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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Int. The Dondai Supremo with upbeat beach rock playing for Steven]
Steven ♫ Teens by day, hey, we're all right!

Teens by day, but, every night, we're
Sadie Killer and the Suspects!
Whoa oh oh, Sadie Killer and the Suspects! ♫

[Trans. Int. Spacetries]
Steven Hey, Blue Lace.
(Blue Lace smashes dough being made.)
Steven *coughs and laughs* Hey, Lars!
Lars Hey, Steven! Here to pick up the cake?
Steven Yeah, but I also want to see how you're doing.
(Sadie Miller enters the shop.)
Sadie Hey, Steven! Hi, Lars!
Steven Sadie! Oh my gosh. I can't remember the last time we were all together in a pastry establishment.
Lars Hey Sadie, I've got your moon cakes.
Sadie Thanks.
Lars Sure. So, how's stuff going with Shep?
Steven Huh? Shep?
Sadie Great. They're so cool. I can't believe we've been dating for almost two months, now. Everything just feels so, easy.
Lars That's, awesome. Say "Hi" to them for me.
Sadie Will do. Well, see you later.
Lars Yeah.
Steven What was that, and who is Shep?
Lars Shep is Sadie's new partner. They met while she was on tour with the Suspects. It's cool.
Steven Is it?
Lars Yes, it is. Besides, I'm leaving anyway. Now that the Off Colors are done with school, we're going to head back into space.
Steven *gasps* But what about the shop?
Lars I asked Blue Lace to take over. I'm ready to move on. You get it, right? You're finished setting up the school. Don't you want to try something new?
Steven Well, I... hmm.
Lars Oh. Looks like the graduation cake is ready. I'll see you tonight, Steven.
Steven Yeah.
[Trans. Int: Graduation Ceremony on seashore']
Steven We're all proud to see our graduates evolve and be there for each other as everyone moves on to bigger and better things and new and exciting places. Well, except for me. I'll still be, right here. Ahem. Alright. Graduates, move those tassels!
(The graduates moves their tassels from their right to their left.)
Steven And with that, let's give them a hearty con-grad-ulations!
(Everyone celebrates, and a party ensues after. Steven floats down to Sadie and Shep with style.)
Steven Whhhat up, Sadie? Huh-
(Steven loses his gliding and collapses.)
Sadie Steven! I don't think you've had a chance to meet my new partner.
Shep Hey! I'm Shep. It's cool to finally meet you.
Steven So... you and Sadie have been dating for almost two months?
Shep That, is true.
Steven You know, a lotta people say you don't really know someone until you've been stranded on an island with them.
Shep What? People say that?
Steven Yeah.
Shep Well... we're gonna go grab some cake before we go on at 7:00.
Sadie *laughs* yeah.
Steven Wait. Sadie. Isn't that when you're singing with the Suspects?
Sadie Actually, I was thinking of doing a song with Shep.
Steven Oh, uh, cool. Can't wait to hear it.
Shep We'll catch you later, Steven.
(Steven frowns and blocks Lars from advancing to the same cake place.)
Steven I wouldn't go over there right now.
Lars Is something wrong with the cake?
Steven What? No, no. Sadie and Shep are over there.
Lars Oh, cool. I'll go over and say hi.
Steven H-hold on! A-are you okay?
Lars Yeah. Are you okay?
Steven ... Why wouldn't I be?
(Steven looks at Jenny Pizza and floats on by.)
Jenny Hey, Steven! Looks like everyone's enjoying the graduation so far.
Steven Yep. Everyone but me. *sighs* I guess, it seems like everyone's got something new going on.
Jenny Yeah. It's not a bad thing, though. Sour Cream has regular gigs as a DJ in Empire City. Buck got into medical school. He's gonna be saving lives in, like, 20 years, and I've been full steam ahead on jackets for phones.
Steven What's that?
Jenny It's my new online business. We- and by we, I mean I -- make the finest jackets perfectly sized for your mobile device.
Steven Aw, it's got little pockets- *gasps* and a little phone in one of the pockets! Everyone on the planet is gonna want one of these. How are you gonna find the time?
Jenny Well, I'm gonna have plenty of time now that the Suspects are breaking up.
Steven What?!
Jenny Did Sadie not tell you?
Steven Uhh...
Sadie Hey, Steven. Are you ready for us?
Steven Oh! Right! Wait, I-I-I've gotta introduce you. *walks to mic* Hey. Is every-everyone having a good time tonight? *crowd cheers* Who here loves Sadie Killer and the Suspects? Well, our band tonight has, only one of them.
Lars Oh, jeez.
Steven So, yeah, here's, uh- what's your new band called?
Sadie Um, we don't have a name yet.
Steven Uh, heh, well, you should've asked me, hum, I'm really good at naming bands. *walks off*
Sadie *on mic* This is just a little something Shep and I have been putting together, and, w-we really hope you like it.
Shep We welcome any and all critique after the show.
("Looking Forward" plays, and Lars walks away sometime after)
Steven Lars?
Lars Ah. Hey, Steven.
Steven Lars, wait up. Hey, Lars, where are you going?
Lars I think I'm gonna bounce. I just wanted to be here for the crew. These big parties aren't really my thing.
Steven But, you're leaving the planet tomorrow, aren't you? When am I going to see you again?
Lars Dude, you can visit me whenever. I'm like, your magic portal, remember?
Steven W-w-wait. Don't go yet.
Lars It's been real, Steven.
Steven Lars... *enters his pink state* STOP!
Lars Steven-
(Lars hits Steven's generated force field, the latter multiplying to form a dome that traps everyone at the graduation ceremony.)
Lars *bangs force field* Steven, what are you doing?
Steven Sorry, I-I don't know how I did this.
Lars Well, just fix it.
Steven Right, right, yeah, okay, umm, *grunts* ... Huh.
Jenny You don't have any idea why this happened?
Steven I think this dome activated as a reaction to some powerful feeling someone here has been bottling up. And, I guess we all know who that is. Lars!
Lars What are you talking about?!
Steven We won't be able to leave until you work out your feelings towards Sadie. You guys haven't even talked since you got back.
Sadie We did, though... Look, Steven. The two of us tried to reconnect a few times, but, we both just, grew apart.
Lars Sadie knows I miss her, but she knows how happy I am that she found someone better for her.
Shep Awww.
Sadie And Lars knows I'm really glad he found himself in space with his new Gem friends.
Steven But when did this happen?! I didn't see any of this!
Sadie That's because it was private.
Jenny ... *cough*
Steven But, I thought you were only leaving because you were jealous of Shep.
Lars I'm leaving because I like being in space. There are still adventures waiting for us out there. We can take what we've learned to other planets!
Steven But if there's nothing to work out... *looks nervously at everyone* Is it getting claustrophobic in here, o-or is it just me?
(In response to Steven's emotion, the dome closes in on itself. Those trapped try to halt its progress through pushing.)
Jenny Steven, You wanna get rid of this dome already?!
Steven Okay. I can control this. I just gotta think real hard!
Shep Hey, Steven?
Steven Not now, Shep. I need to concentrate.
Shep Just, hear me out-
Steven Look! If I don't figure out how to get rid of this dome, all my friends are gonna die!
Lars Wouldn't be the first time.
Shep Well, but, your magic's all about your feelings, right? I don't know. It just seems like you're sad about all your friends drifting away, so you trapped us all in this dome to keep us from leaving.
Steven I don't see the connection.
Shep Maybe, you're trying to figure yourself out right now, and you want your friends along to help you through it.
Steven It's just that, I've always been trying to help my friends! I don't know who I am without them!
Sadie Steven, you're great, but you need to let us live our own lives.
Shep If you don't give people room to grow, you'll suffocate them. In this case, literally.
Steven I know. I don't want to hold any of you back. I just can't help it if my dumb heart misses you guys.
Jenny Awww, Steven!
Sadie We'll still be your friends.
Lars Even if we're light-years away.
Steven You guys.....
(Steven's normal color comes back and the dome dissipates, freeing everyone from impending doom.)
Jenny Hm. That wasn't the worst party I've been to. See ya, Steven.
Sadie It was nice seeing you again.
Steven Yeah. You guys are a really good couple, and I really like your new sound.
Shep Want a CD?
Steven Have any tape cassettes?
Shep I got you right here. Take it easy!
Lars So, yeah, Steven. Me and the crew are gonna... *blows raspberry*
Steven Lars, *chuckles regretfully* I'm, I'm really sorry.
Lars Yeah. I guess, it's kinda cute how bad you don't want me to leave.
Steven Of course I don't want you to leave!
Lars Buck up, man. Just come and visit.
Steven It's just, for a second, we were all home together again. *sighs* I don't think I like graduations. Maybe I should quit running Little Homeschool.
Lars ... Hey. *wraps arm on Steven* Come here.
(Steven returns with a big hug, and Lars reciprocates.)
Lars ... Are you gonna let me go anytime soon?
Steven Just a couple more minutes.
(Looking Forward plays as Steven looks to Little Homeschool welcoming new student, though saddened. He drives to a forest and lays atop his car, staring into the night sky and reflecting on what his next calling should be.)

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