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  • Thurd set, done! Ready for more.
    Garnet CFH 68.1 Without Gem Glow Redraw
    Garnet CFH 68.1 With Gem Glow Redraw
    Garnet CFH 68.2 Redraw
    Water Shark Thing

    I tried my best with this one. I hope it's good enough!

    Garnet and Pearl CFH 79.2 Redraw Without Gem Glow
    Garnet and Pearl CFH 79.2 Redraw With Gem Glow
    Garnet and Pearl CFH 79.1 Redraw Without Gem Glow
    Garnet and Pearl CFH 79.1 Redraw With Gem Glow
    Garnet and Pearl CFH 81 Redraw Without Gem Glow
    Garnet and Pearl CFH 81 Redraw With Gem Glow
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    • Thanks a ton!! As usual, I love them all!! And I love how on point you were with the shark image! Not bad for someone who doesn’t specialize in realistic art. If it’s not too much to ask, are you able to make it faded in a gem-glow kind of way? Also, I’ll have more screenies for ya soon, so hang tight!! :D Thank you for this, I appreciate you!!

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    • Honestly I could never make that shark image transparent the way you did. Like you got every single detail transparent! That’s too cool :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Wooh! I finally finished them all. Here they are:

    Alexandrite SWI 213 Redraw

    I had absolutely no clue what the heck was going on with Lapis' far distance render, so...

    Alexandrite SWI 108 Redraw
    Alexandrite SWI 192 Redraw

    Sorry if the feet are a bit weird.

    Alexandrite IAMM 253 Redraw With Aquamarine's Ship

    Same here, sorry 'bout the feet if they're weird.

    Alexandrite IAMM 253 Redraw

    I also made this one without the ship!

    Alexandrite With All Weapons Redraw
    Alexandrite SWI 127.5 Redraw With Opal's Bow
    Left Guard Famethyst GH 10 Full Render
    Alexandrite SWI 127.5 Redraw

    I also made this one without Opal's bow!

    Right Guard Famethyst GH 10 Full Render

    Ready for whatever you've got next for me! Hope you like them!

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    • OMG YAAAAASSSSS!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!! Thank you so much!! I’ve got more requests coming your way!! When I get my laptop back I’ll send :D

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    • It’s alright that they’re a bit weird. Their boots weren’t showing in the shots I sent so I didn’t expect you to get it on point. Actually I didn’t expect you to make full body renders of the alexandrite shots, or jasper and lapis current forms, so you definitely did a fantastic job!

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    • HEY! So I finally got this laptop back, so here are my new rekwests :3
      IMG 7322
      IMG 7321
      IMG 7324
      IMG 7303
      IMG 7302
      IMG 0663
       I'd love some current form renders of these images! Also, I noticed that you know how to make the gem glow transparent, and I was wondering if you could make this cool water shark render transparent too! It's one of the few things I don't know how to do >__< It's ok if its a lot, don't fret! Thank you in advance! You're really slaying my LIFE with these renders :D
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    • Glad you like them! And I thought the renders looked odd with the feet cut off, so I added them in.

      Other than that, I'll be getting right on these renders! And I'll do my best with the shark. I'm not all that great with realistic images (hence why I work with cartoons), but I'll give it my best shot.

      I also hope to get these done faster than the other renders, so you don't have to wait as long. I know you said you don't care and that I can take as long as I need, but I feel making you wait almost a week is too much. So I'm gonna make it my goal to get these done in 3 days or less. Luckily, it's the weekend tommorow, which means I can spend all day drawing, instead of the 6 hours I have after school ends. So I might even be able to finish them in 1 day! We'll see.

      Thanks again for making these requests btw. I've been pretty dried up for art ideas, and your requests have been giving me something to do while I figure out what else to do. Plus, it's really good practice for varying line thickness, drawing hands, etc.

      Anyway, I gotta go, class is starting.

      See ya!


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do you want each image as it's finished, about 1 or 2 a day, or do you want them all in one bunch when they're all finished, which'll be somewhere around a week? Also, do you have somewhere specific where you want me to send them to you, or is here on your message wall fine?

    Sorry for all the questions...

    This probably won't be the last of them though...



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    • YAY!! In that case, here's some I'd love to see the current forms of :D
      Super Watermelon Island 213
      Super Watermelon Island 108
      Super Watermelon Island 192
      I am my mom 253
      Alexandrite (Debut) by Koo

      I love how they are hold the weapons of the fusions that they are not even apart of!

      20170318 182218000 iOS
      IMG 7775
       For the photo of the Amethysts, I just want an up close render of them, because they looked their most badass in that shot. If you could make them full body, as in draw in their boots as well, I'd appreciate it :D Thank you again!
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    • On it! : )

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  • (I'm posting this here because I can't directly reply to your comment for some reason??)

    Yes, the ones who's gems you can't see are the ones I'm not uploading. There are two left that don't seem to match any of the other Amethysts.

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    • Hmmm...I think you can't reply to me directly because my comment isn't it's own post. You have to reply to the original post for your message to appear after mine xD And ah, ok, got it xD

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    • Ohhhh! I'm bad at wikis, aha. Thank you for pointing that out!

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  • Welcome!
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    I speak for all the staff members when we say we're glad to have you, and hope to see you soon!
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