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  • This and this. Both by SuperLuigi6, a bureaucrat on this wiki, so with a higher function than Tuckyd if you want to use authorities. Also, the thread wouldn't have been highlighted if there weren't a discussion. Just because an admin agrees with a certain side doesn't mean that side has won yet.

    Ps If you reply to this I probably won't reply back until tomorrow because I gotta go now.

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    • I certainly do not want an edit war, with anyone. But in this particular case I feel I've a right to revert a change back to my edit especially since it is grammatically correct. Also, I am not trying to be hostile or aggressive in any way in my argument presented above. I simply can not believe the foolishness of some people, as I assume that at the very least the people running this wiki are adult (or adult enough) to know the basic rules of grammar.

      No one on either side deserves punishment; but clairity is needed.

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    • This is from Wikipedia, more or less what Wikia is based on. It says logical quotation should be used regardless of the variety of English they are written in. So you can still use American English, while you use logical English as well.

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  • Hello Shin-Kun!

    On the recent activity page, I noticed that you edited the Whacker Man page with an edit summary of "(The pagename template is retarded.)"

    Please do not use that last word on the wiki. It's offensive to people with mental disabilities. You could instead use words such as stupid, dumb, etc, as those don't carry as much offense in them. Thanks ^.^

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