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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Ice Cavern]
(Ice Monster crashes into wall.)
Garnet Alright everyone!
Pearl One more attack should do it. (Ice Monster's arm falls off.)
Steven *With concern* Yikes! Your arm. *holds own arm*
(Garnet punches the monster, causing it to collapse and poof. Its gem falls as Pearl rushes towards it, catches it, then bubbles it away.)
Pearl Now there's nothing standing between us and the Shooting Star. (The cave starts to crumble.)
Amethyst This job is really dangerous! Whoaa, Jeeezzz. Whu-Whoa, MAMA! (A small avalanche occurs burying Amethyst in ice boulders.)
Steven Amethyst! Uh, don't worry! I'll dig you out. (Amethyst mumbles to Steven.)
Pearl We've got to get Steven out of here!
Garnet *to Steven* I'm sending you back to the temple.
Steven But Garnet, how are you gonna... (Garnet bubbles Steven.) *impressed* You can bubble me?!
Pearl Garnet, no! (Garnet bubbles Steven back to the temple.) Garnet!
Garnet Watch your head. (Another avalanche occurs.)
Steven *in bubble portal* Aaahhhh!
[Trans. int. Burning Room]
Steven Whoa! I'm back inside the temple. *looks at Ice Monster's gem* Hehehe, look 'atcha now. Stuck in a bubble. Hmmm. Let me see if I can... *pops his bubble open and falls on another* Woh! (Steven falls on top of the Centipeetle's bubble, causing it to pop.) Whew. (The gem starts to reform.) Oh man. What's happening?! *sees what monster it is* Aah! The Centipeetle. *runs to wall* (Centipeetle shrinks down and Steven sees it.) Eh... Huh? It looks... so scared. Uhh, hi. Ah, it's okay. Look, please don't be scared of me. See, I'm not gonna hurt you. Yeah, just relax. (Centipeetle gets less tense.) Yeah, that's it. Doesn't relaxing feel nice? You wanna come over here and relax with me? Yeah, we can totally just hang out and relax, right here on the floor. Yeah, don't be shy. We can be friends. My name's-
Pearl STEVEN! Get away from that thing!
Amethyst Whoa, dude! (Garnet attempts to punch it, her gauntlet sparkles, the Centipeetle cornered.)
Steven Wait! It's not-
Pearl This was a terrible idea! And he's even managed to pop a bubble, and let out that awful... thing! (The Centipeetle backs away from Garnet.) If that thing hurt you, so help me I'll !-
Steven No! It didn't do anything! *surprises Pearl a bit* *runs in front of Centipeetle* Garnet, don't hurt it! I accidentally let it out of its bubble, but it didn't even try to hurt me. It's not like the other monsters, it's just scared and confused. Please Garnet. I'm begging you. (There's a dramatic pause while Steven makes a desperate face.)
(Amethyst jumps down from above.)
Garnet I can't say no to that face.
Pearl *loudly* Excuse me?! You can't be serious!
Garnet I think you should try and tame it, Steven.
Steven Garnet, thank you sooo much. *hugs her* (Garnet pets Steven.)
Amethyst *to Pearl* Shut down by the G-squad! Ahahahaha!
Pearl Well, let's at least take some precaution.
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
Garnet Alright, Steven. Let's see if you can get it to calm down. (Centipeetle is chained to a rock.)
Steven Um, it still seems a little scared. (Centipeetle breaks a chain and the Gems and Lion each do a fighting pose.)
Amethyst *in karate pose* Hyoo!
Steven Maybe you guys could put your weapons away and watch from the house?
Pearl Absolutely not!
Garnet *deactivates gauntlets* Steven can handle it.
Pearl Garnet!?
Garnet Pearl. *walks away*
Amethyst Oh! Hmm, hmm! You just got Garneted! Aha! (The Gems walk back to the Temple.)
Steven Okay, friend. It's just us now. (Centipeetle breaks free of chains.) Calm, calm, calm. Just like before. Just relax and let your hair down. (Centipeetle becomes calmer.) You wanna come over here? C'mon, it won't be like before. How about we try something else? Hmmmm. Oh, what's this? *pulls bag of chips out of coat* Chiiips! You like Chiiiiips? You wanna chiipps? Yeah? Yeah? *takes chip out of bag* Awwww, look at this chip! Yum, yum, yum! *eats chip* Mmm, tasty, tasty. Try it! (Centipeetle walks towards Steven.) That's it! Smells good, right? (Centipeetle takes chip out of Steven's hand and eats it.) I don't know how you eat with an eyeball in your mouth, but I'm glad you like it. *gets up and leads Centipeetle with chip* Mmm, mmm! (A chip blows out of his hand and into Centipeetle's mouth.) Hahahahaha, woohoo! *throws handful of chips in air and laughs* Hey, come on! (Centipeetle comes over and starts eating chips.) You love chips, and I love chips! Hahahaha! Yeah! (A seagull sees the chips in Steven's hand and bites his finger, causing Steven to drop the bag.) Aaah! Shoo, get! Those aren't for you! (Centipeetle gets angry at seagull.) What are you doing? (Centipeetle shoots acid at the seagull causing it to fly away.) You... saved me.
[Trans. Int. Steven's Kitchen]
Pearl ... But we have to go back for the shooting star! (Steven and Centipeetle come in.)
Steven Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst!
Pearl Woah, why isn't that thing on its rock?
Steven I trained her up! Look! Squawk! (Centipeetle shoots acid at beam.) Squawk! (Centipeetle shoots acid at Garnet, but it misses her.) Squawk!
Pearl Steven, you can't just... *acid lands on picture of Pearl, contorting it to make her look grumpy*
Amethyst Hahahaha! That was awesome...
Steven Squawk! *acid knocks Amethyst's sandwich from her hand*
Amethyst Nooooo! Mi tortaaa!!! *grieves over her sandwich*
Pearl Steven, this is unacceptable!
Steven Oh, come on Pearl. *pets the Centipeetle* She can help us on like missions and stuff.
Pearl Oh, no! Out of the question!
Steven Awww.
Pearl Well we can't return to the Ice Cavern now. We have to deal with Steven and his... situation.
Amethyst Well I dunno how we're getting through that cavern without causing a cave-in anyway.
Garnet Hmmm. That's how. (Garnet looks at Centipeetle; her saliva makes sizzling noises while burning another hole into the wooden floor.)
[Trans. Int. Ice Cavern]
Pearl I just don't know if this will work...
Steven Squawk! (Centipeetle creates a hole through wall.) Alright, Centipeetle! *throws chips as reward*
Pearl Shooting Star, here we come...
(Montage of Centipeetle spitting acid at walls so they can get through. The Gems then go through a cave to the Shooting Star room.)
All Gems Woah.
Steven Cool! (The Gems walk up to a small pool.)
Pearl There it is! The Shooting Star! An ancient elemental, so hot, and so volatile, it can only be contained in ice. Bare skin cannot endure its intensity!
Steven What do you do with the Shooting Star?
Amethyst Uhh, you shoot it.
Pearl Garnet, you'll have to use your gauntlets as not to hurt your hands. (Garnet summons gauntlets and Centipeetle gets scared.)
Steven No, no, no! Not now! (Steven rushes over and Garnet stops.)
Garnet Something's wrong. (Centipeetle gets really scared and shoots acid all over the ceiling. All of the stalactites then fall from the ceiling.)
Steven Woah! (All of the Gems duck.)
Pearl Steven! *summons spear* I knew this would happen! (Pearl charges and then hits the Centipeetle against the wall.)
Steven Aaah! Pearl, stop! It was an accident! *accidentally pulls Centipeetle's hair* Sorry for pulling...
Garnet Steven! *kicks Centipeetle*
Steven Noooo! *begins to tear up*
(The Centipeetle runs toward Steven but then is blocked by Amethyst and Pearl. Amethyst whips her and accidentally sends the Gems flying into the wall. The Centipeetle then almost attacks them.)
Steven Stop! You don't need to fight! This isn't you! You're not a monster anymore! You're more than that. We have so many memories now! Remember the chip times? (Steven walks towards her.) And how you saved me from that vicious seagull? And how we became best friends? *pulls her in for a hug* You have to remember! This all happened today! (Acid falls onto Steven's jacket and the Centipeetle calms down.)
(A giant stalactite falls in Steven's way, so the Centipeetle pushes him out of the way to save him.)
Steven Noooo! (Garnet catches him.)
(The Centipeetle is crushed and only her gem remains.)
Steven Nooo! (The gem rolls over to him.) You saved me.
Garnet Steven... You did a good job trying to tame the Centipeetle. Your mother would be so proud.
Steven She would?
Garnet The truth is, Rose Quartz had tried to use her powers to save these monsters too, but she was never able to heal them.
Steven Never? But if she couldn't do it...
Pearl Who knows? Maybe when you have better control of your powers, you might help them in ways even your mother couldn't.
Garnet Even this one.
Steven I'll keep it safe. (Steven bubbles the Gem.)
Amethyst Whoa!
Pearl Steven! You can bubble Gems!
Steven Wow. Wait for me, Centipeetle. I promise I'll heal you up someday. *bubbles her to the Burning Room* Ooh! Wait! *reaches for something in jacket*
[Trans. Int. Burning Room]
(A bag of chips bubbles in next to Centipeetle's gem.)
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