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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. The Barn]
(The Crystal Gems are gathered around the drill they recently completed, while Peridot is nowhere to be found.)
Amethyst How much longer 'till we can use the drill?
Pearl Well, with the new coordinates we got from the moon base, it should be ready to go. But we really should perform a few tests first.
(Steven watches as he sees Peridot sneaking into the barn and follows her. Peridot fumbles with the prism she retrieved from the Moon Base in "It Could've Been Great". She quickly hides it behind her back when she sees Steven.)
Peridot Oh! Steven.
Steven Peridot, I need to talk to you.
Peridot Uhhh, yeah! Sure!
(Steven and Peridot enter the truck that is parked inside the barn)
Peridot Why are we in this broken-down vehicle?
(Steven continues to observe the prism Peridot is hiding.)
Steven I wanted to ask you...about the Diamonds?
Peridot Oh! I don't know what the others have told you, but there's a reason they're in charge.
Steven Why's that?
Peridot They're objectively better than us. Every Gem has their strengths and weaknesses, but not them. They're absolutely totally completely flawless beings! Especially my diamond, Yellow Diamond, the most perfect, the most reasonable, rational, efficient decider ever to exist in the universe!
Steven You're really loyal to her, aren't you?
Peridot How could I not be? We might have our little truce, but I'll never forsake the Gem I was made for!
Steven That's good, because... she's right behind you!
Peridot WHAT?
(Peridot turns around and Steven snatches the prism from her. He then exits the truck and locks Peridot inside.)
Peridot *screams* Ahh, no! Ahh!
Steven Save your strength! You're up against one of the earth's greatest trapping technologies: the child safety lock!
Peridot *gasps and cowers* Oh, no! How could you do this to me, the great and lovable Peridot?! I thought we were finally friends like you wanted...
Steven I saw you sneak this off the moon base while nobody else was looking! *holding up the prism* What is it? Tell me!
Peridot It's nothing special. And definitely not important at all.
Steven Hmm! *picks up a hammer lying on the floor* Then why don't I just smash it!
Peridot Nonononono, wait! All right, look. I have a plan. Allow me to explain... It's... a communicator. Meant for the express purpose of contacting the Diamonds back on Homeworld.
Steven You're still trying to contact Homeworld?
Peridot Yes, of course! I figured it out. You simple clods keep trying to protect the earth, but you can't do anything right! I let myself get carried away, too... laughing, singing, building our little machine... but don't you see? None of that matters! All that matters is that I'm of use to Yellow Diamond! This planet can be of use to Yellow Diamond! I must contact her, to reveal what I've discovered!
Steven But the Diamonds are bad! They don't care about the earth! They wanted to hollow it out, and now they wanna blow it up with the Cluster!
Peridot Yes, yes! That's the point!
Steven Why do I keep sticking my neck out for you? You're never gonna be on our side! Garnet! Amethyst! Pearl!
Peridot Steven, no! Don't get them. Steven! Release me!
(Steven shuts the barn door, leaving Peridot behind.)
[Trans. Ext. the Barn]
(Steven shows the communicator to the Gems, and they gasp in shock.)
Pearl She took a direct line to the Diamonds! *takes the communicator* From the moon base? What was she thinking?
Amethyst Man, after everything we've gone through, she's still out to get us! Ohh, I'm takin' back all my cool nicknames for her! So long, Peri and P-dot, hello... Ahhh, I'm too mad! I'll think of something later.
(Car horn honking is then heard from inside the barn.)
Steven I see she knows what a horn is now. *covers his hood over his ears*
Garnet You offered her a lot of your trust.
Steven I did! And it blew up in my face. You guys have been protecting Earth for thousands of years. She could've destroyed all of that. A whole Earth, why did I think I could change her mind?
Amethyst Ugh, I know right? But I guess you can't like go into peoples' heads and change how they think. Maybe we can? Yeaaah, if we just shrink down really little-
Steven No no no, I don't want to tell her what to do. She should just know. Shouldn't she?
Garnet It's 'cause you believe in everyone Steven. Like your mother, you seem to have a little more patience than the rest of us. But the truth is, not everyone deserves that patience.
Pearl Look on the bright side. At least you got this thing away from her before she did any real damage.
Steven ... Yeah.
(Suddenly, one side of the barn explodes.)
Pearl Ah!
Steven *turns around* OHHH NOOOOO!!!!
(The Crystal Gems see Peridot bursting out of the barn in her robot from "Back to the Barn".)
Peridot *laughs maniacally* Free!! FREEEEE!!! AHAHAHA!
Steven How did she escape?!
(Peridot throws the truck door in front of the Crystal Gems.)
Pearl Ah!
Peridot Fools! Your invisible rotary shield was no match for me... once I applied logic!
(Steven groans in frustration as the Gems charge towards Peridot.)
Peridot Now I'm going to do this right! *throws the truck at them*
(The Crystal Gems dodge out of the way from the truck. Pearl and Amethyst keep ahold of the communicator, but Peridot snatches it from them.)
Peridot See? None of you know what you doing! *runs away*
Amethyst Ohh okay! I've been ready for this! *shapeshifts into a helicopter* Get in.
(Pearl and Garnet smile at each other and climb inside Amethyst.)
Pearl Where's Steven?
Steven Stupid Peridot, stupid giant robot! Oh why, oh why did I have to encourage her?
Garnet *stretches her arm to grab Steven* There's no time for feeling horrible. We have to catch Peridot before she contacts Yellow Diamond.
(Amethyst begins to take off.)
Pearl That's right. You can feel horrible all you want back at the temple.
(Amethyst flies off and chases Peridot, as she tries to operate the communicator with her robot's claws.)
Amethyst What's up, Perisnot?!
Steven Good one, Amethyst!
(Pearl and Garnet summon their weapons. Peridot screams as Garnet launches her gauntlets at the Peribot, knocking it into an electricity line. The robot falls over and lets go of the communicator.)
Peridot *slowly gets up* Ohh...
(Peridot sees the communicator just in front of her and grins, when Pearl's spear flies down and knocks it away from her. Amethyst shapeshifts back to normal and the Crystal Gems pounce onto Peridot's robot.)
Amethyst DOG PILE!
Peridot No! Ahh!
(The Gems begin smashing the Peribot as Peridot slips away through the arm of the robot to retrieve the communicator. Only Steven notices Peridot and runs after her.)
Steven You're not getting away with it! *grapples Peridot* I TRUSTED YOU! I spend all that time bonding and hoping and caring about you!
Peridot You don't get it either! This is your whole prooobleeem! Your emotions rule out reason! I will do what has to be done! *finally activates the communicator*
Steven Ahh! *backs off as the communicator turns yellow*
Peridot *snickers* She'll sort this out! *releases the communicator as it floats in front of her*
(Garnet grabs Steven and the Crystal Gems quickly take cover behind the damaged Peribot. A chime is heard as the communicator opens up a screen. Peridot gets manically excited.)
Yellow Pearl This is the Yellow Diamond control room.
Amethyst Is that another Pearl?
Steven Who is she?
Pearl Ugh, not all Pearls know each other, Steven.
Yellow Pearl Who authorized you to make this call?
Peridot No one, b-but it's an emergency!
Yellow Pearl That's no excuse to use the direct Diamond communication channel.
Yellow Diamond Pearl.
Yellow Pearl Yes, my Diamond?
Yellow Diamond Why is there someone on the Diamond line?
Yellow Pearl I don't know. I was just about to tell her that-
Yellow Diamond I'll take it from here.
(Yellow Diamond brings the screen up to her eye level, revealing herself for the first time, and the Crystal Gems gasp in shock.)
Amethyst Is that-
Pearl Yellow-
Garnet Diamond!
Peridot My Diamond! Peridot, reporting in.
Yellow Diamond *busy typing away on her control panel* Which Peridot?
Peridot F-Facet 2-F-5-L, Cut 5-X-G. I'm sorry to contact you this way, but all other forms of communication have been destroyed and-
(Yellow Diamond holds up her palm to halt Peridot's speech.)
Yellow Diamond This says you're behind schedule on your mission to...
(Yellow Diamond retrieves a screen detailing the Earth pops up on her monitor.)
Yellow Diamond How is... the Earth?
Peridot It's... full of... life.
Yellow Diamond *disgusted* Organic life... And where is the Jasper I assigned you? And why aren't you calling from the ship?
Peridot Oh um... The ship was destroyed.
Yellow Diamond By whom?
Peridot I-I-I-It was destroyed by... *gazes at the worried Steven* No one! There was... an accident?... While we were landing.
Yellow Diamond *unamused* I'll inform your manager of your incompetence. (Yellow Pearl appears on-screen and smirks at Peridot.) And what is the status of the Cluster?
Peridot The Cluster... will emerge shortly.
Yellow Diamond Good. We'll finally get some use out of that miserable planet... Thank you for your report, Peridot. There'll be a ship heading to your location to take you to your next assignment.
Peridot Wait! ... I-I wouldn't called to waste your time with a report.
Yellow Diamond You already have.
Peridot No, I mean... the reason I called... the real reason is... I believe we should terminate the Cluster.
Yellow Diamond ...Why?
Peridot The organic ecosystem creates resources unique to this world, we can't sacrifice all that potential just for one geo-weapon! I'd like to tell you some plans I came up with to utilize the planet without disrupting the local-
Yellow Diamond *annoyed* I've heard enough! I don't care about potential and resources.
Peridot What?!
Yellow Diamond I want my Cluster, and I want that planet to die. Just make that happen.
Peridot ...No!
Yellow Pearl Huh!?
Yellow Diamond Are you questioning my authority?!
Peridot I'm... questioning your objectivity! My Diamond.
Yellow Pearl Well...!
Yellow Diamond *gets up from her seat* You are out of line.
Peridot I just think-
Yellow Diamond I'm not interested in the puny thoughts of a Peridot–
Peridot But!
Yellow Diamond You have disrespected this channel and my time with your presence and you would do well to
Peridot But-
Yellow Diamond SHUT YOUR MOUTH! (Peridot complies.) You have failed at every stage of this mission. Your only chance to redeem yourself is to obey this simple order. You are to leave the Cluster to grow. It will tear apart the Earth, and I will take immense satisfaction in erasing that hideous rock off of our star maps! IS! THAT! CLEAR?!?!
Peridot THEN I WON'T DO IT! I can tell you with certainty that there are things on this planet worth protecting!
(Steven smiles as he watches on.)
Yellow Diamond What do you know about the Earth?!
(Yellow Diamond glares at Peridot in pure anger. The Crystal Gems watch in shock and surprise.)
Peridot Uhh! Peridot, out!
(Peridot cuts the transmission. The Crystal Gems then come out from hiding and begin to cheer and congratulate Peridot.)
Steven That was AMAZING!
Peridot I can't believe I just did that...
Steven I was so wrong about being so wrong about you!!
Peridot I can't believe I just did that!...
Garnet You thought you could change her mind.
Amethyst Yellow D got torn down by the Peri-dactyl!
Peridot *sighs and holds up the communicator* Can one of you take this?
Pearl *takes the communicator* Why?
Peridot Because it can be remotely detonated.
(The communicator begins to glow red. The Crystal Gems start to panic while Peridot curls up on the ground.)
Pearl AH! How do we stop it!?
Garnet Just get rid of it!
Pearl Uhh, here Amethyst! *passes the communicator to Amethyst*
(Amethyst throws it to Steven, who quickly bubbles it, and Garnet punches the bubbled communicator into the sky, launching it far away before exploding.)
Peridot I thought I could reason with her...
Amethyst Yeah. You really made her mad.
Pearl And then you insulted her to her face.
Steven Do you know what this means?!
Peridot I'm a traitor to my home world.
Steven You're a Crystal Gem! *hugs Peridot*
Garnet Whether you like it or not.
(Peridot starts groaning loudly as the camera zooms out to an overview of the Earth. The star iris then closes in on the Earth, ending the episode.)

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