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Just shake the meat, to the beat!

—Steven to Garnet

Meat Beat Mania is a Japanese arcade game located in the Funland Arcade seen in "Arcade Mania". Within that episode, it was vigorously played by Garnet, becoming addicted to it until Steven smashed it.


Meat Beat Mania is a rhythm-based arcade game that is similar to motion-based video games such as the real-world Dance Dance Revolution and Samba de Amigo. It uses two hams as maraca-like controllers (player 2 uses smaller chicken drumsticks instead). The objective is to move the controllers in the proper pattern and rhythm, as displayed on-screen. It has a two-player competitive mode to make use of the secondary chicken wing controllers. There is a dancing pig (dancing chicken for player 2) on the screen who waves his hands in the direction the player must repeat by moving their controller. There are arrows to help visualize the movement.

In "Arcade Mania" it is played by Garnet, being a non-violent alternative to other games in Funland Arcade. Garnet is lulled into a deep trance by its rhythmic gameplay, playing for hours without pausing. Steven is unable to break the trance by beating Garnet (who plays flawlessly due to her future vision), or by disconnecting the power (Garnet uses her electrokinesis to keep the game running). Steven succeeds by ripping the console off and smashing the game's screen with it but ends up getting in trouble with Mr. Smiley and is forced to clean the arcade up as he is responsible for the mess that he made.


  • According to a deleted scene, Steven showed Garnet that there was a list of workers that helped to develop the game.[citation needed]
    1. Director: Nagato Furukawa
    2. Producer: Hideki Yamamura
    3. Art Design: Takeshi Osugi, Hiroko Yamada, Naoto Fukuda
    4. Music: Akira Hirano, Daisuke Nishimoto
    5. Voices: Satoshi Nakajima
    6. Executive Producer: Yoshito Maegawa
    7. Produced by 4-Play Company Limited, Japan
      • As this states, Meat Beat Mania originates from Japan.
  • Though Meat Beat Mania's gameplay more closely resemblves Samba de Amigo, the name is a play on the rhythm game series beatmania and the phrase "beating the meat", an English-language euphemism for masturbation. Meat Beat Mania is not unique in this regard; see also Wiener in Hand.
    • For this reason, several international adaptations of this episode alter the name of the game to Beat Mania.
  • There is an online browser pattern memory game based on Meat Beat Mania with the same name, which can be found here.





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