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  • My occupation is not having my icon be from suicidemouse.avi
  • I am sswxsamsadjse,dg;f4d5trrgf

Hello, <insert name here>! Thank you for your edit to Blue Diamond!
If you want to be involved in the Meowth Cult, you could start by asking on here, or ask me and/or Silk! Consider yourself my friend! :D
If you need help, see the Regulations. If that doesn't answer your questions, shoot the staff a message over at the Forums.
Please read the File Policy before uploading any images, gifs, videos, or music files. We have a ban on new users uploading images, so if you need help uploading an avatar please see this help page.
I speak for all the Rocket Grunts when we say we're glad to have you, and hope to see you soon! <3
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