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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Beach House]
(Instead of the actual episode, a trailer for a movie is shown in the opening.)
(Connie shows Steven the trailer for Dogcopter 3 on her phone.)
Movie Narrator [Scenes of a city on fire] Some people say... [People in helicopters fly in] You can't teach... [An evil giant robot attack the city, as the helicopters approach it] An old dog... [A robotic dog looks up] New tricks... [The robot destroys the helicopters] Unless you're... [A girl and the dog look and nod at each other, and the dog sprouts propellers in its back] Dogcopter 3, in 3D! [The dog flies towards the robot and shoots a missile from its butt at the robot] This February, the fur hits the fan!
(It is then revealed that Connie is just showing Steven the movie trailer on her phone.)
Steven *in awe* Whooaaa... I can see why this is your favorite film franchise.
Connie *adjusts her glasses* That's right! In a world where humanity is pushed to the brink, it turns out that the one who is most human, is a dog! -Copter.
Steven And did you see where that missile came out of?
Connie *blushes and chuckles* Yeah. I just hope it stays faithful to the book. (The warp pad suddenly beams in.) Whooaaa...
Steven The Gems are back.
(Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst appear on the warp pad in different poses.)
Garnet Greetings.
Pearl *notices Connie* Oh! Well, hello, Connie! What a surprise to see you!
Steven We're gonna watch a movie about a wacky, flying dog! Show 'em Connie!
Connie I mean, it's about, much more than that. *holds up her phone to the Gems*
(On the phone screen, Dogcopter barks with a caption reading "COMING SOON".)
Amethyst Oh-ho-ho, that's easy! *shapeshifts into Dogcopter and flies into the air*
Connie Whoooaaa?!
Amethyst Who needs to go see movies when you've got... magic!
(Amethyst shapeshifts her head into a boombox and start playing up-beat tempo music. Garnet bobs her head to the beat, while Pearl groans in annoyance.)
Steven Aw, stop showin' off, Amethyst. Connie promises that this movie's even better than any magic.
Connie I did not say that.
Steven And check this out. *walks over to the kitchen counter and points to the snacks on top* We got our own snacks!
Connie *explaining to Garnet and Pearl* My parents say I'm not allowed to buy snacks at the theater. So, we're not buying anything at the theater.
Amethyst *shapeshifts her head back to normal and flies towards the snacks* Nom Noms! Feeeed me!
Steven *shields the snacks with his arms* Hands off, Amethyst! These are for me and Connie to share at the movie!
Connie Speaking of which, how are we getting to the theater? It's kinda far.
Steven *stuffs all of the snacks into his Cheeseburger Backpack* Don't worry, I've got it covered. Today, we're gonna travel in style!
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
Steven Introducing the finest in luxury transportation... Lion!
(Steven reveal Lion, who is standing at the beach, to Connie. Lion yawns and lies down on the sand.*
Steven Aw, you little goofball. *presses his face into Lion's mane*
Connie *slightly frightened* You have a pet lion?!
Steven *lifts his face out of Lion's mane* Lion is sorta like a pet. He does his own thing most of the time though.
(Lion is then seen chomping on something as sparkling feathers falls out of his mouth. Steven and Connie look over and see a half-eaten small reptile by Lion's paws.)
Steven See? Who knows where he got that?
Connie Wow, Steven. Everything in your life is so awesome and magical. *picks up a stick nearby* The most exciting thing in my life is tennis practice. *starts swinging it around Forehand! Backhand! Overhead death strike!
Steven Whoa! Tennis is rad!
Connie Well, I made up that last one.
(Lion starts snarling at Steven and Connie.)
Steven I think Lion says we should hurry up and go, or maybe he was just yawning. (Steven and Connie blink and stare at each other for a few seconds.) Anyway, let's go to the movie! *raises him arms up in joy*
(Steven and Connie gets onto Lion's back, with Steven in the front and Connie behind him.)
Steven And we're off!
(Lion just stands there and stares blankly into space.)
Steven Uhh... Lion, I want you to take us to the movie. (Steven waits a few seconds, but Lion is still not moving.) Okay, you're not listening to me. *turns to Connie and chuckles nervously* Lion isn't trained very well, but I'm not trained very well either. So we're a—
(Lion's eyes suddenly widen and he roars. He rears up on his hindlegs and begins charging forward*
Steven & Connie Whoa! *laughs*
(Lion runs along the boardwalk, before changing direction, and starts to run towards the ocean.)
Steven & Connie Whoa!
Steven Wait, Lion! Don't go in the ocean!
(Steven and Connie scream as Lion leaps forward to the ocean and lands on the water surface, standing upright, as if he is on land.)
Steven *surprised* You can walk on water?! Why don't you tell me you can do these things you dooooo?!
(Lion starts running on the water with Steven and Connie riding happily on its back. Some seagulls join in to fly alongside with the group. A fishing boat with people on it comes into view as Lion runs past it.)
Steven *waves at the shocked sailors on the boat* Hey-o! (Steven and Connie both begin to laugh.)
(The shadows of two whales can be seen underwater as Lion keeps running out to sea. Connie soon notices they are getting further and further away from Beach City.)
Connie *worried* Uh... Are you sure he knows where he's going?
Steven Maybe it's a shortcut.
(Lion's eyes begin to glow white as he emits a magical roar. The roar shoots across the water and then transforms in a white portal with a pink edge. Lion runs right towards it.)
Steven & Connie *screams*
(Lion dives into the portal and it closes up behind him. The group is then warping through a dimension with a starry blue and white background. Steven and Connie continue to scream, as Steven clings onto Lion's mane while Connie has her arms wrapped around Steven's waist.)
Connie Has he ever done this?!
Steven No! This is new!
[Trans. Int. Rose's Secret Armory]
(The portal opens up in a cave location with a huge platform in the center of a shallow lake. The group emerges through the portal and Lion skids across the water, while Steven and Connie groans in awe from the excitement. Lion then sits down, causing Steven and Connie to fall off of him and into the shallow water.)
Steven & Connie Whoa!
Steven *shakes water off his head like a dog* Are you okay?
Connie *pushes her wet hair off her face* That was really cool.
Lion, now atop the platform, growls at Steven and Connie to draw their attention and begins walking to the center of the platform.)
Steven Lion! *climbs up to the platform* Wait! Where are you going?!
(Steven gasps when Connie, looking around distractedly in wonder, bumps into him.)
Connie Oof! Whoa! Is this one of those magic Gem places that you've told me about?
(Steven and Connie starts walking toward the center of the platform, when the ground suddenly lights up in light pink beneath their feet. The light zooms in towards the center of the platform and becomes a short beam, with Lion standing next to it.)
Steven Yep. Magic gem place.
(The beam fades away, as a hand-shaped pedestal with Rose Quartz's symbol raises out from the platform. Steven and Connie run over to inspect the pedestal.)
Steven Lion, normally I'm all about this stuff, but this is not the movies.
(Lion growls in response.)
Steven *throws his hands up in exasperation* What does that mean, Lion? What does that even mean?
Connie *examining the pedestal* What if he brought you here... for a reason?
Steven Well, maybe, but if we don't hurry, we're gonna miss the commercials, and then we might miss the previews, and we still have to find the perfect seats, near the front but not too close.
(As Steven is talking, Connie ponders for a moment. She then grabs Steven's hand and places it on the pedestal. The pedestal and the whole platform begins to glow, and Steven and Connie gasp in surprise.)
Connie *looks around* Hey, I think it likes you!
Steven *tries to take his hand off the pedestal* Ah! Aah! My hand's stuck! It won't... come off!
Connie Hang on! *tries to help Steven yank his hand off the pedestal, with no luck* Man, that's really stuck on good. I guess we'll have to chop it off.
Steven What?!
(A white case emerges out of the platform and opens up, revealing several swords in a line-up.)
Connie *excitedly* Hey, swords!
Steven *panicked* No!
(The swords retract back into the white case and back into the platform.)
Connie Whoa! How'd you do that?
Steven I don't know.
Connie *starts shaking Steven in excitement* Do it again! Do it again!
Steven Um... okay. *begins straining and grunting, trying to make something happen* Anything?
Connie No. Here. *pinches Steven's arm*
Steven *flinches* Ow! What are you— Hey! (Connie then pulls Steven's ear.) What are you doing?
Connie Maybe if I do... this! *pokes Steven sharply in his side*
Steven *jerks and hunches over the pedestal, giggling* Wait, I'm ticklish. (Connie continues poking Steven in his side, causing him to laugh uncontrollably.) Wait, stop! Stop, I'm gonna pee!
(A series of armor suits rise out of the platform all around the group.)
Connie Whoa, look at all this armor!
Steven Press my nose! Press my nose!
Connie *pushes a finger against Steven's nose* Boop! 
(The suits of armor retract back into the platform. Three laser light cannons attached together then emerge out of the platform.)
Steven Are those light cannons? 
Connie *grabs the corners of Steven's mouth and pulls them* Next!
(A bunch of axes rise out of the platform.)
Steven & Connie Axes!
(A statue of a woman with her arms outstretched and three spikey chain balls hanging on each arm then rises out of the platform.)
Steven & Connie Spikey chain balls! 
(A giant coin follows out of the platform.)
Steven & Connie A giant-
Steven Penny?
Connie *ponders* Does that means it's worth more than a regular penny?
Steven Well, that would make "cents". *grins widely*
Steven & Connie *laugh*
(Lion proceeds to lie down on his side at the edge of the platform, looking rather bored.)
Connie This is so great, but... *worried* I get the feeling though, I'm not really supposed to be here.
Steven I want you here! I mean, I don't want you here. I guess Lion wants us here, but I want us to be at the movies, and I want to see lots of explosions.
(The pedestal and platform suddenly stop glowing. Steven, his hand now freed, stumbles back onto Connie as the pedestal sinks back into the platform. A whirring noise is heard as a robot rises out of a wide circle in the platform. The robot turns around to face Steven and Connie. Steven and Connie gasps as triangular walls begin to rise all over the platform.)
Connie Should we be worried about this?
Steven Uh... *turns to look at Lion, yawning and napping* Lion doesn't seem to be worried.
(The triangular walls begin to glow white and the robot glows in yellow. A crackling sound can be heard as the robot generates a ball of electricity from its cannon.)
Steven Run!
(Steven and Connie scatter as the electricity ball is fired in their direction, exploding at where they were just standing. The robot starts glowing blue and floats after Steven.)
Steven *running and gasping* Connie!
Connie *running as well* Steven, look out! 
(Steven spots the robot in front of him, halting on his tracks. The robot shoots a beam of ice at Steven, which he quickly takes cover behind a triangular wall, and freezes where he was previously standing.)
Connie Steven! What do we do?!
(The robot, now turning and glowing orange this time, turns its attention to Connie.)
Connie *visibly frightened* Ah!
Steven Connie! *tries to runs forward Connie, but slips on the ice* Ah!
(The robot starts shooting fireballs at Connie, as she dodges and jumps out of the way. Steven gets up and helps Connie up on her feet. The robot floats over and prepares to shoot another fireball at the pair. Steven and Connie hold hands and close their eyes in fear, when Steven's protective bubble shield encases around them. The robot shoots the fireball and the force pops the bubble. Steven and Connie are then surrounded in a ring of fire and visibly hurt.)
Steven Ugh... My bubble. *notices Lion approaching him* Lion! Get us out of here, Lion, please!
(Lion glares at Steven for a brief moment, before lying down on his stomach. Steven and Connie quickly gets on top of Lion's back. Whirring and crackling noises can be heard as the robot, glowing yellow, aims another electric ball at the group. Lion jumps off of the platform and into the water, dodging the robot's attacks, before roaring another portal open and diving through it.)
[Trans. Ext. Beach City Movie Theater]
(Lion leaps out of the portal. A ticket booth lady looks on in surprise as he skids across the road outside of the movie theater.)
Steven What!? *throws his arms out in anger* Now you take us to the movies!?
(Lion closes his eyes and sits down, causing Steven and Connie to fall off of his back.)
Steven & Connie Whoa! *groans and sit up*
Connie *touches a burn on the side of her face* Ah.
Steven Connie, here. I have something for that. *pulls out a soda can out of his backpack and hands it to Connie* Sorry. They're not that cool.
Connie *accepts the soda can and presses it against her cheek* Thanks.
Steven *has a soda can pressed against his cheek too* Well, we're here. Shall we go in?
Connie That's okay... L-Let's just forget about it.
Steven Huh? *gets upset* I-I'm sorry! *looks down in shame* Ugh! I ruined everything, didn't I? I don't know why you hang out with me. I mess stuff up all the time.
Connie *surprised* I don't know why you hang out with me! I'm so much more... less interesting than you! And obviously you have some sort of magical destiny. *saddened* Why would you even care about something like Dogcopter?
Steven Why?! Because it's Dogcopter! He's a dog, and a helicopter, and a cop! He shoots missiles out of his butt, and he's gonna save the world! *throws up his hands up in excitement* Dogcopter is very cool and important... to me. *looks down shyly*
Connie *looks ashamed* Well, I'm no Dogcopter.
(The car behind Connie explodes as a fireball hits it.)
Steven What the?!
(Lion snarls as Steven and Connie gets up to see the commotion.
Connie Oh, no!
(The robot, glowing in various colors, is half-stuck in Lion's portal.)
Steven It's the robot shooty thing! How are we supposed to beat it? Lion, what do we do?
(Lion's eyes and mane begin to glow white. He leans down and the hilt of a sword with Rose Quartz's symbol sticks out of his forehead.)
Steven *grabs the hilt and begins to pull it out of Lion's head* Uh... this is weird, right? (Steven fully pulls the sword out and holds it above his head.) You have a sword in your head?! Why don't you tell me you can do these things you do?!
(The robot begins to move again and gets through the portal.)
Connie It came through!
(The robot continues glowing in various colors and starts rapidly firing projectiles of different elements, destroying the area.)
Ticket Booth Lady Whoa! *ducks as many elemental projectiles are fired towards her*
(The robot continues to fire at various things, causing a sign from the movie theater to fall right in front of Steven, Connie, and Lion.)
Steven *holding the sword in fear* What do I do with this?
Connie Watch out!
(Connie quickly grabs the hilt of the sword and helps Steven to deflect an incoming electric ball back at the robot. Steven and Connie exchange happy looks, as the robot begins to aim towards them again.)
Connie *guides Steven with the sword in their hands* Forehand! *deflects another electric ball* Backhand! *deflects an ice ball* 
Steven & Connie Overhead... death strike!
(Connie and Steven bring their sword up and parry a fireball. They then launch the fireball back at the robot and into its cannon. The robot starts glowing red and making whirring and clanging noises, and explodes.)
Connie *awestruck* Just like tennis practice.
Steven *awestruck as well* Magical destiny practice.
(The ticket booth lady slowly peeks out from hiding and sees Steven, Connie, and Lion standing in front of the ticket booth.)
Steven Hi!
Ticket Booth Lady *briefly scans the fight scene and smiles awkwardly* Uh, hello.
Steven Two kids, and one lion, to see "Dogcopter".
(Lion snorts on the glass of the ticket booth, causing it to fog up briefly.)
Ticket Booth Lady *looks at Lion and then back at Steven and Connie* Um, do you have a rewards card?
[Trans. Int. Beach City Theater]
(On the cinema screen, Dogcopter is eating out of a bowl and a beeping sound can be heard coming from inside the building. Dogcopter looks up and flies out of the building, where an explosion occurs seconds later. Off-screen, Steven and Connie are wearing 3D glasses and watching the movie in awe. Steven is eating cheese puffs and Connie is drinking a soda.)
Steven Whoa! Was that in the book? 
Connie Eh, they're taking some liberties. 
(An star iris, parodying M.G.M. films, zooms in on Lion wearing 3D glasses too. Lion growls softly as the episode ends.)

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