") are currently lost underwater near the Galaxy Warp, after having been disposed of by Amethyst by being thrown into water.


Arm Attachments

The arms can create a tractor beam (used to levitate broken Warp Pad pieces, and other Gems), and also fire blasts of plasma.


The fingers can create a screen, shaped by four fingers and operated with one. This can be used to operate machinery such as the Gem Warship by tracing different lines on the screen. The fingers also can generate jolts of electricity, and were also seen to rotate as helicopter blades. The touchpad can interface with Gem technology, including Warp Pad status, the Plug Robonoid (as a lift), remote Gem Warship operation, and for several uses in the Kindergarten. In "Too Short to Ride", Peridot says that her screen had information from multiple different star systems. It is currently unknown how the fingers were able to float independently from the limb enhancers. Notable is that the inactivated fingers do not levitate in their last appearance, suggesting that the user must be in control of the limb enhancer to utilize their independent functions. In "Together Alone", Amethyst uses a finger for a trick that she taught herself.


The legs increased Peridot's height, but there are no other abilities,


In an emergency, the feet can be separated from the legs by pressing on the side of the foot. Peridot ejected her left foot during her escape in "Friend Ship". Peridot is able to scale vertical walls with relative ease when using her feet enhancers, as she ran straight up a wall in the Kindergarten in "Keeping It Together".



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