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This is a list of miscellaneous objects that have appeared in Steven Universe but hold no significant or recurring role.

Amethyst's Drums


Amethyst's drums are a basic drum kit played by Amethyst and Steven. They first appeared in the episode "Steven and the Stevens", and have made additional appearances in "We Need to Talk" and Steven Universe: The Movie.

The drum skin bears a deep yellow star, resembling the symbol commonly associated with the Crystal Gems, while the body of each drum has a dull purple finish.

Blue Diamond's Personal Effects

Familiar 166.png

Blue Diamond's personal effects in her Pool Chamber included a toothbrush, oils, brushes, and a Comb, all of which appeared in "Familiar".



The chalkboard is an object used as a drawing board for making plans or sketches. The chalkboard first appears in "Space Race". After watching Steven and Greg crash their handmade spaceship at the Barn, Pearl uses the chalkboard to draw a rough draft of a possible spaceship blueprint.

In "Back to the Barn", as the Crystal Gems and Peridot prepare to construct the Gem Drill at the Barn, Steven draws a crude blueprint of the drill on the chalkboard. Later on, Steven uses the chalkboard to record the points earned by Pearl and Peridot during the "Robolympics".

In "Too Far", Pearl finishes drawing up the blueprints for the drill head on the chalkboard and asks Peridot to look over them.

In "Super Watermelon Island", at the Barn, Peridot uses the chalkboard to show the stages of the Cluster when it emerges from within the earth. She also draws a picture of an Earth destroyed by the Cluster on the chalkboard.

In "Gem Drill", when the ground cracks from the Cluster about to take form, the chalkboard, with Peridot's drawing of the Cluster emerging, falls on Steven.

In "Steven vs. Amethyst", Pearl uses the chalkboard to record the Pearl Points earned by Steven and Amethyst during their competition at the Ancient Sky Arena.

Diamond Aura Bottles


The Diamond Aura Bottles are three vessels stored inside the medicine cabinet in Steven's bathroom, each one containing the aura of a different Diamond. They made their debut in the episode "Little Homeschool", where Steven uses them along with his aura spit to heal Cherry Quartz. They were all used up in "Fragments" when Steven used them to heal Jasper's shattered gemstone.

The yellow bottle contains Yellow Diamond's aura. It has a yellow rhombus-shaped crystal in the center. The shape of the bottle and cap resembles her hair.

The white bottle contains White Diamond's aura. It has a white rhombus-shaped crystal in its center. The shape of the cap resembles her gem, while the shape of the bottle resembles her head.

The blue bottle contains Blue Diamond's aura. It has a blue rhombus-shaped crystal in its center. The shape of the cap resembles a teardrop with a sphere in its center, while the shape of the bottle resembles her hair.

Duct Tape


A round roll of silver Duct Tape with a black tube in the center appeared in "House Guest". Throughout the episode, Greg Universe has a ruler duct-taped to his broken leg acting as an improvised splint. He also attempts to use the duct tape to repair his van, but later in the episode, he manages to seal the cracked Geode with it, stopping the storm. At the end of the episode, Greg gives the roll of duct tape to Steven, saying it is for "just in case Steven has trouble again..." It is then shown on a small table by Steven's bed in the Beach House.

Garnet's Goggles

Garnet's Goggles.png

Garnet's goggles are goggles that Garnet wears over her normal visor to protect her eyes when swimming. The goggles first appeared in "Giant Woman", in which Garnet puts on the goggles prior to beginning her search for the Earth Beetle in a lava lake. She summons them by putting her gemstones near her forehead and clapping, which causes them to attach around her head. They are visually similar to Garnet's regular visor and they are both mirrored.

In "Love Letters", Garnet puts on the goggles before heading out to presumably look for Malachite under the sea.

In "Chille Tid", Garnet uses her goggles to search for Malachite under the sea with Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl.

Giant Purple Axe

Rose's Scabbard 006.png

The giant purple axe is a massive battle-axe retrieved by the Crystal Gems in "Rose's Scabbard". It was taken from the Gem Battlefield with strawberries growing in a swarm around the blade. The axe has a midnight purple grip, curved with purple, cylindrical ends on either side. It then leads into a metal handle which ends in a machete-type housing for the blade complete with purple bolts, the blade being a massive gray crescent shape with an exclamation-point shaped cutout in the middle of it.

G.U.Y.S. Dispenser


The G.U.Y.S. dispenser is a capsule dispensing machine located inside Funland Arcade. It was used by Steven in the episode "Onion Trade" when he had lost his Ranger Guy.

The dispenser dispenses one of twelve little capsule-packed figures called G.U.Y.S. in exchange for a quarter. Despite advertising 12 different G.U.Y.S., the machine at Funland Arcade was only stocked with Dave Guys.

Harpoon Gun

Harpoon Gun.png

The Harpoon Gun is attached to a ship anchored at Beach City Pier. It made its first and only appearance in "Bubble Buddies". While Steven and Connie are trapped in Steven's bubble shield, Steven asks Onion to use the harpoon gun to pop the bubble. Instead of popping the bubble, the harpoon is deflected and sinks a nearby trawler boat.

Lubitz Cardioid Condenser 680

The Thing 680.png

The Lubitz Cardioid Condenser 680 is a microphone owned by Greg that made its debut in "The Message". It appears to be an ordinary microphone with a light blue handle aside from its one distinguishing feature that is a large, pale pink foam microphone cover. According to Greg, it features "warm tones without too much top-end."

Metal Mutt


Metal Mutt is a recreational metal detector used to detect underground metal objects. It has a dog-themed decoration including a collar with spikes around the base of the handle, dark gray/brown ears, little eyes, a big nose, and a tongue affixed to its cylindrical head. It appears to have a rubber grip. It barks when it detects a metal object. In its only appearance in "Arcade Mania", Steven uses the Metal Mutt to comb the beach for quarters to play arcade games at the Funland Arcade. During his search, he finds another Metal Mutt, which is destroyed soon after by a Drill Parasite.

Old Gem Painting


The Old Gem Painting is a painting that made its debut in the episode "So Many Birthdays". Rose, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, along with a few humans, are seen on a dark brown boat at sea. Garnet is punching a shark, Amethyst and Pearl are helping a human that fell in the water, and Rose is boldly standing upright. They are all wearing old vintage clothing. The picture frame is dull brown and has golden edges. According to Garnet, getting the shark to pose was the hardest part.

Onion's Birthday Tape

Onion Tape.png

Onion's Birthday Tape is a VHS tape that first appeared in "Onion Friend". It is a recording of Vidalia giving birth to Onion at a hospital. The case is maroon and has a caption that reads "Happy Birthday Onion" with a small heart next to it. In "Onion Friend", Steven and Amethyst stop by Onion's House where Onion later plays the tape for Steven. The footage is not shown and only the audio can be heard: Vidalia tells Yellowtail that she is about to give birth, and then can be heard grunting in obvious distress. As Steven realizes what he is watching, he becomes very shocked and uncomfortable while Onion remains expressionless.

Pink Diamond's Personal Effects

Familiar 263.png

Pink Diamond's personal effects in the chamber of her palace included an old tuning fork, tweezers, a vase, a bucket of rocks, towels, a rose, a pink gem in a bell jar, loose rocks, a stone bowl, a bowl holder, and an unidentified gem-like object. These items first appeared in "Familiar".

Pink Pearl's Ribbon Wand

Pink Pearl's Ribbon Wand

Pink Pearl can summon a ribbon wand from her gemstone. While not stated to be a gem weapon, it can be dispelled in a similar manner. Pink Pearl states that the wand was a gift from Pink Diamond, which she seems to cherish, as well as use with great proficiency. It appeared in "Volleyball".

Photo of Connie


Since Steven Universe: The Movie, a photo of Connie Maheswaran with a white bird can be seen on a shelf in Steven's new room. The posing may be a reference to the "Is this a pigeon?" internet meme.

Prism Containment Chest

The Prism Containment Chest was made by Bismuth to contain the Light Prisms, including Hessonite's during the Rebellion. Later during Era 3, it was used again for Demantoid and Pyrope's Prisms as seen during the events of Unleash the Light.

Rose's Painting

Rose's Scabbard 119.png

Rose's painting is a painting of Rose Quartz that is originally partially seen in "Gem Glow".

As of "Rose Buds", the painting has been moved to the Pink Dimension, due to its presence making Steven uncomfortable.

Rose's Treasure Chest

Rose Chest NonPNG.png

Rose's treasure chest is first seen in "Lion 3: Straight to Video" sitting atop the hill in the Pink Dimension.

In "Lion 4: Alternate Ending", Steven attempts to open the chest with an oversized key, to no avail.

At some point between the events of "Change Your Mind" and Steven Universe: The Movie, the chest is opened, but its contents are never revealed.

Sea Pals


Sea Pals are aquarium pets sold in hatching kits. A single box appears to cost $1.25 and can be ordered via mail. The front of the box has an illustration of three "Sea Pals", which look like aquatic humanoids, along with a fish bowl. The back appears to have a picture of some sort of environment. In "Love Letters", Jamie, having recently returned to his postman duties, delivers several boxes of Sea Pals to Steven, who explains to Connie that he kept ordering the product when his first order did not arrive. Steven later tells Connie that he intends to set the Sea Pals free into the ocean. Sea Pals appear again in "A Single Pale Rose" among the large collection of organized items in Pearl's pocket dimension.

They are a reference to Sea-Monkeys, which is a brand name for pet brine shrimp.

Steven's Mug


Steven's mug is a white mug with a picture of Earth and the caption "World's Best Stephen". In its only appearance in "Catch and Release", wherein Steven holds it while talking with the Gems about what to do with Peridot, who has confined herself to the Beach House's bathroom.

The mug appears on Steven's shelf above his new bed since Steven Universe: The Movie. The Moon Goddess Statue rests inside it.

Volatile Gems

Level 2 Canon Section
This section contains informations on a subject that is considered "level 2 canon" and may be contradicted by the TV series.

The Volatile Gems appear in Issue 15 (2017). They are two temperature-sensitive Gems that can't be bubbled like normal until they're outside their protective temple. They are stated by Garnet to be like the Shooting Star, in that one Gem has to stay frozen and one Gem has to stay heated.

Fire Shard Statue.jpg

Steven watches as Sapphire claims the "Frozen Fragment" and Ruby claims the "Scorching Shard", with both Gems using their respective ice and fire powers to keep the volatile Gemstones at their correct temperatures. Unfortunately, Ruby and Sapphire struggle to keep their minds on their mission because they're so distracted by their attraction to each other that they lose their focus and fail to keep the temperature on their captured Gems consistent, which whisks the Gems back to the hands of the temple's statue this triggers a trap that shoots fire jets out of the floor and almost fries Steven. Garnet re-emerges and helps him retreat. The second time they try they cause the trap to shoot ice shoots out of the floor and almost stabs them, but Steven's able to save them with his bubble. Steven leads the way back up to the statue where the elusive Gems are kept. He directs Ruby and Sapphire's actions and has the bright idea of keeping them physically apart while they exit the temple, they make it out of the temple and Ruby and Sapphire are able to bubble their respective Gems.


Watermelon Steven (178).png

Weirdstar.Stream is a livestream video-sharing website first shown in "Watermelon Steven". Ronaldo uses it to upload his video about the Steven-shaped watermelons. It makes another appearance in "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies" where he uses a screenshot from his stream in "Watermelon Steven" as an example of the strange happenings in Beach City.


  • To answer the question whether Onion showed his birth video to Steven to prove he is human, Matt Burnett revealed that the original idea for the scene was to show the "weirdest thing Onion could possibly do."
  • Many boxes of Sea Pals can be seen in a promotion for the return of Steven Universe on September 10, 2015.[2]
  • The idea for Steven's Mug was created by Jesse Zuke.[3]
  • Weirdstar.Stream is a parody of video stream websites.


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