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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Ext. Beach City]
(Steven and Greg are seen chatting about fireworks and walking down the street towards the U-Stor, carrying a cardboard Greg.)
Steven And I really like the ones that shoot up kind of spirally with the long tails.
Greg Steven, I'm slipping. Hold that end up a little more.
Steven Oh, sorry.
Greg That's okay. I'm not sure the "Summer Wax Special" sign was that effective anyway. But I can't bring myself to throw myself out. Might as well store it for the rest of the winter.
Steven So, which firework is your favorite, Dad?
Greg Oh. Uh, I don't know. I just like watching them together with you.
Steven *blushes happily* Yeah, me too! I can't wait for New Year's Eve tomorrow. It feels like I've waited a whole year!
Greg Well, you feel that way for a reason.
(Steven and Greg arrive at the U-Stor. Greg opens his storage unit and sees that it is filled to the brim with all sort of belongings and junk. He then holds up a coil of hose and tries to see where it can fit. He places it around the neck of a flamingo ornament in the front, and the junk pile rumbles and spills out of the storage unit.)
Steven & Greg Woah!
Greg I haven't really cleared this place out since your mom— *coughs* Maybe this is good timing! A new year coming up... I should just get rid of all this stuff.
Steven *picks up a jacket and a sweater* I could take these off your hands.
Greg *chuckles* That's a start, but I'll need a little more help than that and this guy's not gonna do it. *points to the cardboard Greg and scratches his head* Who would organize a mess this big though?
Steven Ah! I know just the Gem! *runs off*
[Time Skip— Later that day]
Steven Here's Amethyst!
Amethyst Sur-prise.
Greg *awkwardly* Oh.
Steven Something wrong?
Greg Well, no. I just... thought you meant Pearl. *pushes back a box that was about to fall over*
Steven What?! I'm not letting Pearl see this! Amethyst's room is full of junk. She knows how to handle a mess.
Greg I don't know about this.
Amethyst *walks up to Greg* Hey, man, it's cool. I've seen your junk before. *surveying Greg's storage unit* What you need here is a system; something to separate the trash from the garbage.
Steven *writing on a box* Well, how 'bout this?
Greg & Amethyst Huh?
Steven I made organizational boxes. *points to three empty boxes in front of him* This way we can sort everything into easy categories: keep, sell, burn. What do you think?
Greg *chuckles* I don't know if we should burn anything.
Amethyst *gently punches Greg on the shoulder* Ah, come on, Greg! What are you afraid of?
Greg Fire?
Amethyst *laughs, walks around the storage unit and grabs a boot* Keep. *grabs a broken tennis racket* Keep. *grabs a broken checkerboard* Keep.
Greg *runs over to Amethyst* Woah! Hold on. Aren't we supposed to be throwing stuff away?
Amethyst *puts her items into the 'Keep' box* Are you crazy?! You've got some seriously good junk in here, man, like...
Steven *rummaging through a box* BOOOOKS!
Greg Ah, so, books are cool again.
Steven Yeah, ever since you guys grounded me from TV for a thousand years.
Greg We did what now?
Steven Can I have these?
Greg Uh, hold on. Let me see some of those first. *examines the books in the box* Yeah, I think you'll like this one and this one, and, uh... *pulls out a book entitled "Passions of Xanxor" from the box* Maybe we'll save this one for when you're a little older. *blushes and awkwardly tucks it under his arm*
(Steven carries the heavy box of books and sets it down outside the storage unit, while Amethyst rummages through the junk pile and putting everything in the 'Keep' box.)
Amethyst Ha! You bought this?! *tosses a singing fish placard over her shoulder* Ha!
Greg Uh... I guess I don't need these old dumbbells. *takes it from the 'Keep' box and drops it to the 'Sell' box*
Amethyst *snatches the dumbbell up* Ah, come on. Don't you want to get yoked?! *shapeshifts into the Purple Puma and starts flexing*
(Purple Puma then tackles Steven and playfully wrestles with him, rolling out of the storage unit.)
Greg Come on, Amethyst. Knock it off. *notices a broken picture of him and Rose on the ground and picks it up* Oh, no. How did this happen?
Steven *walks over with Amethyst* A photo of you and Mom.
(Amethyst blushes furiously and walks away.)
Greg Ah, it's- it's okay. It's just the frame.*puts the photo down somberly*
Amethyst Heeeeey! I found something that definitely doesn't belong with all this junk.
Greg Is it the deed to my uncle's mansion?
Amethyst *carries over a stack of VCR tapes* Even better. *spreads the tapes out in a neat line proudly*
Greg Is that... "Li'l Butler"? *picks up two VCR tapes* Oh, where have you been all these years?! *laughs tearfully and holds the tapes against his chest*
Amethyst ♫ Li'l Butler, that's you! ♫
Steven *whispering* Amethyst, what's "Li'l Butler"?
Greg Oh, man! Steven, we used to watch these all the time when you were little. You gotta see this! *runs off, carries a TV into the storage unit, and pops in a tape*
Steven Hey! I-I'm still grounded, you know! *turns his back at the TV*
Amethyst Come on. Just one, for old times sake.
Greg Okay, but just one.
(Greg and Amethyst sit down to watch the TV as the tape begins to play. Steven peeks at the TV from the corner of his eye in curiosity.)
(On the TV, the intro to Li'l Butler and opening credits start to play as a gloved hand knocks on the door of a mansion and a wealthy family answers the door, finding Li'l Butler in a swaddle at their doorstep. They take Li'l Butler in and he begins to do all sort of chores for the family. Li'l Butler then stands at the doorway and utters his signature catchphrase.)
Li'l Butler You people have too much money!
(Li'l Butler winks and the title card appears over him, ending the opening credits.)
Steven *watching in awe* Woah. *gasps and quickly covers his face* Ah, no! Grounded! Sh-sh-shouldn't we finish cleaning the storage unit?!
Amethyst *laughing, ignoring Steven* Oh, man! Is this the Pilot? They didn't even have the dog yet.
Greg *laughing, ignoring Steven too* Oh, yeah! They just had a cat named "Money!"
(Greg and Amethyst laugh together, and Steven pops over angrily over the top of the couch to glare at them.)
Greg Hey, Steven, it's getting pretty late. Why don't we just call it a day? We can pick this up again tomorrow.
Steven Uh... okay. *runs out of the storage unit* See you tomorrow, Dad!
Man on TV Did any of you order a baby?
(A laugher track is heard as Greg and Amethyst continue to watch the sitcom.)
[Time Skip - Next morning]
[Trans. Ext. Beach Citywalk Fries]
(Steven runs up to Peedee at the counter.)
Steven Hey. I'll take two breakfast-only breakfast specials, please.
Peedee Sure. *turns and yells* Ronaldo! Can I get a double order of hashbrowns?
Steven Yeah. My dad and I got a big day cleaning the storage unit. Got to start the year off right, you know?
Peedee Wow! That's really practical of you, Steven. My dad and I are restocking all the condiments. I get to clean the bottles. We're supposed to wash them twice, but I always wash them three times. Odd numbers just feel cleaner.
Steven *stares blankly, and changes the subject* Hey, are you going to the New Year's fireworks tonight?
Peedee Yeah! It's supposed to be "pretty darn spectacular"! *points to an advertisement poster for the fireworks show with Mayor Dewey's face on it* Mayor Dewey's been setting up all morning. *chuckles* There are gonna be blue ones! *places Steven's order on the counter* I love the blue ones.
Steven It's gonna be so awesome. *takes his order*
[Trans. Ext. U-stor]
(Steven returns back to Greg's storage unit.)
Steven You guys? Dad?
(Steven finds that Greg and Amethyst are still watching "Li'l Butler" on the TV.)
Teenage girl on TV I'll look like a fool if I show up to school on just one pony!
Greg & Amethyst *utters along with Li'l Butler* You people have too much money! *laughs with the laughter track*
Amethyst What a surprise. Li'l Butler does it again.
Greg You can always count on Li'l B.
Amethyst *chuckles* Yeah. Everything's always right with him. One more?
Greg Do it!
Steven Hey! *covering his face, so he cannon see the TV*
Greg Oh, Steven! What are you doing coming over so late?
Steven It's... morning.
Greg Oh, wow. I guess we lost track of the time.
Steven You never stopped watching "Li'l Butler"?! Ugh!
Amethyst When you get to season three, it really starts getting good. That's when the uptight neighbors, the Richingtons, move next-door. Ha! They're a riot! *laughs*
Man on TV Well, I never!
Li'l Butler Well, I always!
(Greg bursts out laughing with the laughter track.)
Steven Well, you want to get started?
Greg Oh, yeah. *starts to get up* Uhh...
Amethyst *halts Greg* Ooh, this part is so good.
(A horse neighs on the TV, and Greg and Amethyst burst out laughing with the laughter track.)
Steven I guess the storage unit can wait. *sets his food bag on the ground*
Greg Yeah, buddy. That sounds like a good idea.
Amethyst *notices the food bag* Alright! Snacks! *picks it up and begins eating*
Steven Want to just meet at the fireworks?
Greg Sure. *eats the food with Amethyst*
Steven Okay... I'll see you there *walks out*
[Time Skip - Night time]
[Trans. Beach]
(The citizens of Beach City are seated on the beach. Garnet puts on the 'Cool Dad' jacket that Steven took from the storage unit earlier, while Pearl puts on the sweater.)
Pearl *looking at her sweater* Like this?
Steven Yeah! You guys are killin' it! *hands some pots and pans to Garnet and Pearl* And here are some pots and pans. We got to make lots of noise. Dad and I do this every year. I brought some for Amethyst, too. They should be here any second.
Pearl Why would she come with Greg? *gasps* Are they hanging out again?
Steven What do you mean, "again"?
Garnet They'd better not be watching that dumb show.
Steven "Li'l Butler"?
Garnet *scoffs* Kshhhh...
(The citizens of Beach City starts chanting the countdown to the New Year fireworks in the background.)
Pearl Un-be-lievable! They really are! They used to disappear for days, watching those obnoxious tapes over and over and over. Until...
Steven Until what?
Pearl I don't know. One day, they just... stopped.
(The fireworks begin and the citizens cheer and applaud, while Steven, Garnet and Pearl watch the fireworks in silence. Steven looks down timidly at his pan, grasping the handle, unwilling to play it without the presence of his dad.)
Pearl Happy New Year, Steven! *lightly hits her pan with a wooden spoon* How's my volume?
Garnet *stands up* It's low. *clangs her pots together loudly, causing everyone to cover their ears*
[Trans. Ext. U-stor]
(Steven stands outside of Greg's storage unit, glaring at it angrily, and walks in. Music is heard as a tape stops playing and whirs back on the TV.)
Greg *hears booming noises from outside* What's that? I'm missing the fireworks! It's past midnight! *gets up* How did I get so sucked into this show again? It's like everything else just disappears! *gets up and tries to walk off*
(Steven sees Greg and Amethyst conversating and hides behind a junk pile, peeking over them.)
Amethyst *grabs Greg's hand* Woah, woah, don't go! *pulls him back* We're having a really good time! *holds up a tape* Here. Look. I've got the 2 part Hawaii special. *pushes the tape into the VCR, and it starts to play*
Greg But Steven really wanted me to do New Year's.
Amethyst He'll be fine. He's Steven. He's tough.
Greg I wanted to be there! *tries to walk off again*
Amethyst *holds her hand out and halts Greg* Here, here. It would have been like this. *shapeshifts into Steven* Whoa! Fireworks! *laughs like Steven* Hey, Dad, come on! Now let's watch some Li'l Butler!
Greg Amethyst, you know how I feel about shapeshifting.
Amethyst ... Geez, sorry. *blushes dejectedly* I was just trying to cheer you up. *shapeshifts into Greg and leans into Greg, twirling her hair* Oh, that's right— I forgot. *mockingly* You're soooo sensitive.
Greg *backs away* I know you like making me uncomfortable, but it's not funny. I can't stay here and humor you. I have to be there for my son.
Amethyst *shapeshifts back to herself with a look of rage* Well, what about me, huh? I had someone who was always there for me until she started hanging out with YOU! *points an accusatory finger*
Greg Don't do this, Amethyst. Seriously.
Amethyst I bet you'd stay for her.
Greg You wouldn't.
Amethyst What? Do this?
(Amethyst shapeshifts into Rose and Greg quickly turns around to avoid seeing her. Steven continues watching in astonishment.)
TV Where are you going after Hawaii?
Amethyst Hey, Greg. *chuckles* Turn around. Check it out! *walks closer to Greg and looms over him*
Greg *holding his head in agony, eyes screwed shut* I know you're doing it! I want to be friends again. I really do. But I can't let you do this to me again!
Steven *runs over and climbs atop the couch* STOP!
(The TV laughter track is heard as Amethyst, still as Rose, turns around towards Steven in shock. Steven's eyes widen in horror and he quickly shuts his eyes. The TV suddenly goes to static and Amethyst shapeshifts back to herself in total shock and horror.)
Steven What are you two doing?! (Amethyst and Greg stare fearfully at Steven.) I get it. It's hard to deal with stuff from the past. You want to put it off because there's tons of it and it's really heavy and it means a lot to you, so it's hard to let anything go. But you got to. Because this thing is full! *picks up a nearby cat carrier* Seriously, when did you even have a cat?! *throws the carrier on the ground and it breaks*
(The static from the TV continues. Amethyst runs out of the U-Stor in devastation, while Greg continues to stare at Steven. Steven walks over and holds Greg's arm in a comforting way, and Greg turns off the TV.)
[Time Skip — Next day]
Greg *running towards the U-Stor* Okay. We're finishing this today.
Steven Right. *notices Pearl carrying a box out of the storage unit* What? Pearl?
Pearl Hello, Greg. Nice of you to join us.
(Greg and Steven look into the storage unit and see that it has been thoroughly cleared out, with Amethyst and Garnet moving some boxes inside.)
Greg I don't believe it!
Steven Woah!
Greg I'm so sorry about the mess.
Steven Was this... your idea?
Pearl Well...
Garnet *walks out, holding a tall stack of boxes on one hand* It was Amethyst's idea. *casually drops the stack*
(Amethyst then walks out, looking down sadly and holding a "Keep" box, and everyone turn to look at her.)
Amethyst *blushes* I-I just thought we could take all this stuff back to the temple. It can fit in my room. That way, you don't have to throw anything away. But— But you can keep this. *runs over to hand Greg the "Keep" box and then runs away*
(Greg opens the box and pulls out the photo of him and Rose, now in a brand new photo frame. He tilts it back and an happy image of him and Steven reflects on the glass.)
Greg Uh... Thank you, Amethyst.
(Amethyst pauses and turns to look at Greg. She blushes before looking away, grabs the boxes and and walks off with the Gems. Steven and Greg smile at each other, and Greg shuts the storage unit for a final time.)

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