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This is a transcribed copy of "Monster Buddies". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ent. Ice Cavern]
(An overview of an ice mountain is seen, when a section of the mountain collapses. The Crystal Gems are inside an ice cavern battling a corrupted Larimar while icicles fall all around. Larimar is knocked backwards and crashes into a wall.)
Garnet Alright everyone!
Pearl One more attack should do it.
(An icicle impales Larimar's arm, causing it to fall off.)
Steven Yikes! Your arm.
(Garnet punches Larimar, causing her to crumble and poof into a icy cloud. Her gem falls from the cloud and Pearl rushes towards it, catching and then bubbling it away.)
Pearl Now there's nothing standing between us and the Shooting Star.
(The cavern continues to rumble and crumble.)
Amethyst This job is really dangerous! Whoaa, Jeeezzz. Whu-Whoa, mama! *gets buried under a pile of small ice boulders*
Steven Amethyst! Uh, don't worry, I'll dig you out!
(Amethyst mumbles to Steven.)
Pearl We've got to get Steven out of here!
Garnet *turns to Steven* I'm sending you back to the temple.
Steven But, Garnet, how are you gonna... (Garnet bubbles Steven up.) You can bubble me?
Pearl Garnet, no!
(Garnet sends Steven back to the temple.)
Parnet Garnet!
Garnet Watch your head.
(The ice cavern then caves in, burying the Gems.)
[Trans. Int. Burning Room]
(Steven screams as he is warped through the bubble stream. He then appears in the basement of the temple, surrounded with several bubbled gems.
Steven Whoa! I'm back inside the temple. *sees Larimar's gem from before* Hehehe, look at you now. Stuck in a bubble. Hmmm. Let me see if I can... Graaa-yeah! *forcefully pulls his bubble open, popping it, and falls* Whoa!
(Steven falls on top of the bubble of another gem, causing it to pop. The gem then begins to reform.)
Steven Oh, man! What's happening?!
(The regenerating form glows in green, at first seemingly humanoid, before expanding to glowing into a giant familiar monster.)
Steven Aah! The Centipeetle! *screams and tries to run away*
(Nephrite glances at Steven for a moment, before shrinking down and reforming into a smaller version of itself.)
Steven Eh... Huh? *sees Nephrite, trembling in fear* It looks... so scared. *crawls towards it* Uhh, hi. Ah, it's okay. Look. *lies belly flat on the floor* Please don't be scared of me. See, I'm not gonna hurt you. Yeah, just relax. (Nephrite begins to calm down.) Yeah, that's it. Doesn't relaxing feel nice? You wanna come over here and relax with me? Yeah, we can totally just hang out and relax, right here on the floor. (Nephrite starts crawling towards Steven.) Yeah, don't be shy. We can be friends. My name's Ste-
Pearl *interrupts* STEVEN! Get away from that thing!
Amethyst Whoa, dude!
Steven Wait! It's not-
(Garnet leaps over and attempts to punch the frightened Nephrite, which it quickly dodges away. Pearl then jumps to Steven's side.)
Pearl This was a terrible idea! And he's even managed to pop a bubble, and let out that awful thing!
(Garnet's gauntlets sparkle, ready to attack the cornered Nephrite again.)
Pearl If that thing hurt you, so help me I'll-
Steven No! It didn't do anything! *runs in between Garnet and Nephrite* Garnet, don't hurt it! *spreads his arms out* I accidentally let it out of its bubble, but it didn't even try to hurt me. It's not like the other monsters, it's just scared and confused. Please, Garnet. I'm begging you.
(There is a dramatic pause as Steven, making a desperate face, and Garnet stare at each other.)
Garnet I can't say no to that face.
Pearl Excuse me?! You can't be serious!
Garnet I think you should try and tame it, Steven.
Steven Garnet! *hugs Garnet's leg* Thank you so much.
Pearl Hmmm...
Amethyst *laughs at Pearl* Shut down by the G-squad! Ahahahaha!
Pearl Well, let's at least take some precaution.
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
Garnet Alright, Steven, let's see if you can get it to calm down.
(Nephrite is seen chained to a rock on the beach.)
Steven Um, it still seems a little scared.
(A chain breaks apart from Nephrite. The Gems and Lion all brace themselves for battle.)
Steven Maybe you guys could put your weapons away and watch from the house...?
Pearl Absolutely not!
Garnet *dispels her gauntlets* Steven can handle it.
Pearl Garnet!
Garnet Pearl? *walks away*
Amethyst Oh! Hmm, hmm! You just go Garneted! Aha!
(The Gems and Lion turn around and walk back to the temple.)
Steven Okay, friend. It's just us now. (Nephrite breaks free of chains.) Calm, calm, calm. Just like before. Just relax and let your hair down. (Nephrite begins to calm down again.) You wanna come over here? (Nephrite jitters on the spot.) C'mon, it won't be like before. How about we try something else? Hmmmm. Oh, what's this?
(Steven pulls out a bag of Chaaaaps from his jacket.)
Steven Chiiips! You like chiiiiips? You wanna chiipps? Yeah? Yeah? *takes a chip out of the bag* Awwww, look at this chip! Yum, yum, yum! *eats the chip* Mmm, tasty, tasty. Try it!
(Nephrite starts approaching towards Steven again.)
Steven That's it! *takes out another chip* Smells good, right?
(Nephrite grabs the chip out of Steven's hand and eats it.)
Steven I don't know how you eat with an eyeball in your mouth, but I'm glad you like it. *gets up and leads Nephrite with a chip in hand* Mmm, mmm! Aaah!
(A wind blows the chip out of Steven's hand, which Nephrite catches and eats.)
Steven Hahahahaha, woohoo! *throws handfuls of chips in air and laughs* Hey, come on! (Nephrite gets near Steven and starts eating chips off the air.) You love chips, and I love chips! Hahahaha! Yeah!
(A seagull sees the chips in Steven's hand and bites his hand, causing Steven to drop the bag in pain.)
Steven Aaah! Shoo, get! Those aren't for you!
(The seagull growls at Steven, when a spray of acid splashes in between Steven and the seagull. Steven turns and sees an agitated Nephrite.)
Steven W-What are you doing?
(Nephrite shoots another spray of acid at the seagull again, scaring it away.)
Steven You... saved me.
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven and Nephrite head back into the house, where the Gems are gathered and discussing at the kitchen counter.)
Pearl But we have to go back for the Shooting Star!
Steven *enters* Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst!
Pearl Woah, why isn't that thing on its rock?
Steven I trained her up! Look! Squawk!
(Nephrite shoots acid at a beam of the house.)
Steven Squawk!
(Nephrite shoots acid towards Garnet, barely missing her.)
Steven Squawk!
Pearl Steven, you can't just- Ooh!
(Nephrite shoots acid, causing Pearl to duck, as it hit a picture of Pearl on the fridge, contorting it into a grumpy expression.)
Amethyst Hahahaha! That was awesome-
Steven Squawk!
(Nephrite shoots acid and it knocks Amethyst's sandwich off her hand.)
Amethyst Nooooo! Mi tortaaa! *grieves over her sandwich*
Pearl Steven, this is unacceptable!
Steven Aw, come on, Pearl. *feeds and pets Nephrite* She can help us on like missions and stuff.
Pearl Oh, no! Out of the question!
Steven Awww...
Pearl *sighs and turns to Garnet and Amethyst* Well, we can't return to the Ice Cavern now. We have to stay and deal with Steven and his situation.
Amethyst Well, I don't know how we're gonna get through all those ice boulders without causing a cave-in anyway.
Garnet Hmmm. That's how.
(Garnet looks at Nephrite, whose saliva is dripping of her mouth and burning another hole into the wooden floor.)
[Trans. Int. Ice Cavern]
Pearl I just don't know if this will work.
Steven Squawk!
(Nephrite creates a hole through the wall with her acid spray.)
Steven Alright, Centipeetle! *feeds Nephrite chips as a reward*
Pearl Shooting Star, here we come.
(The Crystal Gems proceed to venture through the Ice Cavern, as Nephrite helps with her acid spray to overcome any obstacles in their way. The Crystal Gems eventually arrive in a room containing the Shooting Star.)
Crystal Gems Whoa.
Steven Cool!
Pearl There it is! The Shooting Star! *proceeds the pool in the center of the room* An ancient elemental, so hot, and so volatile, it can only be contained in ice. Bare skin cannot endure its intensity!
Steven What do you do with the Shooting Star?
Amethyst Uhh, you shoot it.
Pearl Garnet, you'll have to use your gauntlets as not to hurt your hands.
(Garnet summons her gauntlets and prepares to dip her hands into the pool, when Nephrite suddenly starts spazzing out at the sight of it.)
Steven No, no, no! Not now! *rushes to Nephrite*
Garnet Something's wrong.
(Nephrite continues to spazz in fear and starts shooting acid all over the ceiling, causing stalactites to fall from the ceiling.)
Steven Whoa!
(All of the Gems duck to avoid the falling stalactites, when an eruption occurs from the pool, frightening Nephrite even more.)
Pearl Steven! *summons her spear* I knew this would happen!
(Pearl charges towards Nephrite and smacks her against a wall. The impact causes a crack to occur in a giant stalactite.*
Steven Aaah! Pearl, stop! It was an accident! *accidentally pulls Nephrite's hair* Sorry for pulling.
Garnet Steven! *kicks the agitated Nephrite away*
Steven Noooo! *begins to tear up*
(Nephrite gets up and charges toward Garnet and Steven. Pearl and Amethyst blocks her path and continues to attack her. The crack in the giant stalactite continues to worsen. Amethyst reels Nephrite in with her whip and accidentally sends herself and the Gems flying into the wall. Nephrite then prepares to retaliate.)
Steven Stop! *runs in between Nephrite and the Gems* You don't need to fight! This isn't you! *starts crying* You're not a monster anymore! You're more than that. We have so many memories now! Remember the chip times? *walks towards Nephrite, but she backs away* And how you saved me from that vicious seagull?
(Nephrite stops backing up.)
Steven And how we became best friends? *pulls her in for a hug* You have to remember! This all happened today!
(Acid drips out Nephrite's mouth, damaging Steven's jacket, as she begins to calm down. The crack in the giant stalactite finally gives way, causing it to fall towards Steven. As it nears, Nephrite shoves Steven out of the way.)
Steven Noooo!
(Garnet catches Steven as he flies towards her. The giant stalactite then crushes Nephrite in Steven's place. Steven gasps in horror.)
Steven Noooo!
(Nephrite groans in pain and poofs into a green cloud. Her gem then rolls over to Steven.)
Steven You saved me. *grieves*
Garnet Steven, you did a good job trying to tame the Centipeetle. Your mother would be so proud.
Steven She would?
Garnet The truth is, Rose Quartz had tried to use her powers to save these monsters too, but she was never able to heal them.
Steven Never? But if she couldn't do it...
Pearl Who knows? Maybe when you have better control of your powers, you might help them in ways even your mother couldn't.
Garnet Even this one. *points at Nephrite's gem*
Steven I'll keep it safe. *holds his hands over Nephrite's gem, and bubbles it*
Amethyst Whoa!
Pearl Steven, you can bubble Gems!
Steven Wow! Wait for me, Centipeetle. I promise I'll heal you up someday. *sends the bubbled gem away to the temple* Ooh! Wait! *reaches for something in his jacket*
[Trans. Int. Burning Room]
(Back in the Burning Room, the bubbled Nephrite's gem reappears, followed by a bag of Chaaaaps in a bubble next to her. Two star irises then zoom in on the two bubbles, ending the episode.)