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"Marble Madness" is the 44th episode of the first season of Steven Universe, and the 44th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven and the Crystal Gems encounter another droid from space.[2]


Marble Madness 041.png

The episode starts with Steven and Connie on the beach. Connie introduces Steven to her favorite book series, The Spirit Morph Saga. The series is about a witch named Lisa, who has a Familiar of a falcon named Archimicarus, as she goes on a quest to rescue her father. Connie begins dictating the story to Steven when a droid (Plug Robonoid) suddenly crashes into the ocean. The droid rolls ashore, sprouting 7 legs. Garnet immediately jumps in to stop the droid from moving, calling on Amethyst and Pearl, who quickly dispatch it. The droid breaks apart, leaving behind a sticky blue goo. Pearl remarks that this is another one of Peridot's machines. Having destroyed the drone, the team scoffs at Steven's question of its intentions, complacent in the fact that it is destroyed.

Marble Madness 064.png

In the next scene, Steven calls Connie to attempt to make sense of "Unfamiliar Familiar", having read the books out of order. Mid-conversation, a large sonic boom is heard. The Crystal Gems run out to the balcony and notice another drone has appeared and landed on Mask Island. They immediately warp to the island, quickly defeating the drone. Steven once again asks what the drones are trying to do, to which Pearl responds that she is unsure, while Garnet is just happy it is destroyed.

Marble Madness 082.png

Cutting to Connie continuing to sort out "Unfamiliar Familiar", with Steven asking what a "familiar" is, the conversation is once again interrupted by the untimely arrival of another droid. Amethyst lets out a bit of her frustration with the massive number of drones, noting that this is the fifth drone to land in the past week. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl warp to the desert to find the newly landed droid, with Steven just behind them. He warps in to see them frustratedly beating on the droid. He yells for them to stop, reasoning that they should let it go and follow it so that they can figure out its purpose. Amethyst and Pearl are very much against this idea, but Garnet thinks otherwise; she admits, however, that while they can continue to fend off the robots, she herself does not want to.

Marble Madness 108.png

The four hop on top of the drone, as it walks to the warp pad and warps to the Kindergarten. Pearl immediately sees malicious intent in the drone's actions and starts to arm herself - only to be dissuaded by Steven and Garnet. The droid hops off the warp pad and walks to a seemingly meaningless plot of land. The droid takes on an upside-down pyramid shape and begins descending into the Earth. It reaches the bottom, illuminating a green room in which stands a control panel with a single button. The platform, previously the droid, drops a smaller Robonoid from its apex, which runs over to the control panel and activates the button. The walls light up with diagrams, and Peridot appears via a holo-screen. She mentions that this is the Prime Control Room for Facet Five of the Kindergarten. She begins to do a systems check, while the Crystal Gems hide out of sight.

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Pearl, horrified, realizes that Peridot may be attempting to re-activate the Kindergarten, which would destroy all life on earth. As they try to guess at her true intentions, Steven remarks that they should simply ask her what her plans are. Garnet, previously a proponent for Steven's curiosity, immediately shoots him down - noting that they are up against "an enemy [they] don't know, with technology [they] don't understand". A plan is formulated to wait for an opening in which to destroy the power source for the control center, mandating that Steven should stay hidden. They turn to see Steven already climbing to face Peridot.

Marble Madness 184.png

Steven stands out of view of Peridot, watching her fiddle with controls. As she works, she remarks that the Gem Technology that she is working with is very old - calling it "simply archaic". Steven pipes in, saying it looks pretty cool - much to the shock of Peridot. They converse, as Peridot attempts to figure out who or what Steven is, asking if "Stevens" have replaced Humans as the dominant species on Earth. Steven asks her what she is up to. Peridot says that she is "just picking up where we left off", simultaneously raising a giant crystal fist to crush Steven. Garnet jumps in to save him, as do the others. Peridot is shocked that any Gems exist on the planet, saying that the Red Eye, previously destroyed by the Crystal Gems, had not reported any Gem lifeforms on Earth. Hearing Pearl confirm their actions, she realizes they are the ones responsible for the destruction of her robots, and the bizarre icon on one of the warp pads. When she finally demands why they have continued to destroy her "things", Pearl finally introduces themselves as the Crystal Gems, guardians of Earth; the group name unfamiliar to Peridot. The team destroy the power source, severing Peridot's connection to the control panel, and stopping her plans, but not before they hear Peridot shout that she will report what she found.

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As Steven admits that he went too far, Garnet says that they have learned something new because of Steven's decisions. However, she also points out that finding out what the robonoid was doing was a pretty bad idea.






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  • In the episode, Connie talks about "Unfamiliar Familiar". This is the book she mentioned in Issue 5 of the comic series.
  • The Kindergarten is confirmed to have been active around 6,000 years ago in this episode; Amethyst stayed in the ground longer and emerged several hundred years after.
  • A much larger version of the Flask Robonoids appeared for the first time, called Plug Robonoids.
  • It is unknown to whom Peridot will report to about the interaction she had with the Crystal Gems, but it's most likely to someone of a higher authority.
    • In Message Received, Yellow Diamond mentions Peridot has a manager, so Peridot could have reported to the said manager.
  • It is revealed that the Crystal Gems were not known to live on Earth. Peridot said that there are no existing Gems on Earth, as far as she knew, until they had confronted her at the Kindergarten's Control Room.
  • When the Kindergarten's Control Room activated, a hand podium bearing a yellow diamond appeared.
  • In the early drafts, Marble Madness was originally titled Gem Droid. In the early drafts, Steven fell down a hole in the Kindergarten and got trapped with a single robonoid.[3]
  • Peridot defines Onion as an "Onion I think", which results in the wrong name Aquamarine lists in "I Am My Mom".

Cultural References


  • The Kindergarten (from "On the Run") reappears in this episode.
  • Peridot still has the Crying Waffle sticker from "Warp Tour".
  • The Red Eye is mentioned again, since "Keep Beach City Weird".
  • Connie once again shows joy when seeing an enemy get destroyed since her debut in "Bubble Buddies".
  • The island from "Island Adventure" reappears and its name is revealed to be Mask Island.
  • Marble Madness 160.png

Before she is interrupted by Steven, Peridot is briefly seen pulling cylinders out of the ceiling. The purpose of these cylinders is later revealed in "Keeping It Together".

  • Steven's use of the words "funky flow" is most likely a callback from the episode "Bubble Buddies".
  • Steven casually lists off several human names while talking to Peridot. This list becomes relevant later on in "I Am My Mom".
  • According to Peridot, the records say that all Gems were wiped out from the Earth. In "Legs From Here to Homeworld", it is revealed that the Corrupting Light was intended to wipe out the Gems.


  • When the episode begins, Steven has his eyes open with both his arms on his lap. In the next shot, he is covering his eyes with one hand.
  • When Amethyst "goop hugs" Garnet, Garnet's left shoulder turns black.
  • When Pearl partly pulls out her spear, both of Garnet's shoulder pads are dark red.
  • When the Gems are wrangling the Plug Robonoid in the desert scene, the colors on the legs of Garnet's bodysuit are reversed.


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