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If assistance is needed, contact a staff member (via chatroom/message wall). If you don't know who staff members are, click here. You can recognize each position by their colored links or gemstones.

Peridotgem15x15 Bureaucrats have peridot links

NewSapphireGem2admin Administrators have sapphire links

Pearlgem15x15 Support administrators have pearl links

Centepeetle GemPNG Volunteer Spam Task Force (VSTF) members have Centipeetle links

Rubygem15x15 Patrollers have ruby links

Stevengem15x15 Moderators have rose quartz links

Amethystgem15x15 Chat Moderators have amethyst links

Star15x15 Rollbacks are the wikia's trusted editors

Redeye15x15 Bots have Red Eye links

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