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Well hello there! I sometimes post my ideas here, and some other stuff. Do almost what you want, I'll just put a random gif here. (I don't own them, they're just random.) Sometimes they change, so stay tuned!


Gif 1: Everybody do the flop!

Familiar - the Pebbles


Lapis & Peridot GX tag team

Random Art Today: This card le epicly kills you

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  • Hello, it has recently become apparent that you have left the Discord sever to “avoid causing trouble”. I would like to clarify this.

    Your behaviour on the server is nothing short of attention seeking. You shout in all caps to make yourself known and the center of attention, and you continually go on about not being famous enough or liked enough etc etc, leading to almost constant self deprecation, which is listed in our rules as something we discourage. As well as this, you constantly try to derail conversation topics to suit your own interests, by interrupting and interjecting people with random comments, even if the current conversation has several people involved.

    Your behaviour has not stopped there, going so far as to bring a sockpuppet account in for no reason, only to make a bold statement about how you were socking before you left. I then kicked your main account as socking is against the rules both here and on the discord, to which you contested firmly, drawing more attention to yourself, claiming you left yourself, which is not true. You then proceeded to leave to prove a point, asking a user to send us a message on YOUR BEHALF, to the staff, saying that you left.

    This behaviour is verging on unacceptable, and unless it is rectified, you are not going to be welcome in the Discord server for much longer, as it is disruptive and rude. I hope you understand.

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    • As a discord moderator I would like to take this moment to concur with what Piierogii has stated before, and also encourage you to let the matter sleep. You have broken a rule punishable by a kick, then proceeded to try and conceal the fact you were kicked - being disruptive and also refusing to comply with staff requests - resulting in another kick. All your punishments were deserved, and we would appreciate it if you would accept the reality that:

      1) you were caught in direct violation of the rules.

      2) you were not told you "caused trouble" despite often disrupting the chat, reposting links, and drawing needless attention to yourself by posting in inappropriate channels.

      3) not everything revolves around you. Accept the reality that you may not be as attention-worthy as you feel.

      You will not be banned unless you commit another violation of the rules, so stop asking to be banned.

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    • Both agreeing and disagreeing with Turbosaur;

      You are disruptive.

      You have now been blocked on suspicion of being Lyrathelizard. Feel free to contest this on Community Central with sufficient proof. Please also bear in mind Fandom have the means to ip check the logins of both accounts if we request it.

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  • Oh hello there. I see you on discord sometimes. Ok fyi I am Lebron/feeling blue on the discord

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  • can it have something to do with gaming like:undertale or megaman! either of those! XD

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  • I hope the wiki minds if I do this. I am holding a drawing contest for those who want to do it!

    And today, I want you to draw (drum roll please):

    Ruby and Sapphire in Easter Egg suits! The winner's picture will replace Random Gif #3 the next time I change it.

    Extra Challenge: Don't forget Garnet, too!

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    SubZeroCreativity closed this thread because:
    I'll try again next time to get more people. Super Cow wins.
    01:22, April 20, 2019
  • Can you please give me a riddle? You can place it in my message wall

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  • you seem to like to do fun activities

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  • Okay! So for Chain reacton you have to connect 2 words together. For example, you can connect the word dog with the word house, and you can connect the word house with the word cat. Try and connect this one!






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  • Make 3 more lines for this poem (all lines must rhyme!)

    Peridot Pulled a Pumpkin Pie

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  • I have an idea for some wikis. Some people may need some more "training" because it feels like there wasn't mistakes in a month. So, maybe we should make a little challenge. I know I'm not a developer or anything, but this is just an idea. Maybe I could put a bunch of mistakes on the wiki, and challenge people to fix them? That way, people can practice fixing mistakes on the wiki. Sounds like a good idea, anyone? Oh wait, nobody is reading this. hm. Well, if you do think this is a good idea, tell me!

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  • Welcome!
    Hello, KKYTKRaZYKaT! Thank you for your edit to Can someone add the pink diamond Jasper costume?!
    If you want to be involved in the community, you could start by making a blog or a forum post. Consider introducing yourself in the Introductions board!
    If you need help, see the Regulations. If that doesn't answer your questions, shoot the staff a message over at the Forums.
    Please read the File Policy before uploading any images, gifs, videos, or music files. We have a ban on new users uploading images, so if you need help uploading an avatar please see this help page.
    I speak for all the staff members when we say we're glad to have you, and hope to see you soon!
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