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  • Gem: Amazonite (according to "Its energy is as powerful as the river for which it is named, and as bold as the legendary women warriors with whom it is connected, yet it tempers aggression, tames the irrational, and stills the disquiet. It provides harmony and balance.")

    Alias: Ama, the hippie looking one, baby blues

    Gender: Obviously genderless, looks relatively neutral but falls very subtly on the male side of androgyny (because i'm a male)

    Pronouns: Usually he, him, his, she, her, shim(?); as a gem they honestly don't care

    Color Scheme: Turquoise and White

    Appearance: White hair, turquoise skin and eyes. Their hair is a curly mess and shaved in the back and on the sides ( hair-wise think Deckard from Bee & Puppycat with curly hair). They are lean and slightly taller than Pearl. They wear an oversize dark turquoise sweater, white jeans that stop just above their ankles, and no shoes usually. Gem is located in the hollow of their throat above collar bones. 

    Fighting Style: Tries to have fun when fighting. they usually rely on their superior speed and agility to dodge and evade. Offensively they alternate between light quick strikes and devastating blows.

    Dance style based on: very fluid Lyrical Hip-Hop with some Breaking and House influence

    Weapon: Energy-based tree-esque contructs formed from their gem and body. These "plants" can heal others (given enough time), interface/communicate with actual plant life and possess other general practical uses. These "plants" can also take different weapon shapes. Almost exclusively gauntlets or a large hammer but aren't limited to these weapons.

    Abilities: They possess the usual gem powers (enhanced physical abilities, shapeshift, retreat to gemstone to regenerate, etc). They have the unique ability to emit a warmth that induces the feeling of calm and tranquility through touch but not overwhelmingly so ( this won't stop someone from fighting or truly influnence some else's actions). In a fight this effect can gradually slow down his opponent, requiring the opponent to use more energy to move without noticing and making it easier to escape or end a fight peacefully. This is a process can be long or short depending on how strong the opponent is and is not reliable in battle.

    Personality: Like mine so highly values honesty, is bold, and is laid back almost to the point of laziness and is a people personThey're never afriad to speak their mind but that honesty sometimes comes off as rude and although they'll feel bad they will never apologize for that honesty. They consider themself very empathetic and intuitive, caring deeply about a person's vibes/emotional energy/attitude than what they say or do. Loves music, telling jokes, stories, keeping people happy and giving hugs. They believe in universal love for everyone and everything unless given a reason to think otherwise.  Their sexuality/romantic attraction does not care about gender but when it comes to humans favors females because they remind them of gems. Absolutely loves Sadie (she's my favorite human character) but respects that she has a thing for Lars.

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  • I don't think a gemsona thread is a bad idea

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