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"Lion 2: The Movie" is the 17th episode of the first season of Steven Universe and the 17th episode overall.


Steven and Connie try to ride Lion to the movie theater, but Lion has other ideas.[2]


The episode begins with Connie showing Steven the trailer for a new movie called Dogcopter 3 starring a dog-cop robot that saves a city by shooting missiles from its butt. Connie tells Steven why it is her favorite film franchise, and she hopes it stays loyal to the book. The Gems warp into the house, Pearl with her new outfit, and Steven asks Connie to show them the trailer. Amethyst sees dogcopter and decides to shape-shift into it, astounding Connie. Steven assures her that the movie will be more impressive than any magic. Connie, unsure of this, asks how they will get to the movies as the theater is far away.

Outside the house Steven introduces Connie to their mode of transportation, Lion; Connie is shocked. She expresses disappointment with her life compared to Steven's fantastic gem adventures, and says the most exciting thing in her life are her tennis lessons. She jokingly demonstrates three tennis shots, including "Overhead Death-Strike" which she admits is a made-up move (Steven is impressed anyway.) They then jump onto Lion's back to go to the theater, but Lion refuses to move for a few moments.

When Steven says he isn't trained very well, Lion begins running towards the beach. He leaps above the ocean, terrifying Connie and Steven. Fortunately, he lands on the water gracefully and they discover that Lion can walk on water. He runs across the ocean, taking Steven and Connie on a magical ride. Lion creates a portal by roaring and runs through it, and the three arrive inside an empty training temple.

They walk onto a section of the floor, and it starts to glow. A podium emerges from the floor. Steven places his hand on it and gets stuck. Connie says that they will have to chop his hand off, Steven screams, and a collection of swords comes out of the ground. Connie finds out that poking, tickling, and squeezing parts of Steven's body reveals additional varieties of weapons and armor, Laser Light Cannons (the Quartizine Trio), spiky chain-balls, and a giant penny. Steven then unwittingly activates a floating robot that shoots various projectiles at Steven, Connie and Lion. Lion helps them escape the temple and takes them to the Beach City theater, but the robot follows them through the portal.

After being slightly burned by the robot, Steven offers Connie a can of soda to ease her pain. She says to just forget about the movie, as Steven probably has more important things to do than watch a movie. Steven says that Dogcopter 3 is very important to him, and asks why Connie would hang out with him because he messes everything up. Connie asks why he would ever hang out with her, because she is so less interesting.

Suddenly, the robot comes back, even more aggressive than last time. Lion sprouts a sword from his head to help them defend against the robot, and Connie helps Steven to destroy the robot by using her tennis serves to reflect its shots. The robot gets destroyed.

After dealing with the largely unfazed ticket clerk, they finally get to see Dogcopter 3. Connie is fine with the creative liberties the movie takes from the book. The episode ends in a parody of the lion from M.G.M. films (Metro Goldwyn Mayer), with Lion in a star.








  • The title "Lion 2: The Movie" is a play on the phrase "Lion, to the movie", which was also Steven's primary goal in the episode.
  • This is the second episode not to end with a star-shaped iris as the non-original MGM star iris ends on Lion and it fades away instead of shrinking it completely. The first one is "Giant Woman".
  • This is the third episode where Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl have minor appearances. The second was "Lars and the Cool Kids" and the first was "Bubble Buddies".
  • Lion has many previously unknown abilities that are revealed in this episode, such as walking on water, summoning a sword from his forehead, and creating portals to teleport to places.
  • It is revealed that Steven is ticklish.

Cultural References

  • Dogcopter 3 is a fusion of the fake TV show from the film Bolt and The War of the Worlds.
  • The "Giant Penny" Steven and Connie discover in the cave is similar to one typically seen in Batman's Batcave.
  • The iris-out with Lion is a direct reference to the logo for film studio, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which began all its movies with a roaring lion.
  • The green screen at the start of the episode is shown in the beginning of most trailers, although often with variations depending on the movie or feature.
  • The soda that Connie and Steven drink towards the end of the episode looks exactly like Apple Sidra, which is a Taiwanese apple soda beverage.
  • Steven drawing the sword from Lion's head was another reference to Revolutionary Girl Utena.
  • Promotional art of this episode is a reference to The Lion King, a popular Disney movie.
  • File:S1 e17 Gross.PNG
    Lion is seen eating a creature with a back half resembling a lizard, but he burps out feathers, implying that it had a front half with birdlike features. This may be a reference to the mythological basilisk or cockatrice, both of which are sometimes depicted with the front half of a rooster and the back half of a lizard.



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