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  • Heya :) Just wanted to make sure you had an explicit answer to the Monobook questions you had about portable infoboxes. Officially, of course, Wikia doesn't actively support Monobook anymore, so this is me talking as a fellow Wikia user, more than as a member of Wikia Staff. If you have any questions about Monobook that arise from the following, then you should go to the forums at Community Central for more advice.

    Not knowing your level of code fluency, I don't know if these instructions go over points with which you're already familiar.

    The following code for MB would need to be in either MediaWiki:Common.css or MediaWiki:Monobook.css. Putting it into MediaWiki:Wikia.css will have no effect on Monobook. For portable infobox code, it's probably a good idea that the code (even for use on the Wikia skin) be placed in Common.css, so that it can affect Monobook. However, that doesn't mean that Wikia officially recommends that you put it into Common.css; you just have to try it in both places and see what gets you the Monobook results you desire.

    If you find that an element in Monobook isn't working well, then you can specifically style it for that skin. To do so, just add .skin-monobook to the front of whatever CSS element you want.

    A common problem is that the background color in Monobook is different to the one in Wikia. So if you want to change the infobox background in Monobook, then do this:

    .skin-monobook .pi-backgbround { color:whatever } 

    And you'd just do the same for whatever other elements you wanted to style.

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    • I figured out coding for infoboxes (and implementing it into Monobook) when it was decided the wiki I admin (w:c:wreckitralph) was switching to portable for the infobox we have in use. I did know where it would need to be put in order to work, though I had trouble over there getting the infobox to show up in the Wikia skin of all places (I had been placing the code directly into Common.css before the draft was "promoted" into the actual template, and when I tried to view the template in the Wikia skin, it didn't actually show any of the styling, so currently the code there is in both common and wikia); however, perhaps that was a temporary thing, so I might check to see what effect removing the code from the Wikia skin css will have...

      I didn't know about the .skin-monobook bit; that's good information for if I do need to have it do something special for Monobook (though I do have a question: does that require an equivalent .skin-xxxxx for the Wikia skin or no? Or does the .skin-monobook mean it's overriding the main code so that a, say, .pi-background without a skin on the front of it won't be applied if there's a .skin-monobook thing?).

      Of course, edits to the css here would need doing by an admin (which I'm not), but seeing as I'm currently not frequenting this wiki as much, I suppose that bridge could be crossed when I come to it. Thanks for remembering the thoughts I had about this and trying to help out! Thanks!

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    • It's simpler to just imagine that .skin-monobook places a specific instruction that overrides the "normal" version of that CSS declaration. So, if you put a declaration in Common.css like...

      .portable-infobox { color:#fff }

      ... that will make the font (for the whole infobox) white in both Monobook and Oasis. If you then wanted to override only in Monobook you'd do:

      .skin-monobook .portable-infobox { color: #000 } 

      In general, if you care about Monobook, it's a really good idea to just put all your PI code in Common.css and then just make .skin-monobook exceptions as needed. The cool thing about .skin-monobook is that you don't have to leave Common.css to use .skin-monobook. So it lets you keep all your PI code in one place.

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  • [

    Hi, welcome to Steven Universe Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Steven page.

    • Make sure before you go editing or on chat to read our Rules.
    • Need any help, look below to find people who can & will help you!
    • If you want to get involved in the community, making blogs are a great way to start.

    I think that I speak for all of the admins and mods when we say we're very glad to have you on our wiki and we hope to see you soon!

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