None at the moment

Staff Type

Cheeseskates is granted the tools to keep articles and talk pages on the wiki safe from vandalism and other rule violations. In addition to possessing the rollback tool, they are able to edit and delete comments, pages, blogs, and files.

Current Tasks

  1. Act on Franco.almiron.503's request and help fill out Issue 1 (2017) and subsequents after.
  2. Take on Lenhi's request to fix up the plot section of "Save the Light" and learn the game myself.
  3. Accept Andrey's request to make notes on the SU podcasts and add whatever info provided.
  4. Take on Hall217p's suggestion and make a "Fusion Realm" page to move Malachite's Realm.
  5. As Content Mod, look around and clean up protected pages for grammar errors, mostly the rules.
  6. Educate myself on shooting galleries so other people do not have to and to expand my skillset.
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