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  • Hello Usagiquartz,

    Messing you about the creation of your "Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond are the SAME GEM" page. The main Wiki namespace is for canonical articles about material related to the overarching series. Fan theories like the one you posted are better fit for your User page's Message Wall or Blog on the Wiki, not a fully-fledged article. I pasted the contents of your theory below so you don't lose your work.

    Thanks! -infez

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    • A listicle as to why I think Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond are the same gem, based on recent evidence in Jungle Moon.

      (From hereforth, Rose Quartz will be RQ and Pink Diamond will be PD; Steven shall be Steven)

      To start...

      - Why can Steven have PD's memories if he himself does not have her gem?

      - Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond's gem are both located on the navel.

      - As my cousin pointed out, traditionally cut diamonds have a hexagon top. Both Steven and RQ's gem looks like the top of a hexagon top cut diamond.

      - I believe PD choose the form of a RQ because they were both pink.

      - PD's hair is a bob version of the same hair on RQ. Same curl, different

      - Sidenote: Why haven't we've seen any other rose quartzs?!?

      "But Eyeball said she saw PD get shattered with their own eye!"

      - I think that Yellow Diamond (YD) may have powers of influence, similar to that of Blue Diamond. Blue can incite crying and/or feelings of sadness (not clear if it's both or just crying). What if YD can influence memories? What if everyone that believes they saw PD get shattered has been brainwashed into believing this? Additionally, Blue Diamond wants to know how it happened because she didn't see it but also, maybe Diamonds can't influence other Diamonds i.e. Yellow can plant the false memory into Blue Diamond's recollection.

      - Based on Jungle Moon, I think Yellow Diamond was raising Pink Diamond as the next great in the Great Diamond Authority (GDA). PD is shadowing Yellow. Spoiled and privileged by her rank as Diamond, PD whines to Yellow about wanting her own empire but she's not ready.

      - Pink Diamond wanted her own colony. She got it: Earth. Was it her first? Who knows. What we do know is that Rose Quartz grew fond of lifeforms on Earth and couldn't bare to use it for its resources to create more gems. I believe Pink Diamond renamed herself Rose Quartz in an act of rebellion against the GDA and to lead the rebellion. I think the planting of the cluster was a way for Yellow to destroy was Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz betrayed the Great Diamond Authority for and, in terms, Pink Diamond's actual legacy and anyone that would remember if Pink Diamond was really Rose Quartz.

      More proof!:

      - What is Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz created the Zoo because she knew the Cluster would eventually destroy Earth and wanted humans to still live? It's also why Yellow Diamond doesn't like the Zoo. It part of Pink's legacy

      I WANNA TALK ABOUT THIS! I'm brand new to this wiki but not to the fandom. This has been my theory from very early on and I feel like Jungle Moon solidified it for me. LET'S TALK!!!

      - Usagi Quartz

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