This is a list of all minor food items that have appeared in Steven Universe but hold no significant nor recurring role.


Lionvideo (7)

Beast is a brand of canned beverage first appearing in "Lion 3: Straight to Video".

Beast has a green and yellow can with a zigzag pattern. The logo is also red with a more free handed, sharper writing style, similar to that of the energy drink Monster Energy.

Cheese Balls


Cheese Balls are a brand of cheese puffs first appearing in "Lion 2: The Movie". Steven also used cheese balls to decorate a cake in "Fusion Cuisine".

Cheese Balls are stored in a deep orange round container. Multiple of the individual cheese balls can be seen through the translucent plastic. The label has a thick yellow border and is dull blue. On the label is the face of a girl similar to the mascot of the company "Utz", the words "Cheese Balls" written in yellow and red respectively, and a product code.

Colonel Kernel's Classic Creamed Corn


Colonel Kernel's Classic Creamed Corn is a food item that first and only appeared in the episode "Rose's Room".

Colonel Kernel's Classic Creamed Corn is packaged in a deep burgundy colored can, with mauve taupe-colored stripes. A logo on the top reads "Col. Kernel's Creamed Corn" and pictures a smiling, mustached corn shoot donning a brown top hat, mauve taupe bow tie, and monocle. This mascot is shown saying the words, "It's creamtastic!" next to an orange bowl filled with creamed corn. The corn itself is creamy yellow and submerged in a buttery sauce.


Dog-Nut Finish

The "Dog-Nut" is a food item served at the Big Donut. It consists of a hot-dog inserted through the centers of three frosted doughnuts with a mustard drizzle on top.

It is first seen in the Pilot, as Lars offers one to Steven. It later appears on a poster in "Lion 3: Straight to Video", as well as in "Shirt Club". It was also pictured in the short "Cooking with Lion", being promoted as a future recipe to be shared in a future video.



Guacola is an avocado soda advertised by Marty in the episode "Drop Beat Dad". Marty advertises the product prior to Sour Cream's DJ gig, and tosses free cans to everyone who shows up. The soda has all the nutritional value of 3 avocados. The label claims that the soda is from concentrate, and has a very sloppy, mushy consistency. The soda is widely considered to be awful, with all characters dumping it out on the beach, Ronaldo Fryman even saying that it isn't even good on chips, while Onion is the only one who enjoys it. Ronaldo had a post sponsored by Guacola on his blog Keep Beach City Weird, since he had been neglecting his shifts at the Fry Shop in order to write a book and was short on cash. According to Ronaldo, Guacola is banned in the 17 states currently in a lawsuit against the company.

Hynes Ketchup

Hynes Ketchup

Hynes Ketchup is a ketchup brand first appearing in the episode "Onion Trade". It was first seen in the form of a packet. It is named after Danny Hynes, the show's lead character designer, and is also a parody of the real ketchup brand named Heinz. In "Onion Gang", Garbanzo fakes his own death by pretending that the ketchup is his blood, smearing it on his face.

It reappears again in the episode "Restaurant Wars"; used by Amethyst during the food preparation.



Margarine is a brand of butter substitute product first appearing in the episode "Tiger Millionaire".

The margarine tub has a yellow lid and container color. It has the word "Margarine" written across in a cherry-red, fancy font. There are also blue triangles above and below the rest of the word. You can see a scanner code on the right side of the tub.

No brand name is evident, which may indicate that it is a generic brand.



The "Nut-Dog" is a type of snack food first appearing on a poster in the Pilot episode and then in "Lion 3: Straight to Video". It reappears again in "Shirt Club".

It appears to be a hot dog in a bun topped with peanuts. It is advertised with the title "Introducing the (new) Nut-Dog", and a picture of the food item.



Pop-Pop is a brand of popcorn that appears to come in both microwavable and pre-popped forms (although Amethyst could have simply been eating raw microwave popcorn). It is first seen in the episode "Together Breakfast". Steven uses this brand of popcorn along with Whip It Up and Wafl to create the Together Breakfast. It is sprinkled on top of the waffles and whipped cream.

During the flashback in "We Need to Talk", Greg gives Amethyst some Pop-Pop in exchange for playing the drums for the song "What Can I Do (For You)". However, it is contained in a bag rather than the rectangular container seen in "Together Breakfast".

Potato Chips


Potato Chips is a brand of chips first appearing in the Pilot.

Potato chips are a bag of chips with a thin blue border, within this is a thicker white border. The bag is mostly yellow and features the face of the same girl who appear on the Cheese Balls package. Chips is written in large red lettering and below that is a large chip. The design of the chips bag clearly resembles that of Utz brand potato chips, a brand only available on the East Coast of the US.


Protes is a brand of protein bars appearing in "Gem Hunt".

ʺPROTESʺ Bar in Gem Hunt
The wrapper is a dark red with an orange wave appearing above the word PROTES in large, yellow letters. There is a white square to the left of the title with a small red icon resembling an apple with a leaf. The bar itself is dark brown with lighter brown spots covering it.

Spicy Pretzels


Spicy Pretzels are a brand of snack food first appearing on a poster in "Lion 3: Straight to Video".

The poster advertising the pretzels is off white colored. In the middle is a pretzel that is breathing fire. Surrounding it are the words "Nicey Spicy" and the pretzel appears to be saying "So spicy you'll die". In large flaming lettering are the words Spicy Pretzels.


Wafl PNG done

Wafl is a brand of waffles first appearing in "Together Breakfast".

Wafl has a white rectangular box with two waffles shown on the bottom right each with little slices of butter. In the top right corner is a red label that says "Wafl" in yellow lettering. Below that is a small sticker medallion that appears to say #1.

This product was used by Steven to make the Together Breakfast.

Whip It Up


Whip It Up is a brand of pre-made whipped cream first appearing in "Together Breakfast".

A light blue can with a white cloud of whipped cream spreading across it. It has a white spool top and a white bottom. The words "WHIP IT UP" can be seen in purple and red letters.

Fry Bits

Fry Bits

Fry Bits are served at Beach Citywalk Fries, first appearing in "Laser Light Cannon". Fry Bits are made of a bunch of small fry pieces, which may be left over from the establishment's typical dishes. This dish is not officially on the menu; they are usually free, but Steven has been seen offering to pay for them.

Pizza Bagel

Pizza Bagel

The Pizza Bagel is one of the two only dishes served at Steven's restaurant. It is served with three leaves under two bagels with tomato sauce and with some white rectangles which might be melted cheese and some green and yellow condiments. It first appears in "Restaurant Wars".

Fantastic Fries

Fantastic Fries

The Fantastic Fries are one of the two dishes served at Steven's restaurant. They are served in a circular form with three small leaves near it. The fries look plain at first sight but they are actually special because they are filled with ketchup. They first appear in "Restaurant Wars".

Sadie's Lunches

Sadie's Lunches

Sadie's Lunches are lunches that were packed by Barbara for Sadie that are first seen in "Lion 3: Straight to Video". Sadie's lunches are in brown paper bags. Each one of them has a unique design on the outside. These designs include underwater, floral, continent shaped, and sky landscapes. Each bag has "Sadie" in cursive on the front.

Previously, they were being kept in the refrigerators at the Big Donut as Sadie was too embarrassed to eat them. She felt like a kid when her mother made them for her, she said that she's old enough to make her own lunches and take care of herself, so she put them up for sale. However, Sadie now eats them after watching the video tape Rose left for Steven in Lion's pocket dimension.

In "Are You My Dad?", when Sadie goes missing, Barb assumes she is at work and tries to drop her lunches at the Big Donut. Since the Big Donut is closed, Barb is able to enter with a copy of Sadie's key, dropping the lunches off inside before encountering Steven.

Drink Up


Drink Up is a beverage first appearing in "Lion 3: Straight to Video". It can be found in the fridge within the big donut above Sadie's lunches. It sports a red and green color scheme. It is unknown what type of drink it is, but since the name may refer to 7 Up and the fact that Drink Up comes as a can, it could be a carbonated soft drink.

Durian Juice

Durian Juice

Durian Juice is a beverage first seen in "An Indirect Kiss". The container is green with light-green wavy stripes. It has the Durian fruit stamped onto the front of the container with its name under it.

In "An Indirect Kiss", Steven brings some Durian juice with him to the lighthouse where he and Connie host a small picnic. After Connie drinks from Steven's container, her eyes are healed due to Steven's healing spit, allowing her to see clearly without her glasses. In "Steven's Birthday", Steven gives a juice box to Connie at his party. The juice is seen again in "Lars' Head" among the food items Steven brings to Homeworld for Lars.

Sugar Shock Shut Down

Sugar Shock Shut Down Png

Sugar Shock Shut Down is a type of soda drink first appearing "Last One Out of Beach City". Steven gets it for Amethyst, who ends up eating the whole can and mentions that she likes it because it "turns everything red".

Yummy Apple Juice

Yummy Apple Juice Png

Yummy Apple Juice is a brand of canned juice first appearing "Lion 2: The Movie", as among the snacks Steven and Connie bring to the movie theater, as well as being used to soothe their wounds, though they weren't that cold.

In "On the Run", Steven brings it along with a fruit and bagel sandwich for lunch while he and Amethyst were "on the run". However, a raccoon steals and eats it with the rest of his lunch. In "Steven Floats", Amethyst tosses a can up to him while he's stuck floating. In "Last One Out of Beach City", it's sold at the Big Donut and Pearl tries to drink a can of this, trying to look cool. She spits it out when she's surprised by the appearance of the Mystery Girl and ends up dropping it on the ground. She also appeared to have trouble opening the can. In "Onion Gang", Soup is seen shooting their slingshot at some cans.

Ube roll

Ube is a variety of purple yam used by Lars to bake an Ube roll in "The Good Lars".


Lars shows off his baking skills by making an Ube roll for Steven and Sadie. Lars ends up bringing an Ube roll to the Cool Kids' potluck, but is captured by Topaz and Aquamarine before arriving (and the Ube roll is found in the trash). In "Stuck Together", Lars reveals that he purposefully threw away his Ube roll before being captured.

The Ube roll reappears in Steven Universe: The Movie as a cameo in the opening sequence, in which Lars serves another one. Steven bubbles a piece for later.

Party Sub


The Party Sub is a food item that first and only appeared in the episode "Your Mother and Mine".

In the episode, Steven comes in through the dimensional portal in Lars' head, and announces a celebration with a hoagie for the Off Colors' most recent accomplishments: escaping from Emerald, rescuing him and Connie from the Jungle Moon, and keeping the Sun Incinerator to travel back to Earth in no time.


  • The girl pictured on the Cheese Balls label is the same as the girl on the Potato Chips bags.
    • This could be because they are from the same company.
    • The girl also resembles the trademark girl from the real life brand Utz.
  • Beast is likely based on the popular Monster Energy drinks.
  • Colonel Kernel is likely based on advertising icons such as Mr. Peanut, Colonel Sanders, and/or Orville Redenbacher.
  • Confirmed by the Steven Universe Tumblr page, Hynes Ketchup's name originates from the popular brand of ketchup, Heinz.
  • Pop-Pop may be a parody of the popcorn brand Pop Secret, which has a similar box cover.
  • The Pop-Pop brand has been produced for over twenty years, as Greg, now in his 40s, was first seen giving Amethyst some when he was 22-years old.[1]
  • Colloquially in the U.S, the term margarine is used to describe "non-dairy spreads" like "Country Crock" and "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!", with varying amounts of fat content that is usually plant-based. It is an alternative to butter.
  • A bag of chips appears in a deleted scene of "Cry for Help" as a snack to pass the time while Steven and Amethyst staked out the Communication Hub for signs of Peridot.
  • The spicy pretzel mascot (Nicey Spicey) resembles the Oreo mascot, having skinny limbs, a short torso made out of a food product, and small white-gloved hands.
  • Steven's spit on the Durian juice box healing Connie's eyes was the first time he had used his healing powers.
  • The design on Yummy Apple Juice could be based off the Taiwanese beverage "Apple Sidra".


  1. Greg states that he was 22-years old in "Steven's Birthday"
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