Template:Mr. Fryman "Mr. Fryman" is a recurring character in Steven Universe.


Mr. Fryman is quite tall with a thick build. He has an orange-brown short beard, black eyes, and thick brown eyebrows.

He sports a fry-shaped hairdo with a red visor hat and wears a light red t-shirt and white apron. He also sports a pair of dark shorts and yellow shoes.


"Laser Light Cannon"

He first appeared in the second episode where he was demanded bits by Steven and Amethyst. Later, his store is destroyed by a piece of shrapnel from the defeated Red Eye.


Mr. Fryman also played an important part in the episode "Frybo." His son, Peedee Fryman, dresses up in a mascot costume to promote people getting fries. However, when Steven adds one of the crystals to the Frybo suit so Peedee doesn't have to do his job, the costume comes to life and wreaks havoc on Beach City. After Steven stops the costume, Fryman is seen giving Frybo a viking burial, by placing him wooden boat and sending him out to sea as it burns.

"Political Power"

Mr. Fryman shows that he trusts and believes that his son, Peedee, is responsible enough to take care of himself more than his older son, Ronaldo.

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