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Speaker Dialogue
Open int. Beach House
Steven drops a book labeled "Dream Wedding" on the the table.
Steven This is just to give you some ideas. Ruby said she wanted your reunion as Garnet to be special. (starts to tear up) And there's nothing more special and romantic (wipes tears) than a beautiful wedding!
Ruby It's like they say; if you wanna drink the cow, you gotta put a ring on it.
Sapphire (holds Ruby's hand) But, sweetums, who says that?
Steven (flips pages of the book) Let's take a look at printing styles for your invitations.
Ruby Would it be cool if we got flames on it?
Sapphire Oh, and some dolphins!
Ruby Yeah! Dolphins with flames!
Steven I think I got exactly what you're looking for on page 135.
Sapphire How long did it take you to put this together?
Steven My entire life.
Ruby This is gonna be the best wedding ever!
Later, Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, and Peridot are working on the invitations.
Pearl (folds piece of paper) This folding bone is so nice! Who knew that planning a wedding could be so fun? (hands folded paper to Steven)
Steven I did! (stamps ink on the paper that says "You're invited" and has Ruby and Sapphire holding hands and passes the paper to Ruby and Sapphire)
Ruby Time to sign! (she and Sapphire sign the card and hands the card to Peridot) Here you go, Peri.
Peridot (takes the card and groans) We've been stuffing these envelopes ALL DAY! (Puts the card in the envelope and hands it to Amethyst) How many does that make? (plants face in the sofa)
Amethyst (Licks envelope) That makes ten! (Puts the envelope on the stack with others)
Sapphire Oh... just ten. Hm.
Steven looks at Sapphire. Scene cuts to everyone outside the temple getting ready for the wedding. Amethyst walks by with a chair and tosses it, and Pearl rushes over and fixes it. Ruby and Sapphire stand together with Steven in front of them holding a paper.
Steven So, my dad will finish playing the music, and then next you'll do the "I do's"... And then I'll say...I now pronounce you Garnet. Aaand then you fuse! Everyone'll cheer!
Sapphire Everyone...who survived.
Ruby Huh?
Sapphire Oh, it's just- there's so many old friends who won't be able to come. All the Crystal Gems who were corrupted and bubbled in the basement.
Ruby Maybe we could bring the bubbles up here-?
Sapphire No, no. It's not safe. We can't risk them getting out.
Ruby and Sapphire hug. Cut to a table inside the Temple with placement cards on it. One is blank.
Steven Hm.
Steven glances at the Temple door. He takes a marker and writes "BISMUTH" on the blank placement card.
Cut to The Burning Room. Steven is holding the bubble that contains Bismuth's gemstone. He sighs and unbubbles her. He puts her gem on the floor, steps back, and she reforms. Bismuth falls to the ground.
Bismuth Hm-? I'm back?
Steven Hey, Bismuth! Long time, no see...?
Bismuth Rose. I mean, Steven!
Steven Oh... there's a third option now.
Bismuth Why would you let me out? I just tried to shatter you.
Steven You know how you fought mom because her whole war strategy didn't make any sense? Well... you were right!
Bismuth gasps as she looks up to see the hundreds of bubbled gems.
Bismuth What's going on? Did Rose do this? Did she bubble everyone who disagreed with her?!
Steven Huh-? Oh, no, it's not like that.
Bismuth Tiger's Eye! Little Larimar... Beryl, Serpentine, and ohh... Biggs?! Biggs was beloved by everyone!
Steven Bismuth, wait!
Bismuth jumps up to where Biggs Jasper's bubbled gemstone is and grabs the bubble.
Bismuth I gotcha, buddy.
Steven Bismuth! You don't understand.
Bismuth pops Biggs' bubble. Biggs starts to reform.
Bismuth C'mon, Biggs, help me free the other...
Bismuth sees that Biggs has been corrupted.
Bismuth Biggs...?
Biggs growls. The corrupted Gem raises a hand to strike Bismuth, but Steven makes a bubble shield around himself and Bismuth. Biggs tries to pop their shield, punching it twice and then gripping it.
Steven Bismuth! I'm sorry, Bismuth! This is not the Biggs you knew before.
Bismuth Steven...
Steven I know we had our differences, but so much has changed and I just wanted to tell you-
Their bubble breaks.
Steven Bismuth!
He looks up to see Bismuth crying as she fends Biggs off, her hands shapeshifted into hammers.
Bismuth Biggs...
Bismuth grunts, pushing Biggs away from her. Bismuth slices at Biggs, poofing her.
Bismuth Only a Diamond could do damage like this.
Steven bubbles Biggs.
Bismuth It was Pink, wasn't it? Why didn't Rose stop her?!
Steven Because...they were the same person.
Bismuth What?
Time skip to Steven and Bismuth sitting down together.
Steven ...And that's the whole story.
Bismuth Hm.
Steven Uhh...are you...okay?
Bismuth Mm. Yeah! Hang on a sec.
Bismuth walks to the lava pool in the middle of the room.
Steven Uh, Bismuth?
Bismuth dunks her head into the lava and lets out a muffled scream.
Bismuth Oh my gosh!! It all makes sense now!
Steven Pretty wild, right?
Bismuth Hoo.
She puts her feet in the lava.
Bismuth Oh, that's nice. Steven, come here and join me, the lava's great.
Steven I would, but I'm not lava-proof.
Bismuth Haha. I was so excited to show Rose the Breaking Point. Can you imagine? 'Hey Rose! Check out this cool weapon I made, I'm gonna shatter you with it!'
Bismuth chuckles, then lets out a long sigh.
Bismuth I really thought all of our problems would disappear if we could just shatter a Diamond! Guess she ended up taking my advice.
Steven Um...sorry. About all this.
Bismuth Thanks. For talking to me.
Steven Wow. You took that pretty well. Way better than Garnet did.
Bismuth How so?
Steven She unfused over it.
Bismuth What?! Nooo! They're my favorite couple!
Steven Don't worry, they're back together. But they haven't fused yet.
Bismuth Huh?
Steven It's actually why I came down here to begin with. I wanted to invite you to Garnet's wedding!
Bismuth Garnet's wedding, huh?
Steven Yeah. It would be great if you could attend.
Bismuth Yeah! Okay, I don't have any plans so I guess I can come.
Steven Yay!! This is gonna be so much fun!
Bismuth Pfft! Oh, yeah. No question this is gonna be the best wedding ever! Pff, hahaha. So what's a wedding.
Cut to Peridot, Pearl and Amethyst outside. Peridot is reading from a paper. Steven and Bismuth look out from the window.
Steven Okay. So, we're getting everything ready for tomorrow. We'll have a hot dog grill going on out front...and the chairs and canopy are all set up!
Bismuth Probably should head out there and say hi.
Steven throws a quilt over Bismuth.
Bismuth Uh, Steven?
Steven I don't wanna ruin the surprise!
Bismuth What surprise?
Steven You!
Bismuth They don't know I'm coming? Wait, I can't do this.
Steven You're right. You gotta have a gift!
Steven takes his phone from his pocket.
Steven We have a wedding registry. Do you wanna pick something
Bismuth What? No, I mean- what am I gonna say to them?
Steven You could do one of your signature catchphrases! Like...'let's get down to Bismuth [business]!' Or...'anybody wanna start a small Bismuth [business]?' Oh, oh!
Steven How about...'did you Bis-miss-th me?'
Bismuth looks unamused.
Steven Anyway, it's not gonna matter what you say. They'll be so glad you're here! Just be ready for my signal. Aah, this is gonna be great! They're gonna want you to be maid of honor.
He exits the house. Cut to the beach. Steven raises a soda can and taps a spoon against it.
Steven Uh, attention everyone! Please gather 'round. Ahem. I'd like to propose a toast. To Ruby and Sapphire! Now, we all know you guys have been runnin' a little, heh, hot-and-cold lately?
There is somewhat forced laughter from the other Gems.
Steven We are all excited to see you fused back together, and achieve lifelong, room-temperature happiness! All of us, including...!
The Gems turn to see where Steven is pointing. They turn to Pearl.
All Pearl!
Steven Mm-hmm...yes, and Pearl! All of us, including...!
Amethyst Uh, Steven. Can I drink this or what?
Steven I'll be right back. And make sure those cans don't drop.
Steven enters the house again.
Steven Bismuth. Didn't you see my-?
He sees that the house is empty.
Steven ...signal?
Cut to The Forge.
Steven Bismuth? Oh, there you are.
Bismuth slams her hammer-arm down on a hot piece of metal.
Steven What happened out there, I-I'm sure if we hurry back we can still surprise them. They're gonna be so happy to see you.
Bismuth If they wanted to see me so much, they coulda let me out themselves, but they didn't. Of course they didn't. I attacked their leader.
Steven They're not gonna side with Rose anymore! Not after-
Bismuth I'm not talking about Rose! I'm talking about you.
Steven But I'm not the leader. Garnet's the leader.
Bismuth And where's Garnet?
Steven She'll be back. That's the whole point. It's a big Crystal Gem wedding, we should all be there together!
Bismuth Why? Why are the Crystal Gems still together? After finding out that everything was a sham! Somebody's making them believe in the future, and it's you.
Bismuth You seriously think they're gonna want me around when the last thing I did was try to shatter you? You told them everything. And they made their choice. They want me in a bubble, and you out there.
She tosses a recently made sword over her shoulder. It clatters as it falls onto a pile of swords.
Steven But Bismuth...
Bismuth You say they want me to be 'made' of honor? Well, I am. I'm made of the most solid, flexible, diamagnetic stuff there is and I'm not as dense as you might think.
Bismuth I've got enough self-respect in this gem to accept that they don't want me on their team anymore. I blew it! Everything was different, and I didn't believe it.
Steven Everything is different! We had a fight, so we can make up, right? If they didn't let you out because they care about me, then they're gonna care that I want you back on the team!
Bismuth Huh?
Steven I want you back on the team. Forget the surprise, if we show up together, they're all gonna know that everything's okay.
Bismuth Hm. Spoken like a leader.
Steven No. Spoken like a friend.
They warp back to the house. The Gems are gathered on the couch, reading the Dream Wedding book.
Bismuth Hey everyone. Did you guys...'Bis-miss-th' me?
Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby and Amethyst drop their sodas simultaneously.
Peridot Ha! I win. Also, less importantly, who are you?
Steven I invited Bismuth! I hope that's cool.
Sapphire Bismuth.
Sapphire hugs Bismuth.
Bismuth Wha-Whoa, Sapphire!
Pearl and Ruby knock Bismuth to the floor.
Pearl & Ruby Biiismuth!
Sapphire You wouldn't believe what we've all been through. I'm so sorry! We should've-
Bismuth Look. I'm right there with you, Steven filled me in.
Peridot So, is anyone going to introduce me?
Amethyst Let's give 'em some space.
Bismuth Oh! Ruby, Sapphire. I heard you're supposed to bring gifts to these things.
Bismuth opens her hand to reveal two rings, one bronze and the other silver. Ruby and Sapphire gasp.
Bismuth These aren't weapons, but Steven seemed to think they'd come in handy.
Ruby & Sapphire We love them!!

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