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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. Beach]
Steven Can I look yet? *covers his eyes*
Connie Okay... *pulls out Unfamiliar Familiar*
Steven *opens eyes* *gasp* BOOOOKS! Whoa, cool cover!
Connie It's my favorite series! It's about this girl named Lisa and she's a witch! - I mean, she doesn't know she's a witch at first, and she has a familiar, which is sorta like this spirit companion that everyone in the world has. And hers is a talking falcon named Archimicarus! Anyways she goes on this quest to find her father after he's kidnapped by the mysterious one-eyed man.
Steven Whoa, mystery!
Connie Here! Lemme get you started! Ahem. "Chapter One: The Morning Thief. Lisa awoke with a start, the echoes of her dreams still dancing in her mind, the low rumble of thunder murmured through the quiet house- "
(A distant shooting noise is heard.)
Steven Wooah, this is a really good book!
Connie Uh... okay. "The house was deathly still. The only sound Lisa could hear was her own heartbeat pounding in her ears. The hairs on her neck tingled when suddenly-"
(A Plug Robonoid splashes into the water near them.)
Steven What the-
Both (Water splashes onto Connie and Steven.) Aahh!
(The Crystal Gems quickly exit the house to see what's happening.)
Amethyst What was that?
(Plug Robonoid rolls up to shore and grows its feet.)
Steven It's one of the Marble Robots.
Connie What?
(Plug Robonoid starts approaching Steven and Garnet jumps and stops it with her gauntlets.)
Garnet AMETHYST! PEARL! *blocks the robonoid from advancing*
Amethyst and Pearl *both come down from above and slams into the Plug Robonoid* Huuuuuh- Yaaaaaah!!!
(Steven activates his bubble to shield him and Connie.)
Steven You okay?
Connie *amazed* I love hanging out at your place!
Steven Pearl, do you think this was-
Pearl One of Peridot's Machines? Yes I think so, only... we've never seen one this big before.
Amethyst Or this gooey! *head to toe covered in goo*
Pearl Amethyst, we need to be careful we don't know what this stuff is.
(Amethyst snickers and gets a mischievous look on her face.)
Pearl Oh no - Don't you dare get that stuff on me!
Amethyst *spreads arms out wide and starts chasing Pearl* Goop hug! (Pearl freaks out and runs away.)
(Amethyst chases Pearl off-screen.)
Amethyst *distantly* COME HERE, PEARL! *off-screen* I love you, Pearl!
Connie Peridot. Is that the Gem you told me about? The one that's trying to come to Earth?
Steven Yeah. We stopped her before but, I guess she can still shoot stuff here from space.
(Steven walks over to Garnet.)
Steven So... what do you think it was here to do?
Garnet We destroyed it *picks up a piece of the broken robonoid* - that's all that matters. *tosses it aside*
Steven *nods* Hm!
Amethyst Goop hug! *unsuspectedly hugs Garnet, distributing the goo*
(Pearl approaches covered in goo and looking bashful, then Garnet pulls her in so they can have a "goop hug".)
[Trans int. Connie's House with Dr. Maheswaran on the phone]
Dr. Maheswaran *holds phone* Connie? The Steven Universe boy would like to speak with you.
(Connie quickly rushes down the stairs and grabs the phone.)
Dr. Maheswaran *to self as she walks out of the room* I swear that's not his real name.
Connie *runs down quickly from upstairs excitedly* Hi Steven! - what's up? Have you read more "Unfamiliar Familiar"?
Steven Yeah but I'm -
Connie *screams happily* Aaah! Isn't it amazing? How far did you get?
Steven I'm in the middle of one of them but, I'm really confused... *picks up one book* They keep talking about this Plinkman guy who died... Am I suppose to know who he is?
Connie Plinkman... but that's Lisa's dad... Steven? You're reading them in order, right?
Steven There's an order? Aww man, I just started with the one with the coolest cover. Hello? Connie?
(Connie zones out with a blank expression on her face.)
(Another shooting noise and impact sound is heard.)
Steven What the- ?
(The Crystal Gems all exit from the Temple Gate.)
Garnet Something entered the atmosphere.
(All Gems exit to the porch.)
Amethyst Up there! *pointing at the shooting robonoid*
Pearl It's another one of those things!
Garnet It landed on Mask Island - Come on!
Steven Connie, I'm gonna call you back.
[Trans. Ext. Mask Island]
(The Gems warp to Mask Island as the Robonoid wanders around.)
Pearl Is it... looking for a warp?
Garnet We have to stop it!
(All Gems destroy Plug Robonoid.)
Steven *covered in goo* Yeesh - What are these things trying to do?
Pearl We're not... really... that sure...
Garnet It's not trying to do anything now.
*Steven moans*
[Scene Pans to Connie and Steven talking again]
Connie Okay. So you read the first three books in order. Do you... like them?
Steven Of Course!, They're awesome! I really love Lisa's familiar - He's my favorite, I'm... just confused about one thing though.
Connie What's that?
Steven What... is... a familiar?
Connie Noooooo ugggggh, huh... *slumps against cabinet*
*rumbling sounds*
Connie Was that another one of those marble things?
(The Crystal Gems all exit from the Temple Gate.)
Steven Yeah...
Amethyst *stretches face* Grrrrrrrr! - What is with these things? This is like the FIFTH one this week!
Garnet We'll find it in the Desert!
Steven Connie, talk later! *drops phone* Wait you guys, wait for me!
(With annoyed looks on their faces, The Gems warp toward the Desert, then a second after Steven warps to the Desert too.)
[Trans. Ext The Desert]
(All Gems are fighting the Plug Robonoid.)
Pearl Stop! - Coming! - Here! - You! - Stupid! - Balls! - *sitting on top of the Robonoid, stabbing it with her spear with each word*
Amethyst Yeah! Let it out! Get crazy! *tries to pull it back with her whip wrapped around it* Hua! *robonoid tugs forward*
Steven *flails arms* Guys, guys, guys! Stop! (The Gems pause and look at him.) How many more of these things are you gonna have to fight?
Pearl *stressed* We don't know! They just keep COMING and COMING and we don't even know what they ARE! - We don't know ANYthing!
Steven That's okay - I don't know anything all the time, it's like my whole life. But I have you guys to tell me about tell me about Gem stuff, Connie can explain what familiars are, and Dad tells me weird dad stuff.
Pearl But nobody knows what these things are here to do.
Steven Well - it probably does. *points at the robonoid*
Pearl What?
Steven We could follow it and see where it goes.
Amethyst Are you NUTS?!
Pearl Who knows what could go wrong?
Garnet We can't keep fighting these things forever - Well, we can....but I don't want to. Let's do it Steven's way.
Steven Yeah! Let's follow the funky flow. *waves his arms around*
Amethyst We're dead.
(All Gems hop onto the Plug Robonoid.)
Steven Alright big guy - MUSH! *pats the robonoid*
Gems Woaaah... Uggh...
Steven Uh-heh-heh. Woohoo!
(All stand on warp then the Plug Robonoid warps.)
[Trans. ext. Prime Kindergarten]
All *gasp*
Garnet Kindergarten...
Pearl Oh, why here? This site has been damaged enough by the Gems that were incubated here 6,000 years ago! That's it! It's confirmed. These things are up to no good! *summons spear*
Steven *stops her* Wait! We don't even know what it's doing here? Can't we just... see where it wants to go?
Pearl Garnet?
Garnet Hmm... Steven's way.
(Pearl sighs and the spear slowly retracts into Pearl's gem.)
(The robonoid jumps down to ground level and continues walking.)
All Whoa!
Pearl What does it want here?
Steven Maybe it just wants to see where Amethyst was made.
Amethyst Maybe it should mind its own business.
Pearl I don't like this at all...
Steven But...
Amethyst *looks at Steven* I'm kinda with Pearl on this one.
Steven Aw, come on, can't you feel this guy's funky flow? He's a funk master. *pats robonoid*
Pearl I can't believe we're doing this.
(The robonoid stops.)
Steven Why'd you stop, li'l buddy?
Garnet Something's happening.
(Garnet grabs Steven as the Gems and jumps off.)
(The Plug Robonoid opens a pyramid-shaped hole in the ground and changes shape to accommodate it.)
Steven *pupils turn star shaped* Yesss!
(The Plug Robonoid begins to descend into the ground.)
Steven See? I knew we'd find something cool... Let's go!
(Steven jumps into the hole and lands on the Plug Robonoid. The other Gems follow.)
Steven Hey guys! Going down? ... Are you okay?
Pearl *staring at wires lining the walls* What is all this?
(Elevator stops as control room glows and a control panel arises, the Plug Robonoid sacrifices it's bottom tip to form a Hand Robonoid that activates the pedestal and turns on a static monitor screen. A few moments later, the monitor reveals Peridot who proceeds to look to her left and right. All the Gems, startled by Peridot's image, jump off to hide.)
Peridot Established Gem Projection Link with control room. Plug Robonoid has successfully landed on Planet Earth and entered Prime Kindergarten Control Room in Facet Five. Will proceed to perform status check of Kindergarten.
Amethyst *whispers* It's Peridot.
Pearl *gasps* *whispers* Is she trying to re-activate the Kindergarten? Doesn't she know it'll destroy all life on Earth?!
Steven Why don't we ask her?
Garnet Shh - Steven, we're facing an enemy we don't know with technology we don't understand. This isn't the time to be asking questions.
Steven Really sounds like it is...
Garnet Ok - here's the plan: We can't let her see us, so we wait for an opening. When she's distracted, we destroy the power source on the far wall. Steven stays here!
(Pearl and Amethyst nod in approval of the idea, then pans to Steven running up to Peridot.)
Crystal Gems *whisper shouts* Steven!
Peridot Now accounting for all operational Injectors. Checking for aberrations in perimeter.
(Two spots on the floor begin to glow white, and two large green hand constructs emerge from them. The hands activate a pair of panels on the ceiling which causes cylinders to eject from the ceiling.)
Peridot Ugh, this Gem Tech is simply archaic.
Steven I don't know, I think it looks pretty cool.
(There is silence.)
(Peridot abruptly cancels all she was doing and the monitor turns to face Steven.)
Steven Hi! I'm Steven.
Peridot There appears to be an infestation of "Stevens" in the Kindergarten.
Steven Daw, I'm not so bad once you get to know me!
Peridot And how many more Stevens are present in this area?
Steven Oh - just me.
Peridot Nee-ah, that's a relief. So tell me - Have Stevens replaced humans as the dominant species on Earth?
Steven Oh no - there's lots of humans, there's my dad, Connie, Lars and Sadie, the mailman, Onion... I think. Lots of people.
Peridot Hmm...
Steven Now I get to ask a question, what are you doing?
Peridot Hm, just picking up where we left off.
(Peridot's monitor faces away from Steven. Peridot raises a hand above Steven and forms a fist, then attempts to crush him. Garnet catches the fist and throws it.)
(Peridot's monitor turns back. Peridot looks surprised by Garnet's presence.)
Peridot A Gem?!
(Amethyst and Pearl jump up.)
Peridot Ah! More? But the Red Eye didn't report the presence of any Gems on this planet!
Pearl *blushing* That's because we destroyed it.
Peridot You what? But the records say that Gems were wiped out on earth... wait a minute... you're the ones that have been destroying my Plug Robonoids... are you the reason the Homeworld Warp is down again? Is THIS your bizarre icon? *shows them the Crying Breakfast Friends sticker* Uhrooh!!! Why do you keep destroying my THINGS?!
Pearl *still blushing* Because we are the Crystal Gems! We're still alive, and we're still the guardians of this planet and all its living creatures!
Peridot The Crystal Gems?
(All Gems abruptly jump and attack Peridot's giant hovering hand constructs.)
Peridot Stop! How dare you? I'm doing this one way or another. You're just... making it... really... difficult!
Garnet Amethyst, now!
Amethyst Destroy! (Amethyst uses her whip to grab a hand and throw it at the power source, breaking it.)
Peridot I'm reporting this!
(Peridot's Screen Transmission disappears.)
Amethyst Is it over?
(The other Gems walk over to Steven and stare at him.)
Steven Okay... I, I might have gone a little too far this time.
Garnet Well, Steven you weren't completely wrong. We learned something new because of your decisions.
Steven Alright!
Garnet But yeah, this was a pretty bad idea.
Steven Aw man...
(A black star envelops the screen in a reverse star wipe.)

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