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  • thought you were gone?

    That sounded a bit insutling, sorry, It isn't supposed to be

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    • Yes, I am back. And it’s okay, you didn’t sound very insulting at all.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I saw you made a thread about character interactions you wanted to see in the future with Connie/Lapis being among them, so after that they met in "New crystal gems" 

    what did you think of that?

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    • I knew about Lapis and Connie meeting ever since New Crystal Gems aired. Anyway, I think it's really great and cool that they met and I hope to see Lapis, Peridot, and Connie interact again in the future. They make such a great team!!!

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    • I guessed you would already know about that episode I just didnt know how to put it

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Please start making forum posts instead of long comments. Thanks.

    Here is your post:

    I think Holly Blue Agate's faking the whole "not understanding human speech" thing.
    [[File:Gem_Heist_073.png|thumb|left|400px|"Ohh, their incessant barking. What is it saying?!"]]
    There's plenty of evidence she's faking the whole thing, the gems who aren't familiar with Earth like Peridot and most of the Ruby Squad seem to understand what Steven's saying, especially Leggy, who's a brand new gem. She's like a baby, who, throughout her existance so far was with gems most of the time, so, she would be more used to gems speaking to her rather than humans (or in Steven's case, a half-human) but, she appears to understand Steven just fine. This is demonstrated in Back to the Moon when Steven asks her a question, she provides an answer to his question.
    [[File:Back_to_the_Moon_024.png|thumb|left|400px|"I... don't... know?"]]
    It was an actual and honest answer too, she simply doesn't remember, so, she says she doesn't know. At least it's something rather than something else. So, Leggy is just more proof that Holly Blue's faking it, if a brand new gem can understand a half-human then all gems can understand a human, no matter how long they've existed.
    Now, for some examples of gems speaking to a full human and understand them.
    Blue Diamond is able to understand Greg when he was talking to her about losing a loved one and she was suprised that he was capable of understanding her.
    This Amethyst is able to understand what that Zooman was saying. She comforted him and listened to what he had to say.
    So, after those examples I provided you, we can all conclude that Holly Blue's faking the whole thing.
    But, why would Holly Blue pretend not to understand humans? Could be because she looks down on them and she doesn't want to listen to them. So, she comes up with a rather clever and crafty way to combat it, pretend she doesn't understand them.
    It also demonstrates that she's smarter than she seems (Holly Blue's pretty smart but since she's doing this whole act, it shows she's really smart). She tricked Steven and the Crystal Gems, even though they didn't mention it and she even tricked the fans. I've seen quite a bit of posts floating around about Holly Blue not understanding human speech. Holly Blue's really smart indeed, she's good at tricking like Navy, who seemed sweet and innocent at first, we have no idea that she is actually evil until we saw Room for Ruby. Those two are so smart, they're able to trick anyone and they fall for it.
    [ Look, I even made a post on Holly Blue faking the not understanding human speech thing!]
    It's interesting that Holly Blue seems to be faking it!
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    • Okay, thanks for letting me know. I'll work on shortening my comments!

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    • Hi. This is the third time I have to ask you to utilize the forums instead of making long comments. After this, I will simply be deleting comments without going through the trouble of giving them back to you.

      Since some people have point out 'made yesterday' on the Ruby Squad's concept artwork was just a figure of speech.
      And as I thought about, judging by Leggy's lack of knowledge and infant-like aspects (she only wanted to be with Eyeball in Hit the Diamond, almost like how little babies only want to be with their mothers and that's it, making that same confused face babies make when they don't know what's going on, not being strong enough yet in Hit the Diamond then getting stronger in Back to the Moon, having a similar reaction a baby would in the same situation when she was Lapis' water bubble in Back to the Moon, and mimicing Eyeball, Doc, and Navy's facial expressions and mannerisms, don't get me wrong she's the only Ruby Squad member and gem who does that and babies mimic your facial expressions when you make faces at them. Even though Leggy can walk and talk and apparently have an opinion on things, unlike a baby, she's still like a baby in some ways. She acts like a small child with some infant-like aspects) I'm starting to think Leggy is still a brand new gem and basically a baby gem, but, is hardly a year old, also hardly a week old, now, I think Leggy could be a couple days old or a few days old or several days old going on a week.
      I mean, Eyeball, [ who apparently doesn't like physical contact], doesn't seem to mind Leggy holding onto her and didn't even push her away. And I think Eyeball's her caregiver and is like Leggy's mother (although Eyeball doesn't act motherly towards Leggy, Leggy seems to feel safe and secure with her and was frequently seen hanging around her, hiding behind her, holding onto her, and sitting and standing next to her in Hit the Diamond, and seemed to choose her over the others. It's like how little babies only want to be with their mothers and that's it and they feel safe and secure with them, similar to how Leggy was like with Eyeball in Hit the Diamond. So, this leads me to believe that Eyeball is Leggy's caregiver and is like her mother), so, they have got to have some bonding time prior to Hit the Diamond, making Leggy possibly a couple days old or a few days old or several days old going on a week, that would be enough for them to bond enough to make Eyeball accustomed that (like "Oh, Ruby's holding onto me again, it's no big deal, she just feels safe with me"). So, this tells us some things. Also, the facial expressions and mannerisms Leggy mimics, [ like her trademark facial expression she makes] was later on to be revealed to be Eyeball and Doc's distressed faces ([ Eyeball made that face] [ when her gem was cracked] and D[ oc made a two cheek variation in Adventures in Light Distortion when she goes off the Roaming Eye's windshield]), so, Leggy has got to be around to witness something where she saw Eyeball making that same face causing her to mimic it, if she were one day old, she wouldn't be making that face unless she witnessed something horrible happening during her existence. So, she was around to see it.
      In short, I think Leggy's approximently a couple days old or a few days old or several days old going on a week.
      With Leggy getting stronger....
      Striking difference here....
      Here she is in Hit the Diamond, which, I theorize, is possibly a few days old here and is struggling to hold up her teammates and is strong enough yet.
      Now, here she is in Back to the Moon, and is possibly a few weeks old here and is holding up her teammates with no probelm.
      Talk about improvement! She's getting stronger! And she'll keep getting stronger!
      Man, that means it will only make her temper tantrums dangerous, even though her and Navy seem pretty chill, we never really have seen Leggy truly angry and Navy was angry in Room for Ruby but was so good at hiding her emotions, we couldn't really tell (I think she was secretly angry in Room for Ruby, and who says that you have to look angry when you are angry, some people are just really good at hiding their emotions and I think Navy's like that). But, if Navy was angry in Room for Ruby then maybe there will come a time when we see Leggy angry in the future. But, unlike the other Rubies, she's a brand new gem, she may not be able to control her emotions as the others just like how a grumpy or angry baby would just cry and a small child would just scream, yell, or even throw a temper tantrum. So, since Leggy's a brand new gem and is basically a baby gem and acts like a small child with some infant-like aspects, when she gets angry, she might as well just throw a temper tantrum as she wouldn't know to control her emotions as well as the others.
      But, with her superhuman strength coming in, her temper tantrums would be dangerous, she would scream, cry, yell, hit, kick, bite, and throw trucks, cars, and other really heavy objects at people. She wouldn't be thinking because she'll be really angry, and it's hard to think clearly when you're angry and she may not know and understand that she's severely injuring people or even possibly killing them with the heavy impact of weight (I have a theory, that brand new and young gems, like small children, don't understand big, complicated things and the outcome of situations, so, they don't understand poofing, shattering, and what happens if they do something, and it's hard for older, fully matured gems to explain it to them as they will never understand, as that part of their minds hasn't developed yet).
      As Leggy seems to rarely get angry, her temper tantrums will probably be rare when she does throw one, they're pretty dangerous but they can be dealt with by putting Leggy in a water bubble, holding her really tight (sometimes pressure helps with stress), or simply put her in timeout in a place that doesn't have anything heavy for her to throw. Then, she'll calm down.

      And if you must make such lengthy comments, at least considering using a collapse.

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    • Okay, thanks for letting me know. I'm sorry for doing long comments. I just have a lot to say, as I'm a Steven Universe fan and I really like and enjoy the show and have lots of theories, ideas, and speculations on it! I'll work on shortening my comments and using collapse. Thanks for suggesting the collapse and I think I'll consider that. I'll use collapse when I do long comments.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Surprise! Happy Birthday again, Grabbergirl, girl! Wish you a great Happy Birthday, again! (-:

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  • we have the exact same profile picture

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  • Please avoid making super long comments. Thanks.

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  • You have recently uploaded an image without properly categorizing it. All images that you upload to the wiki must be categorized or else a ban may be warranted by site administration.

    Please read our File Policy for further information.

    A very helpful guide is available here if you do not know how to categorize.

    I understand you know how to categorize your images but please don't forget to do it next time! ;w;

    04:43, June 10, 2016 (UTC)
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    • Sorry, I uploaded it so I can do a forum post and I was gonna catagorize after I posted it until I found out that it has been done for me, I'll work on doing it once I upload it or a little after I upload.

      Lately, I've been doing it after I finish the post and sometimes I forget. But, I'm working on doing it consistently.

      Please don't block me, I'm doing the best I can.

      Anyway, thanks for reminding me!

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  • I'm sorry to bother you but I was collecting some data when I realized some people might have to log into the site I'm using to answer the question so I'm wondering if you know about where I can find a site that let's me make quizes people don't have to log into in order to answer the questions.

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  • I read your profile wall; I, too, am a fan of Pokemon and Steven Universe and other anime. I also love cute things, cool things, beautiful, etc. I am what my teacher's assisstant calls an 'Anime-niac'. My old Science Teacher assisstant, Mr. Barnes LOVES Tokyo Ghoul.

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    Live Delta
    Live Delta closed this thread because:
    Let Death claim its next victim.
    03:42, May 26, 2016
  • Hey Grabbergirl haven't talked to ya in awhile. How are you doing? Now to get to what I wanted to ask you is would you like to join a Wiki I have founded? It's a fandom Wiki where anybody and me can write fandom for any franchise. And by any franchise, I mean any TV or movie franchise. If you are here is the link Also trust me you are not the only person I'm gonna be asking. It was nice to talk to you :D

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    • Jasper being an aunt to Steven sounds awesome. If there is any gems that I know are redeemable or can join the gems is

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    • Yeah, Jasper being like an aunt to Steven does sound awesome.

      Those sound like some good ideas about potential Crystal Gem members but, I don't think Blue Diamond would get redeemed and join the Crystal Gems, I think she will most likely just stay a member of the Diamond Authority. She probably has a similar, or if not, the same mindset as Yellow Diamond. Having a strong hatred of Earth and wants it gone. She also would shatter any gem who disobeys the rules (remember when she wants to shatter, put a death penalty, on Ruby for fusing with Sapphire? I think that's a too harsh of a punishment for just fusing with another gem).

      As for the Pearls, they may want to stay and serve their owners, the Diamonds. But, joining doesn't sound impossible but, I just don't see it happening. Also, every Diamond needs their Pearl (I think of the Diamonds as like queens, and queens have servants to take care of their needs, the Pearls are their servants, but, I'm not saying they can't join because, their Pearls, I mean the CG Pearl is pretty independent, showing Pearls are capable of being independent but, I think they're just gonna be there for the Diamonds).

      The rest of your ideas are the same ones who think might get redeemed and join. But, I think more than just them will join, I think many others will, too. Like, more redeemed Homeworld gems and gems from gem controlled planets, healed corrupted gems, freed imprisoned gems (Lapis is probably not the only one, and also, I have a theory that the gems bubbled inside the Big Bird from Giant Woman are in fact, imprisoned gems), Bismuth (theories suggest that gem bubbled inside Lion's mane is Bismuth), Spessartine (theories suggest that the bubbled gem Garnet had in Garnet's Universe is Spessartine and that she's uncorrupted due to the gem not having scratches or cracks), and some Pearls (probably not YD and BD's Pearls, but, other gems' Pearls, like Pink Diamond's Pearl, she's got to have one, and I have a theory Lapis used to have a Pearl before the Rebellion started but, something happened to her Pearl shortly before the Rebellion started, if my theory comes true, maybe Lapis might reunite with her Pearl, if she's not shattered and she'll become a CG because she's serving her owner, Lapis again and I think some of the potential members will probably either get Pearls or once owned Pearls and somehow get them back or maybe some stray Pearls, Pearls with no owners or lost their owners, but, I could be wrong, we'll just have to wait and see).

      Also, in an interview, Rebecca Sugar confirmed that there will be more Crystal Gems in the future. You read about it here, You know what means, Lapis and Jasper and as well as many others will get redeemed and become Crystal Gems.

      I can't wait to see Lapis and Jasper and many other gems getting redeemed and becoming Crystal Gems and the Crystal Gems getting bigger.

      Wow! They will have a whole army and a big family for Steven!

      Also, I'm curious, why do you think the gems you listed might join the Crystal Gems?

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