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These two are really bad for each other. Malachite was formed through extortion and deception and held together out of revenge. Malachite is the worst relationship imaginable.

Garnet, Guide to the Crystal Gems
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Malachite is the fusion of Jasper and Lapis Lazuli. She made her debut in "Jail Break". After being fused for several months, she was finally defeated by Alexandrite during their duel in "Super Watermelon Island".


Malachite is a colossal fusion, nearly equal in size to Sugilite on all fours and Alexandrite on her back legs. She possesses six arms, of which the lower four function as legs. She has four eyes with light green irises and pointed teeth. Her first set of eyes functions as eyebrows. Her eyes change shape based upon who is controlling her, with her eyes being small and catlike as Jasper's eyes and a larger, rounder shape as Lapis' eyes. Her wavy, pale-green hair, styled in a star-like Alexandrite's, is a short bob like Lapis', but wild and frizzy like Jasper's. Her skin is turquoise with dark green stripes, and its pattern is similar to Jasper's. She has two torsos joined, similar to a Centaur. Her upper torso and arms are longer and more slender while her lower torso and four limbs are more muscular. The upper half of her outfit, which is a deep-green and greenish-black stretched halter top, has a pattern like Lapis' suit with a neckline like Jasper's while its lower half is a greenish-black "uniform" similar to Jasper's with a V-neck "collar" that connects to form a Yellow Diamond insignia, serving as a waistband for her upper torso.


Due to being a fusion, Malachite's personality is a twisted combination of both Jasper and Lapis' character traits. However, because she is an unstable fusion held together with anger, their personalities are present rather than merging into a new one (much like how Alexandrite displayed the individual personalities of Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl when in disagreement with each other). Once formed, she is shown to have Jasper's disdain for the Crystal Gems and wishes to see them destroyed, but Lapis' consciousness was later shown to be the most dominant, as she is able to overpower Jasper's.

In "Chille Tid", Lapis struggles to maintain her dominance over Jasper; it is also clear that if Lapis is distracted for the shortest period, Jasper can gain control. At the end of the episode, Malachite's personality starts to dominate and suppress Lapis' own, much in the same way Pearl was afraid it would happen to Amethyst and Garnet when fused into Sugilite for too long. It ends on a chilling note with Lapis refusing the name Lapis and proclaiming that they are Malachite now, indicating that Malachite's actual personality is formed and is starting to take over. It is unknown if Jasper had also lost herself to the fusion.


"Jail Break"

Let's stay on this miserable planet... together!

—Lapis Lazuli, "Jail Break"
Jail Break 512.png

Malachite makes her first brief appearance at the end of the episode "Jail Break" where Jasper, despite her belief that fusion is a cheap tactic used by weak Gems to make themselves stronger, "persuades" a distraught Lapis Lazuli to fuse with her after the Gem Warship's crash landing. Lapis' consciousness, divulging the fusion as a trap, soon restrains a startled Malachite in chains of water, tugging her to the bottom of the sea near Beach City to try to halt Jasper from creating further destruction. This divulges that Jasper has more possession over the fusion while Lapis retains possession of her hydrokinetic abilities.

"Full Disclosure"

As Steven sings a song, Malachite appears in the flashbacks to "The Return" and "Jail Break" that start playing.

"Love Letters"

Garnet emerges from the sea and tells Steven that she was checking for signs of Lapis and Jasper.

"Chille Tid"

She makes her next major appearance in "Chille Tid" where Steven can enter the fusion's realm in his dreams and contact both Lapis and Jasper inside of Malachite. Once inside, he observes the incessant power struggle for control of their unstable fusion. Steven's interference allows Jasper to gain the upper hand temporarily before Lapis tugs it away from her, refusing his offer to help her.


In the end, Lapis finally loses herself to the fusion, likely meaning that Malachite is finally herself - clearly a different situation compared to the mental war between the two components up to this point. Because of their new bond, Malachite is no longer restrained to the ocean floor. Jasper and Lapis' fusion is still based on anger and mistrust, as Garnet mentioned, but it is no longer fueled by Lapis' fierce desire to keep Steven safe by imprisoning Jasper. This may be because Gems (especially in unstable fusions) will lose their individuality after being fused for too long, as seen when Sugilite went on a rampage after Garnet and Amethyst were fused for a long period and trapped themselves in a psychotic episode. However, Steven claims Lapis is still in control after his dream, which is shown at the beginning of "Super Watermelon Island".

"Nightmare Hospital"

Steven tells Connie that they have to be ready if they have to fight Malachite, Peridot, or Cluster Gems.

"Super Watermelon Island"

Super Watermelon Island 060.png

In "Super Watermelon Island", Malachite resurfaces in the waters of Mask Island. It appears that for some time now the Watermelon Stevens that have colonized the island have been performing regular sacrifices to Malachite. The chosen Watermelon Steven would have a star painted on their chest, a crown of roses placed on their head, and then be taken to a seaside cliff where Malachite would swallow them.

Super Watermelon Island 208.png

While Steven sleeps, his mind inhabits the body of a Watermelon Steven on Mask Island, which is how he learns about Malachite. After informing them of Malachite being the cause of the recent tremors, the Crystal Gems quickly warp to Mask Island to fight Malachite. While the Crystal Gems fuse into Alexandrite to try and contain her, Lapis finally loses control of the fusion to Jasper, who then insists on fighting Alexandrite to "have some fun." During the fight, the Watermelon Stevens that took up residence on the island join into making an opportunity for Alexandrite to land a final blow on her, separating her into Jasper and Lapis Lazuli once again.

"Same Old World"

Garnet tells Steven that Lapis needs rest from the strain of holding Malachite. Later in the episode, Lapis tells Steven that due to her behavior towards Jasper, she would no longer be allowed on Homeworld, so she cannot go back and has nowhere to leave to.

"Alone at Sea"

Steven pep talks about Lapis' bad experience with water trapped as Malachite under the ocean, and how she should not let it take away her enjoyment of the water, stating that water is part of who she is after all. Later, Lapis says she is trying to have fun but cannot stop thinking of Malachite and always battling with Jasper. Later, Jasper grabs Lapis' arm, clasps her hands with hers, and gets on her knees, asking to fuse into Malachite again. Jasper explains how Malachite was bigger and stronger than both of them and that they could fly.


Malachite is indirectly mentioned by Jasper when she says that no one she fuses with ever wants to stay.

"Know Your Fusion"

During Sardonyx's show, a short video of Alexandrite fighting Malachite is shown.

"Why So Blue?"

During Lapis' song, she brings up the mirror as a prison and views her fusion Malachite as the same.

"Growing Pains"

While Steven is recalling traumatic experiences from his childhood, he remembers Lapis controlling the fusion to use her water chains to drag Malachite into the bottom of the ocean, while Jasper struggles to break free.


Crystal Gems/Alexandrite

I may be outnumbered, but you're out of your depth! I can't wait to tear you Gems apart!

—Malachite, "Super Watermelon Island"

Malachite attempting to destroy the Crystal Gems.

Like Jasper and possibly Lapis, Malachite highly dislikes the Crystal Gems, who are seen as traitors to the Gem Homeworld. The whole reason for her being fused was to destroy them.

Upon being fused, she prepared to fight them, but because of Lapis' will, she dragged and trapped herself with Jasper at the bottom of the ocean.

Malachite combating Alexandrite.

As of "Super Watermelon Island", she has more hatred for them when Jasper takes control of her; her feelings for the Crystal Gems might depend on who is in control of her.

At a certain point during her fight with Alexandrite, Jasper, speaking through Malachite, compliments the giant fusion by telling her that she is thankful for showing her a whole new world of possibilities in fusion, right before Malachite throws Alexandrite away and tries to crush her.

Steven Universe

Malachite meets Steven in her realm.

Little is known about Malachite's feelings towards Steven due to the little screen time she has been given. However, she may have a sense of protecting him because she told him to go when she emerged in her realm, and she exiled herself to protect him from Jasper. She may lose this feeling when Jasper takes control.

As of "Super Watermelon Island", it seems that Malachite's feelings for Steven might depend on who is in control of her.

Watermelon Stevens

Malachite is amused by the Watermelon Stevens.

By the time Steven learns of the Watermelons' community on Mask Island, Malachite has been destroying Watermelons offered by the community as sacrifices.

Her reasons for destroying the Watermelon Stevens are likely driven by her feelings for Steven. Later, when the Watermelon Stevens attack Malachite, she laughs at them in a mocking way for their attempt of rebellion.

They eventually manage to make her fall, prompting her to destroy them in a fit of rage for trying to keep her down. This resentment likely stems from the trauma Lapis had from being trapped for thousands of years. This distraction gave Alexandrite enough time to free herself and counterattack.


Malachite's hydrokinesis.

Malachite's water construct.

Malachite presumably possesses standard Gem abilities.

When a large body of water is nearby for Malachite to manipulate, she is one of the most dangerous fighters in the show, able to match and overpower Alexandrite until the interference of the Watermelon Stevens.


Malachite using both of Lapis' and Jasper's weapons.

  • Crash Helmet Proficiency: Being a fusion of Jasper, Malachite can summon her weapon: a tangerine, crystalline helmet. The helmet acts both as a weapon and armor; a hammer-like protrusion in the front of the helmet allows her to use it to charge, slam, and headbutt her opponent while a clear orange-tinted visor extends down, covering the upper part of her face. The sturdiness of the helmet rivals that of Garnet's gauntlets, as Jasper is shown continuously countering her attacks.

Unique Abilities

Malachite changing water into ice.

  • Hydrokinesis: Malachite inherits Lapis' power to manipulate water and liquid material. She has demonstrated she can form water into various constructs that she can control. She is shown to form hands out of water that she can use to smite enemies. She is also able to form chains to entangle or trap enemies with. She can control water even when not attached to a larger body, causing it to levitate.
    • Matter State Manipulation: Malachite can change the state of matter of water using her hydrokinetic abilities, causing it to turn into ice. She uses the ice for both offense and defense, as projectiles or a shield.
    • Flight: Malachite can use Lapis Lazuli's water-wings to propel herself at high velocities as an evasive maneuver or as a method of transportation.
  • Spin Dash: Malachite can roll herself into a ball-like shape and propel herself at foes at great speeds. She has inherited this ability from Jasper.
  • Comet Charge: While airborne, Malachite can lunge at enemies with alarming speed and power. This attack is very powerful as shown when it knocks Alexandrite to the ground.

Episode Appearances


A height comparison between Garnet and Malachite.

Malachite's on-screen transformation.

Jasper attempting to escape the fusion.

  • Malachite is similar to Alexandrite, in the fact that the Gems involved are incompatible to the point that the personality of the fusion herself does not form but rather the individual personalities are stranded in the Malachite Realm fighting each other over control.
    • However, Alexandrite is still relatively stable and retains a humanoid shape and has her own voice in contrast with Malachite's psychosis and monstrous shape along with not having her own voice.
  • Malachite is the first cross-gem fusion (who has spoken) not to have a new voice; rather, she has only inherited the voices of her two constituent Gems talking at the same time. Whichever Gem is dominant, their voice is placed over the other (ex. if Lapis is dominant, her voice is placed over Jasper's and vice versa).
    • The second fusion to have this trait is Obsidian.
  • She and Zebra Jasper share a centaur-like body shape.
  • Malachite is the only fusion that technically doesn't have legs, as she has six arms, four of which act like legs.
  • According to the episode "Lapis" of The Steven Universe Podcast, Rebecca Sugar did not know Malachite was toxic in the water when she originally planned Lapis and Jasper's fusion.
  • Like with her component lapis lazuli, malachite is able to be used to obtain a color used in painting.
  • Malachite is the largest and most powerful two-gem fusion shown in the series.


Image Description
Lapis Lazuli's gemstone is located in the center of her back on her upper torso. It lacks facets and resembles a teardrop.

Malachite Nose Gem redo redo.png
Jasper's gemstone is located where her nose otherwise would be. It is triangular and faceted onto a low point. It also resembles a tetrahedron, which is commonly associated with fire.


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