you really shouldn't be here at all. otherwise i'll attack you heavily.

* you want to say hi, or ask how my day is going
  • you want to make an enquiry
  • you want to meme with me
  • you have a fanfiction with me to share
  • you have a fanfiction request for me to take
  • you want to have a conversation
    • if i don't respond, it means i'm not in the mood to talk or it's something that harasses me. however, do not message me constantly as a means to get my attention. i will just ignore you even more, and get your thread removed from my wall.

* you are just going to annoy me
  • you are going to flame me (i will roast you back HEAVILY)
  • you are going to ask to rp with me. go do that with somebody who LIKES rping.
  • you are trying to change my views on the episodes i hate. your message will be deleted
    • speaking of which, don't EVER try to make me change my views of my least favourite episodes. you will be reported to an admin
  • you are going to bash my fanfics
  • you are going to ask about your discord ban here. i'm not a part of the discord moderation team right now. if you have a ban to wish to discuss , talk about it with the actual discord staff or an admin. it's purposeless to do it here.
  • you are going to interrupt in one of my conversations with another user. this is considered being standoffish, not to mention, rude. the only time i will accept you is if you keep it relevant to the topic.
  • you are going to defame episodes i like, but you hate. this will result in ceaseless arguing that i will eventually get fed up with. failure to comply will result in getting reported.
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