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Season 1

Okay, okay! Take it easy on the counter, will ya?

—"Laser Light Cannon"

Gah, where’s your face, Frybo? Being part of the Fryman family means you gotta sell fries... and be my son, which you are. So, you’re already halfway there. Keep at it, Frybo!


Peedee! Where’s all this coming from? Ah, I get it, I pushed you too hard! I thought you wanted to be as good a Fryman as you could be! you’re a tough kid for putting up with it as long as you did! The truth is, you’re a valued member of Fryman Brothers Incorporated and all its affiliates!


You were great, Frybo. The kids today just didn’t understand. Now, they never will.


I don’t need another Frybo, I got *puts his arm around Peedee* the fry man.


Alright listen, it'll be over sooner if you just give him what he wants.

—"Cat Fingers"

Steven, are you in a gang?
Steven: Not these days. But maybe I can be again.
That kid keeps getting weirder.

—"Secret Team"

Without power, I can't take care of my family! *gestures to Peedee* Well, this one's fine. *points to Ronaldo* But this one can't take care of himself.

—"Political Power"

Season 2

Ronaldo: How can you possibly go on, knowing that we are under siege by forces meant to destroy the Crystal Gems?
*annoyed* How close are you to being done with this project?
Ronaldo: Just answer the question, Dad!
Ugh. I-I guess it's pretty bad, but what's a regular old guy like me supposed to do about it? I've got work to do... and so do you, put down that camera.

—"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

Season 3

So... it begins anew. Eh, Kofi?

—"Restaurant Wars"

Hey, Steven! As a valued customer, I want to know your thoughts on a new menu item. Deep-fried pizza!

—"Restaurant Wars"

Steven: But how can you guys be out of fries? This is the fry shop! You're Fryman! Look at your hair.
...What about my hair?

—"Restaurant Wars"

Ha! This place is all talk! You can't have fries without ketchup. *eats a fry and is suddenly stricken with disbelief* The ketchup... is inside the fries!?

—"Restaurant Wars"
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