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Hello there! I'm Doork and I'm glad to be here.

If there is something wrong, please leave a message.

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Yes. I have some rules for my message wall. Read them before doing any action in my message wall.

- First, be polite. Spam, swears, bad behavior will cause the thread to be closed or removed. -

- If you came to argue because of an edit or have nothing to do, hestiate to post here. If you think it's important, use proper behaviour. -

- Mods, admins, any staff members are not allowed to remove/close/edit threads in my wall. Exceptions are, such as spam. I don't recommend complete remove, as I want to see the message in any case. -

- I don't take any PNG/Gemsona requests. -

- I accept any message if it respects my rules. If it won't, the thread will be closed or removed. -

I want to thank Robyn for this greeting.
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