This article is about the double Pearl fusion. You may be looking for her component Pearl or Pink Pearl.

One knew your mother was trying to change, but she couldn't understand why. The other never expected her to change at all. Now, I get to understand everything. Now, they finally get to have each other.

—Light Pink Pearl, "Volleyball"

Mega Pearl or Light Pink Pearl is the fusion of Pearl and Pink Pearl who made her debut in "Volleyball", called by the fandom as Light Pink Pearl.


Because her components' forms and gemstones are the same, her body remains identical, except that it is larger in size. Light Pink Pearl has a tall, thin build, light-pink skin, a single purple eye, a pointed nose, and thin lips. Her hair is pink and is in Victorian-style hair rolls. There is a crack in the place of her left eye, like Pink Pearl. She wears a pink, long-sleeved crop top with a sheer blue collar and an amber sash. She also wears a pair of pink shorts, pink flats, white wrist-length gloves, a gold tiara and a pink cape with epaulettes on her shoulders. Her gemstones are located on her forehead and navel.


According to the episode "Volleyball", Light Pink Pearl appears to be notably calm and collected, even while attacking the Reef's security system.



  • Bladed Ribbon Wand Proficiency: Light Pink Pearl is shown to be precise and elegant when using her bladed ribbon wand, as shown when defending herself and making quick work of Shell and the Reef's security system. 
    • Drill Transformation: Like Sardonyx, Mega Pearl can reconfigure her weapon into a drill-like form that can bore through walls and hard materials. She is able to throw her transformed bladed ribbon wand like a javelin.
  • Enhanced Agility: Light Pink Pearl inherits the grace and natural agility of her two component pearls, able to easily traverse through an array of lasers.


Steven Universe

It's up to you now, Steven.

—Light Pink Pearl, "Volleyball"
Much like her Pearl component, Light Pink Pearl appears to care for Steven deeply. She still assumes the protective role over him that Pearl possesses, going so far as to throw him out of harm's way.

Pink Diamond

As stated by Light Pink Pearl, her components never had the full picture of their Diamond (with Pearl knowing that Pink wanted to change, but couldn't figure out why and Pink Pearl never expecting Pink to change at all). When fused as Light Pink Pearl, the two get to understand everything through their fusion and although they still miss Pink, they have each other.

Episode Appearances


  • Due to her novelty, Light Pink Pearl holds many titles:
    • She is the fifth confirmed identical-Gem fusion (fusions of Gems so similar that they do not gain extra limbs, and other such features associated with Mixed-Gem Fusion, when fusing), after "Mega Ruby" (the fusion of three Rubies seen in "The Answer"), Giant Ruby, Topaz, and Chamber Guard Topaz (the Topaz fusion briefly seen outside of Yellow Diamond's Bubble Chamber in "Change Your Mind"). She is also the eighth confirmed same-Gem fusion as a whole, counting Zebra Jasper, Lemon Jade, and Crazy Lace Agate.
      • She is the first identical-type fusion Gem to be composed of two differing shade variations, creating a fusion of mixed color.
    • She is the first fusion between a Crystal Gem and Homeworld Gem.
      • While Malachite‘s components are currently apart of the Crystal Gems and Homeworld, Lapis was still aligned with Homeworld when the fusion was active. Same goes for the Crystal Gem Ruby in the triple Ruby fusion mentioned above.
      • In addition, she is Pearl's first fusion outside of the main Crystal Gems and Pink Pearl's first fusion overall.
    • She is also the first Pearl-only fusion to be shown.
  • Her appearance is likely based on Anthy Himemiya and Utena Tenjou, characters from the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. Her design also appears to be based upon traditional royal attire, specifically a prince outfit.
  • Her name was revealed in the credits of the episode "Volleyball", but liked to be called by the fandom as Light Pink Pearl


Image Description
Mega Pearl Gem (Pearl)
Pearl's gemstone is located in the center of her forehead. It has only been seen in darkened color pallets, but can be presumed to be a shade of pink somewhere in between her components' gemstones.

Mega Pearl Gem (Pink Pearl)
Pink Pearl's gemstone is located on her navel. It has only been seen in darkened color pallets, but can be presumed to be a shade of pink somewhere in between her components' gemstones.


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