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This is a transcribed copy of "Lion 4: Alternate Ending". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Steven's Room]
(Steven is watching the video tape his mom left for him on his TV.)
Rose (TV) "Steven, we can't both exist. I'm going to become half of you. And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that's me, loving you and loving being you... because you're going to be something extraordinary. You're going to be-"
(Steven rewinds the video twice, replaying the part when Rose said "you're going to be something extraordinary" two times, before writing it down on his notepad.)
Steven Extraordinary... experience.
(Lion is seen playing with a crumbled ball of paper on Steven's bed, as he begins to groom himself.)
Steven Okay, I think I've got something. *clears his throat to get Lion's attention* So, this time, I put together the first letter of the first word of every sentence. It spells "ittaisiaby."
(Steven glances back at Lion, who continues to groom himself and remain inattentive.)
Steven It might not sound like much, but if you rearrange those letters, it says "Bait it I say," or "I stay a bit," or "I bitty Asia."
(Lion overhears Steven's hypothesis, but disregards it quickly.)
Steven Well- *sighs* "I bitty Asia" could mean something. Maybe I'm supposed to go back to Asia? And... bite something?
(Lion yawns and lies on Steven's bed. Steven puts his notepad down and ejects the VHS tape.)
Steven *sighs* There has to be a clue somewhere. Mom says she wanted to have me. But, that must mean there's a reason. There has to be something I was meant to do. My magical Gem destiny.
(Lion starts to gag on Steven's bed.)
Steven Come on, Lion. I need you to focus here.
(Lion keeps gagging, on the verge of retching.)
Steven No, no, no! Lion, at least do it on the floor!
(Lion coughs up something, with liquid splattering, to Steven's displeasure.)
Steven Why is it always on the bed? *gasps*
(Steven notices that Lion has coughed up a pink key.)
Steven Magical hair-ball destiny.
(Lion retches one more time, coughing up a half-eaten Crystal Basilisk.)
Steven Okay. That's gross.
(Steven cleans up the mess on his bed and turns his attention on the key.)
Steven Right. Anyway. This key. Mom must have wanted you to give this to me now. What does it open? Hmm... Oh! Hey, Lion.
[Trans Int. Lion's Dimension]
(Steven enters Lion's mane and approaches the chest next to the tree. He tries to fit the key to the chest, but finds out it is too big, as he quickly runs out of air.)
Steven *pops out of Lion's man and gasps for air* Maybe if I...
(Steven heads back in to try again, only to fail again.)
Steven *pops out of Lion's man and gasps for air again* If this key isn't for that chest, then... what is it for?
[Trans Rose's Secret Armory]
(Lion warps Steven to the armory with his magical portal, and Steven activates the armory.)
Steven Nothing to unlock here.
[Trans. Rose's Fountain]
(Steven and Lion arrives at the fountain, and he throws the key into the water, and nothing happens.)
Steven So not here either?
[Trans. Int. Rose's Room]
(Steven then enters Rose's Room through the Temple Gate.)
Steven Give me something this key unlocks.
(A padlock appears in front of Steven. He gasps as he inserts the key and twists it. The padlock unlocks and poofs away, with nothing else happening. Steven groans in disappointment.)
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven sits on the floor, thinking frustratedly while scratches his head with the key.)
Steven Hmm... *gasps* Of course! The answers were inside me the whole time!
(Steven jabs himself in the head with the key and falls back-first onto the floor.)
Steven *sighs deeply* Where am I supposed to go? This has to unlock something. There must be someplace I haven't been. *crawls to Lion* Lion. Take me somewhere new.
(Lion yawns and turns away.)
Steven Hey, come on. Where did you get this? Can you please take me there? *puppy eyes* Pleeeeease? Argh!
(Lion puts his paw on Steven's head and plants his face onto the floor.)
Steven *muffled* Pleeeee... *gets up* ...eeeease?
[Trans. The Desert]
(Lion brings Steven to the desert through a magical portal.)
Steven Hey. This is where we found you. *looks at the key* Something of Mom's is hidden here, right? Take me there.
(Lion begins running deep into the desert. Time passes on, Lion keeps running through the desert while Steven gets uncomfortable, basking under the hot sun.)
Steven *weakly* Where are we going? It's been hours. *sighs* Mom... who were you? Who am I? Garnet... Amethyst... Pearl... They won't say it, but... I know they expect something big from me. But how can I fulfill my destiny if I don't even know what it is? Who am I supposed to be?
(Steven gets up and gazes up front. The bright light from the sun blinds Steven's vision partially ahead, till a pair of pink structures appear in the distance.)
Steven Mom?
(Lion stops running, and a dehydrated Steven falls off of Lion onto the ground. Steven weakly gets up and gasps, spotting a locked door up ahead.
Steven So this is it. Couldn't we had just warped here? *glares at Lion*
(Steven reaches into Lion's mane to refresh himself with a bottle of water. He gazes up at the pink structures as he approaches the locked door.)
Steven Whatever's behind this door, I know it's something important. *jams the key into the locked door* Please tell me my destiny.
(Steven opens the door and enters it to the other side.)
Steven Wha...?
(On the other side of the door, Steven finds piles of junk all around. He picks up a sword nearby and unsheathes it, finding out it is broken.)
Steven What? Is this... just... Rose's trash dump?
(A Crystal Basilisk appears in front of Steven, and Lion chases after it, running away from Steven.)
Steven *dazed in disbelief* No... Please! There was supposed to be something here to tell me my purpose! This is just a bunch of garbage Mom left behind! [Growls]
(Steven growls in frustration, tearing up, and kicks a hardhat on the ground far away. He wipes his tear away, when he notices a VHS tape stuck in the ground.)
Steven Huh? *picks up the tape* It's... another tape from Mom?! But... Wh-Who's Nora? A-Am I not the only one? Do I have a sister? Lion! what is this? W-Who's Nora?
(Lion disregards Steven.)
Steven I know I've asked a lot from you today, but please, just one more time. *clings to Lion's leg* I need your help. I need to know what this tape means. I won't get mad the next time you throw up on my bed.
(Lion widens his eyes.)
[Trans. Outskirts of Beach City]
(Lion warps Steven once more, emerging in the middle of a road this time.)
Steven This is near Beach City. Lion, are you sure this is the right-
(Steven then hears guitar music playing in the distance.)
Steven Nora.
(Steven runs toward the source of the music, only to find Greg playing a tune on his guitar by his van on a hill.)
Greg Oh, hey, schtu-ball.
Steven Dad?! You're Nora?
Greg Who?
Steven What are you doing here?
Greg Getting some songs figured out. Ah, this is sort of my jamming hill. Used to be a tree by the warehouse, but a 7th-grader with a flute muscled me out.
Steven Uh... yeah... *sighs*
Greg Are you okay?
Steven ...I found this. *holds out the discovered VHS tape*
Greg Oh, my gosh. *grabs the tape* I never thought I'd see this again.
Steven You've seen this tape before!?
Greg Of course. Come here. You should too.
(Greg puts the VHS tape into his van TV and plays it. Steven watches intently as the screen displays a younger Greg, being followed by a seagull, and being filmed by Rose.)
Greg (TV) He's following me now.
Rose (TV) *laughing* Maybe he'll help you with your intro this time.
Steven *confused* Dad?
Greg Shh! Keep watching.
(The video flashes, opening with the camera pointing down on the sand.)
Greg "Okay, now!" (The screen pans towards him, posing on the beach.) "They call me..." *strums his guitar* "Mr. Universe! Get ready baby, you're gonna have the coolest dad this side of the cosmos!" *mimics a guitar riff*
Steven This is...
Rose (TV) "I press it now, right?"
Greg (TV) "Do it. Woah!" *trips and falls off the rock*
Rose (TV) "Greg?" *laughs, as a seagull perches on Greg's guitar*
Greg (TV) "Can we edit this part?"
Rose (TV) *laughing* "No, no. It's perfect."
(The video cuts to Rose's message, as Steven keeps watching in perplexity.)
Rose (TV) "Isn't it wonderful, Nora? This world is full of so many possibilities."
Steven ... My video.
Rose (TV) "Each living thing has an entirely unique experience. The sights they see, the lives they live are so complicated and... so simple."
Steven This is just like the video Mom made me.
Rose (TV) "Nora, we can't both exist. But I won't be gone. I'm going to become half of you. And every moment you enjoy being yourself, that will be me, loving being you."
Steven No! *pauses the video* I don't understand. Why is this the same as the video you guys made me? Who's Nora?
Greg *chuckles and wipes away his tears* N-Nora is you.
Steven *dumbstruck* I'm my mom and my sister?! What kind of destiny is this?!
Greg No, no. We just had it down to two names: Steven if you were a boy, and Nora if you were a girl.
Steven So, then, would Nora have the magical destiny if I wasn't here?
Greg Magical destiny? I don't know about that.
Steven But Mom did. She was trying to tell me something with my tape. She keeps leaving me... puzzle pieces. *tears up* Sooner or later, I'm going to understand what I'm for!
Greg Woah! Steven, it's okay. *pats the edge of the van* Come here. Come here.
Steven *sits down* Am I supposed to be- D-did she want me to be Nora?
Greg Steven, she just wanted you to be you. When you have a kid, you have no idea who they're gonna be. Even Garnet couldn't predict it. That's what was so exciting to your mom, that life is full of so many possibilities, and you would get to explore them for yourself. I mean, you could be Steven or Nora or anyone else. And you can always change your name. Hey, I did.
(Steven, after a little pause, resumes the tape.)
Rose (TV) "Because you're going to become something extraordinary. You're going to be a human being. *giggles* That's my favorite part. A human being. A human is an action. I wonder who, how you'll be, what you'll think, what you'll want. Oh, I'm so happy for everyone who's going to know you. *chuckles* I'm rambling. If they look to you, trust yourself. Take care of them, Nora."
(The video ends and the screen fizzles with static.)
Steven So that's it. I'm just... supposed to be her kid.
Greg Well... yeah. Is that okay?
Steven Yeah. *wipes away his tears* I think I can handle that.
(Steven and Greg embrace each other, as the camera pans over to Beach City over the night sky.)

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