aka J0-11 Embiid

  • I live in Marc Gasol cuz he owns Embiid
  • I was born on December 10
  • My occupation is Basketball player
  • I am gonna hit a dagger in Game 7 of the finals

Guys, this is Lebron's biggest fan right here, I love NBA and Steven Universe. Oh yeah btw, just call me Lebron. If you want to chat with me, leave a message below and I might have the chance to read them. If you wanna chat some more with me, I'm also available on Discord with the user Lebron James#2306. But if you're gonna talk to me, I only talk to people about NBA or Steven Universe, so please leave a message if it's about any of the 2 topics mentioned, I will disregard the message if it's not related to any of the 2, unless if I told you to do something else, anyways, See ya later :)

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