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  • I live in Alabama
  • I was born on March 5
  • I am Male
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  • Hey, I doubt you’ll ever see this but I just wanted to write it anyway. I rarely check wikia any more, so if you happen to find this in a couple months or something I doubt I’ll respond for awhile.

    But, I just spent the last few hours reading through some of the stories we wrote together. Those were so fun to write and work on, and man we spent a long time doing it. No one was reading our stories but dang we really put in our best for them. Reading through the stories really brought a lot of memories back lmao

    But, just wanted to write this just cause. If you ever do find this and wanna catch up, my Instagram is @trevortdd.

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    • Oh my god, wow!

      Man, you just brought back so many memories. I loved working on those stories, and I still write stories to this day.

      I followed you on Instagram, my tag was Emercrump. Really nice to hear a message from you.

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  • 'Ello.

    The old wall post has been a literal wall and it's been going on for months. I'm on my iPad whenever I talk to you, and the texting feature is getting extremely laggy..

    So I'm making a new one

    thank goodness

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    • Ok, I haven't been on for a while so I'm just going to write an episode. It's called, "Gems Day Out." It's the episode where the other gems go on an advanced mission. Here's the first part.

      Textite walks out of his rooms yawning. Sard and Iolite are chatting. Zircon is sitting in the library reading a book.

      Textite: Good morning everybody.

      Zircon: Good morning.

      Sard: 'Sup Text?

      Iolite: Hi!

      Textite: I don't see Quartz. Where's she?

      Zircon: She had to go off on a mission. Something about a rogue squad of gems?

      Suddenly the holopad at the entrance begins flashing.

      Iolite: I'll get it!

      Textite: No, I'll get it!

      Textite and Iolite stare each other down then race to the pad. They both shove each other to get the other behind. They both trip, inches away from the holopad.

      Zircon: *sigh*

      She walks up and answers the holopad herself. A green Pearl appears on screen.

      Green Pearl: Hello, Green Pearl here. May I speak to Quartz, and/or Agate and Bloodstone?

      Zircon: Sure thing. Please hold.

      Zircon pushes a button and the screen pauses.

      Iolite: Anybody seen Agate or Bloodstone?

      Sard: They're probably just sleeping in their rooms.

      Zircon: Yeah, but how are we going to get in their rooms?

      Textite: My room has a passage leading to everybody's room.

      They all give Textite a strange look.

      Textite: I-I don't use it! Much.....

      Textite opens his door, and they walk into his room. It is a plain black room with stalagmites on the ceiling, and a cave atmosphere.

      Iolite: You know, this is actually what I pictured your room to look like.

      Textite moves a curtain and there is a passage. They follow it into Agate's room.

      Textite: Yo! Agate!

      They don't see him. They inspect the room, but find nothing.

      Sard: Nope.

      Iolite: Nope.

      Zircon: Nothing.

      Textite: Dude! He's got a freakin' pool in here!

      Zircon: Maybe he's bunking with Bloodstone?

      They start walking. They enter Bloodstone's room. They look everywhere, but find nothing.

      Zircon: Ok, he has to be in Jet's room. Ugh, I really don't want to deal with Jet this early.

      They begin climbing a set of stairs to Jet's room.

      Sard: That's weird. I don't hear the usual fighting sounds.

      When the passage ends, there is a huge gray mass blocking them.

      Iolite: This is strange. Jet is usually silver, not....this.

      They climb onto it and walk around. It is almost as big as the entire room.

      Textite: I feel like Quartz mentioned something about this before. Started with an S.....

      Iolite: Sphene! That was it! When Jet and all of the corrupted gems fused, they made Sphene!

      Sard: You mean this....

      They see a tail that branches out into 6 tails. They then see a huge tuft of fur.

      Zircon: This is Sphene.

      They look around.

      Textite: I found an eye!

      They begin poking Sphene to try to wake him up.

      Zircon: The one day they fuse. The one day.

      Textite: Hey, didn't Quartz say that they didn't like a high pitched whistle?

      Sard: Quartz hid those so we wouldn't abuse Jet.

      Textite: Well then....

      Textite grabs Sard and they dance and form Mosambique Garnet.

      Zircon: Woah woah woah! Do you really want to deal with an angry version of....this?

      Mosambique then hesitates. He shakes as Jet's laughter echoes in his head. They then unfuse.

      Sard: Ok, yeah.

      Iolite: So, what do we do?

      Textite: Only thing we can.

      They squeeze past Sphene to get to the door. They tumble out.

      Zircon: Right, and what's that?

      Textite grabs them and runs to the holopad. He resumes the call.

      Textite: Sorry, Jet and Quartz can't make it. But....

      He moves the gems so they're all on screen.

      Textite: We can assure you that we can handle this mission.

      Green Pearl: Very well. I will dispatch a Quartz to give you info.

      The call ends.

      Iolite: Alright! Our first real mission!

      Sard: Text! What are you doing? We can't handle this!

      Textite grabs Sard.

      Textite: Sard. This is our chance to prove ourselves. If we can pull this off, Quartz can trust us to go on more missions!

      Sard: do have a point.

      Textite: Alright! Let's go!

      They all jump on the warp pad.

      Textite: So! Where we going?

      They all look at each other.

      Zircon: *sigh* Call them back.

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    • Also here are more scenes between Corrupt Agate and gems.

      Agate and Iolite are sitting down. Sard is spying on them.

      Textite: Hey Sard! Whatcha-

      Sard covers his mouth.

      Sard: Shhh! I'm spying on Agate and Iolite!

      Textite: Why? Because you gotta crush on her?

      Sard blushes.

      Sard: N-No! I'm just....concerned.

      Agate stands up, but walks into a wall. He falls down and Iolite catches him.

      Iolite: Awww, you're so cute!

      Agate blushes. Sard grips the wall and growls.

      Textite: You looove her!

      Sard: Shut up Text.

      Iolite gives Agate a kiss on the forehead. Sard bats Agate away.

      Sard: HANDS OFF MY WOMAN!!

      Agate looks confused.

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  • You've been banned from chat for 24 hours for discussing illegal ways to watch SU, please don't do it again as we want to support the show and read the regulations

    18:57, August 4, 2016 (UTC)
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  • Surprise! Happy Birthday again, Emerson! (-:

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  • Okay so I have an idea and I need to know something..

    You sent a Poppy Topaz and some other Gem to find Quartz's Gem.. Do you know where Poppy and the other one is?

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  • So uh, Diamond. I made an RP about elite Diamond Authority soldiers given very powerful augment suits so that they can take on a group of 3 VERY powerful and skilled fusion gems and destroy them.

    Join pls.

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    It's called Crystal Gear Solid. You might like it!

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  • _

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  • Agate left the Astral Realm by sliding through dimensions, which basicly means, he left as an spirit. Later on he was able to create for himself a temp. physical body, and then a perm. physical body. My point is that he is no longer just a gem, but rather an Entity, having acces to the Astral Realm, and to Astral Powers. 

    Please don't make discover those powers soon :P That would make him Omnipotent

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