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Personagens Gem menores são Gems que se estreou e foi identificado, mas, até o momento, não detêm papéis significativos nem recorrentes.


All Rubies shown thus far, including the Crystal Gems' Ruby, are voiced by Charlyne Yi.

Ruby (right shoulder gem)


Ruby is a Gem who appears in "The Answer".

She appears to be identical to the Crystal Gem Ruby and the other Ruby in their Gem trio in appearance, clothing, and voice. She and the other Ruby seem to be obsessed with fighting. Her gemstone is also identical and is placed on her right shoulder.

Ruby (right back-hand gem)


Ruby is a Gem who appears in "The Answer".

She appears to be identical to the Crystal Gem Ruby and the other Ruby in their Gem trio in appearance, clothing, and voice. She and the other Ruby seem to be obsessed with fighting. Her gemstone is also identical and is placed on the back of her right hand.


Blue Diamond's Pearl

Blue Diamond's Pearl By Kmes

Blue Diamond's Pearl, also known as Blue Pearl is a Gem who appears in "The Answer".

Physically, she appears almost identical to the Crystal Gems' Pearl and Yellow Diamond's Pearl, as she also possesses a thin, tall build, a pointed nose, and pixie haircut.

She has sky blue skin and chin-length, messy, periwinkle hair. In the fashion of her owner, Blue Diamond, the upper portion of her face is covered by her bangs. While it is not shown in the actual series, she has at least one eye, as seen in a drawing by Joe Johnston. [1] Her outfit consists of a periwinkle bodysuit with an open diamond-shaped keyhole neckline, a knee-length, frost blue, sheer skirt, and no footwear. Her gemstone, a powder-blue pearl, is on her chest and is a round polished cabochon.

She appears to be either relatively apathetic to what's happening around her or doesn't speak unless spoken to, the likely reason being that she is scared of Blue Diamond.

Yellow Diamond's Pearl


Yellow Diamond's Pearl, also known as Yellow Pearl in the credits, is a Gem who appears in "Message Received". She works as Yellow Diamond's receptionist, taking her call on the Diamond Communicator.

Her build and facial features are similar to that of Pearl of the Crystal Gems and Blue Diamond's Pearl. She sports a beige or pale peach maillot with a similar bustline to Blue Diamond's Pearl. She also wears puffy, canary yellow, sheer shoulder sleeves, and no skirt, as well as pale yellow long stockings and bright yellow flats. In the fashion of her owner, she has a puffy yellow pixie haircut that is pointy and in a similar bob design and pale yellow skin. Her gemstone, a yellow pearl, is on her chest and is a round polished cabochon, similar to Blue Diamond's Pearl.

She is shown to have a bad temper and finds satisfaction in other's misfortunes, as well as having a fearful attitude towards Yellow Diamond, to whom she refers to as "My Diamond", much like Peridot.

She is voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall, who also voices the Crystal Gem Pearl.


Ruby Fusions

File:Mega Rubí-0.png

mega ruby is the fusion of all three Rubies in "The Answer", one of which is the Crystal Gem, Ruby.

As their individual forms and gemstones are the same, their fusion remains identical except much larger in size. In this form, they are much more powerful. However, the actual extent of their strength in this form remains unclear because they fought against Rose Quartz, an extremely skilled and powerful warrior. The Crystal Gem Ruby describes the fusion as just "me, but bigger," implying the state of being is not that different for her unfused.

Ruby - Left Shoulder, Left Eye, Left Knee, Belly and Chest Gems

Giant Ruby is the fusion of all five Homeworld Rubies.

As their individual forms and gemstones are the same (minus the left eye gemstone fitting over the left pupil), their fusion remains identical except a larger size, and a slight outfit variation (including Doc's yellow visor).


  • It appears so far that Gems of the same gemstone also share the same voice, albeit with some differences in tone. Their appearances are also nearly identical, except the gemstone placement and minor details.
  • According to Ian Jones-Quartey, if the Pearls fused, they would form a bigger Pearl with combined colors.[2]
    • This idea is shown when the Rubies fused.
  • In "Hit the Diamond", it is revealed that Rubies are typically unintelligent and easily fooled.


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