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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. Crystal Temple]
(Steven is lying on the couch in the living room of the Beach House, talking on his phone with Connie.)
Steven What...? Why not?
[Trans. Int. Connie's house]
Connie Steven, I told you, I can't hang out today. I have tennis practice. And then Mom wants to go out for a family dinner. But she said I could hang out all day tomorrow, and I can come over all the time now that it's summer vacation.
Steven *flops off the couch* What's summer vacation?
Connie You know, when school gets out for the summer?
Steven I've never been to this... How do you say— "school". How does it work?
Connie It's a place where you go to learn. It's full of desks, chalkboards...
Steven Hmm.
Connie Books, maps.
Steven I see.
(Shortly after, Steven begins to assemble a pile of school equipment in the kitchen, with the help of Pearl.)
Steven *examines the pile* Yep, it's all coming together.
Pearl *adds a desk to the pile* So, how do we begin our "school"?
Steven Ugh... I... I don't know! This is everything Connie told me. Why do I never ask follow-up questions?! Who will teach little Stevie now!?
Pearl *gasps* Teach you?! Steven! If only I had known that's what you really wanted! *gets up* Twooooh! *begins doing the same dance as in "Lars and the Cool Kids"* Haaaaaah!
(Pearl's gem begins to glow, as she summons a mirror from her gem. She begins to explain as the mirror twirls in mid-air.)
Pearl We found this Gem-powered mirror at the Galaxy Warp. It can capture and display any event it's witnessed in all of Gem history. (The mirror lands in Steven's hands.) It'll offer you everything you've ever wanted to know about your fellow Gems and our culture.
Steven *looks at his reflection in the mirror* I must be incredibly important to Gem culture.
Pearl *scoffs* It's just you in there. It hasn't even been activated. *clears her throat* Show us the Galaxy Warp. (The mirror does nothing.) Show - us - the Galaxy Warp. *frustrated* Oh, come on! *grabs the mirror*
Steven *still holding onto the mirror and gets lifted along* Whoa! *laughs*
Pearl I know you've seen it. *examines the mirror and sighs* It is in pretty rough shape. It must finally be broken. What a shame.
Steven *admires himself in the mirror* Doesn't seem broken to me!
Pearl Oh well. I guess that's the end of our school.
Steven *gets excited* Whoa. Wha... So you could say... School's out for summer?
Pearl Yes. Good, Steven. There are many ways to say the same thing.
Steven *gasps* School's out! *runs out of the house*
Pearl *looking at the pile* Hmm. The asymmetry of this pile is really starting to bother me.
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
Steven *running down the beach* School's out! Happy summer vacation, Steven! *starts running backwards* Happy summer vacation, Beach City! *chuckles* Yeah!
(Not looking where he is going, Steven bumps into Lars and Sadie, who are setting up tables outside the Big Donut.)
Lars & Sadie Hey!
(The table falls over.)
Lars Ugh, watch where you're going, you little! *glances at Sadie* Ssssteven!
Steven Sorry! I'm just so excited for summer. Are you excited for summer? I'm so excited for summer!
Sadie *laughs* Uh, I think I'm as excited as I can get about setting up extra seating for the summer rush. But Lars has big plans.
Lars You bet I do! All those out-of-town summer babes traveling away from home without their boyfriends, if you know what I mean. *jitters his eyebrows*
Steven *looks cluelessly* ...Nope.
Lars Maybe I'll get a few numbers. Maybe I'll even... call one.
Sadie Ha! Well, yeah, maybe I'll meet a new friend.
Steven That's a great idea! A special new friend to have fun on the beach with in the summer. Maybe if I keep using the mirror to guide me, I'll walk backwards into my own beach-summer-fun buddy! *holds the mirror out and starts walking backwards*
Lars Next time you see me, I'll be on the arm of a hot woman!
Sadie You can stop talking about it now.
Steven *running backwards and laughing, and then begin imitating Michael Jackson and moonwalking* Wo, Wo, Wo, Wo! Wo, Wo, Wo, Wo! Wo, Wo, Hee-Hee!
(Steven moonwalks into the boardwalk, when Mayor Dewey's Van, reflected by the mirror and chanting "May-or Dew-ey", is driving towards him.)
Mirror *as Lars* Er, watch where you're going, you little!
Steven Huh? *sees the mirror, and then the van* Nooo!
(Steven screams in fear and the van halts just in front of him.)
Mayor Dewey *leans out of the van and speaks into a megaphone* Car wash kid, what are you doing?!
Steven I don't know. Why were you driving down the boardwalk?
Mayor Dewey I'm the mayor, I'm not going to walk anywhere. Now go get run over somewhere else, I'm late for a speech.
(The van maneuvers around Steven and begins to drive off again.)
Steven *looks at the mirror* What just happened?
Mirror *projects Steven laughing*
Steven You work! This is so cool! What's it like being a mirror?
Mirror *projects Steven again* You work!
Steven So you can repeat stuff?
Mirror Yeah!
Mayor Dewey *giving a speech on the beach* Hello, Beach City, my friends! It's great to be here to celebrate the coming season. A warm summer breeze wafts through the air.
Steven *inhales deeply and makes fart noises* PBHT!
(The crowd snickers.)
Mayor Dewey We all look forward to the sounds of the summer season...
Mirror PBHT!
Mayor Dewey ...the smells of the busy boardwalk...
Mirror PBHT!
Mayor Dewey ...the hot, wet ocean wind...
Mirror PBHT!
Mayor Dewey ...the time to take that pressure that's built up all year and just let it out.
Mirror PBHT!
(The crowd laughs aloud.)
Steven Wow, you picked that up fast.
(Time passes by, Steven remains on the beach, still playing with the mirror.)
Mirror PBHT!
Steven *laughs* You got a lot of mileage out of that joke. You're pretty funny for a mirror.
Mirror You're pretty funny for a mirror.
Steven *chuckles* I'm not a mirror.
Mirror You're pretty funny for a mi- *as Lars* Ssssteven!
Steven *gasps* You made something new! Say something else!
Mirror *as Lars* Ssssteven!— *as Steven* Is— *as Sadie* ...a new friend.
Steven *blushing* Really?
Mirror Yeah!
Steven You're my friend, too!
Mirror *laughs*
Steven I got to go tell the Gems.
Mirror Nooooo!
Steven Don't be shy, they'll love you.
Mirror *echoing* Nooooo!
Steven *chuckles* Don't worry, they're a good audience.
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
Steven *enters the house* Guys! Wait 'till you see-
(Steven sees Pearl arranging the pile of school equipment from before into a tower, while Garnet and Amethyst watch on.)
Amethyst Yo! Ste-man!
Pearl Hello, Steven.
Garnet Howdy. *makes a finger gun* Bang.
Amethyst Want to see something hilarious?
(Amethyst takes a M.C. Bear Bear toy and attempts to place it on the tower, which Pearl quickly impales with her spear. Amethyst then starts laughing.)
Pearl You don't understand. Symmetrical means both sides have to be the same!
(Pearl grunts angrily and tosses M.C. Bear-Bear into a pile of other stabbed items.)
Steven M.C. Bear-Bear! Okay, that's great. Anyway, I fixed the mirror!
Pearl Excellent work, Steven!
Steven You didn't tell me it's like a person.
(The Gems react in shock.)
Pearl *shocked* Wait, what?
Steven Say "hey." *pause* Lil' buddy...
(Awkward, the mirror does nothing while the Gems still look shocked.)
Steven Uh... excuse us. *turns around* Come on. You want to come out, don't you? You have so much to say and funny noises to share from across the ages. Are we not beach-summer-fun buddies?
Mirror *whirs* PBHT!
Steven *laughs* Just couldn't help yourself, huh?
Mirror *as Steven* Just- for- you! *as Lars* Ssssteven! *as Steven, laughs repeatedly*
Pearl It's talking to him? It shouldn't be able to do that. I-It should just be following orders...
Amethyst Garnet, do something.
Garnet Steven. *walks towards him*
Mirror *keeps laughing repeatedly, and then Garnet approaches* Nooooo!
Garnet You should just give us back the mirror. It will be safer where we can watch it.
Amethyst Yeah, let's bubble it!
Mirror Nooooo! *echoes repeatedly* Nooooo!
Steven Wha...?
Garnet Steven, don't make me have to take it from you.
Steven *gasps* It doesn't want to go with you. Don't you hear it screaming?
Garnet Steven, it's just a mirror, a tool. It can't want anything. *reaches for the mirror*
(The mirror keeps screaming repeatedly, Garnet slowly offers a hand which would take the mirror.)
Mirror *echoing repeatedly* Nooooo!
(Steven sees the mirror, horrified.)
Steven *growls* It wants to be with ME!
(Steven slaps Garnet's hand away, which hits her in the face and knocks her visor off. Amethyst gasps in extreme surprise, and Garnet glares at Steven in anger.)
Steven Aah! Aah! *runs out of the house* I'm sorry!
Garnet *puts her visor back on and clenches her fists* That little boy... is in big trouble.
Pearl Garnet, wait! I'm sure he didn't understand what he was doing!
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
(The Gems exit the house to the beach.)
Garnet Fan out.
Steven *runs and hides behind a rock, panting heavily* What am I gonna do? What's their problem with you? Are you trying to say something?
Mirror *whirs in distortion* Away from home- Let- Me- Out!
Steven I don't understand!
Pearl *calling from afar* Steven!
Steven Come on, I want to help you! What can I do?
Mirror *whirs and projects a scene of Steven pulling the gem out of the back of the mirror*
(Steven turns the mirror to its back and begins tugging on the gem. As he is pulling the gem, water from the sea begins to form the pattern of the mirror around Steven. After much effort, Steven manages to pull the gem out, and the mirror shatters. The gem then starts glowing in Steven's hand and levitates in mid-air. It reforms back into its physical, humanoid form and collapses onto the sand. )
Steven *gasps* Wha... *runs towards the Gem*
Lapis *turns to Steven* Thank you. You didn't— *struggles to stand, but Steven help her up* You actually talked to me. You helped me! It's Steven, right?
Steven *breathes deeply* Mm.
Lapis I'm Lapis... Lapis Lazuli. Are you really a Crystal Gem?
Steven Yeah!
Lapis But you set me free.
Steven But... Wha...?
Garnet STEVEN!
(The Gems approach and summon their weapons.)
Steven *runs towards the Gems* Wait!
Lapis You... *raises a huge water-arm out of the ocean* You three knew I was in there, and you didn't do anything. Did you even wonder who I used to be!
(Lapis slams the water-arm onto the Gems, trapping Garnet underneath it and knocking Pearl and Amethyst aside.)
Pearl Steven, run!
Steven What are you doing?
Lapis I'm Lapis Lazuli, and you can't keep me trapped here anymore!
Steven Huh?
Lapis They're not going to let us leave.
Steven Leave?
Lapis *parts the ocean in half, creating a path through it* Steven, come with me.
Steven Where?
Lapis Home.
Steven B-B-But... B-But I... Uh...
Lapis Fine. *dispels the ocean path*
(Garnet manages to break free of the water-arm and punches it away. She then charges towards Steven and Lapis.
Lapis Don't trust them, Steven. Goodbye.
(Lapis walks into the ocean, and create a huge wave that knocks Steven and Garnet back away. Pearl and Amethyst rush to their side.)
Pearl Steven! *embraces Steven* Are you okay?
Steven Yeah, I'm fine. So... that was another Gem?
Pearl *sighs* Yes.
(The Crystal Gems gaze out to the ocean for the brief moment.)
Garnet Steven, you're grounded.
(The star iris then zooms in on a distant star, ending the episode.)

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