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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Int. Crystal Temple]
(Greg is seen making a bowl of ice-cream for Steven, with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a slice of pie.
Greg Here you go, schtu-ball. Dinner is served. Ice-cream ala pie!
Steven *laughs* Thanks, Dad.
Greg Are you feeling any better? Looks like the swelling and glowing have gone down.
(Steven pauses as he is about to grab a spoonful of ice-cream.)
Greg You know, that pie won't eat itself.
Steven Sorry, I'm just- thinking about stuff.
Greg What kind of stuff?
Steven I've spent so long trying to figure out whether I was Mom. Now that I actually know I'm me, it's like I have no idea who that is. I just wish I knew what to do with myself.
Greg Well, I can relate to that.
Steven Really?
Greg When I was your age, I didn't know who I was, or what I wanted to do.
Steven You didn't always want to be a rock-star?
Greg No way. I didn't get my hands on good music until I was your age. Before I had the van I had no idea what was out there. But everything changed when I hit the road. I mean, sure, you've seen other planets but what about West Keystone? Or Charm City? I had some of my most formative moments eating rest-stop sandwiches outside Delmarva house, and watching the trucks go by.
Steven Huh.
Greg Maybe you need a change of scenery, schtu-ball. You're never gonna find yourself if you don't start looking.
Steven Yeah, yeah!
Greg Let's go, son. Right now!
Steven Really?
Greg The road is calling, Steven! Can't you hear it?
(Greg runs out the door, and Steven follows him while carrying his bowl of ice-cream.)
Steven Yeah, I think I can!
[Int. Greg's Van]
(A montage of Steven and Greg's drive is shown, with them first driving out of Beach City, then stopping at a Pepe's Burger joint and a Uaua gas station. Inside the Uaua, they each try on a pair of wacky sunglasses and laugh at each other. As their drive continues, Steven and Greg both sing along to Dear Old Dad, eventually stopping once they start driving through a neighborhood.)
Greg About two blocks that way, that's where I played my first gig.
Steven Really?
Greg I wasn't even Mr. Universe yet. I was just a kid with a guitar, sneaking out past the warden on a Saturday night.
Steven Wait, did you become Mr. Universe?
Greg You know what? I can show you.
(Greg parks the van outside of one of the houses and steps out.)
Greg Good, no one's home.
Steven Wait, what? Whose house is that? Dad!
(Greg ignores him and approaches the house before jumping over the white picket fence and landing on the other side with a hard thud. Steven quickly gets out of the van and goes over to the fence himself, but instead only peaking his head above it.)
Steven Dad?
(Greg climbs the large tree that stands in the yard to get high enough to open a window and before falling through it.)
Greg This used to be a lot easier.
Steven Dad, you're breaking and entering!
Greg I just gotta grab one thing.
(Steven climbs through the window as well and lands with a matching thud.)
Steven Dad, you're rich! You don't have to steal. C'mon, let's get out of here.
Greg Just a sec.
Steven What are you even looking for?
Greg You'll see!
(Steven goes and looks around the house, worry clear on his face.)
Steven Is there really no one here? This is wrong. I better write a note, they must have a pen and paper somewhere.
(As Steven's going down the stairs, he stops and glances at a picture on the wall before continuing down.)
Steven But what would I even say? "Sorry for breaking into your lovely home. You seem like such nice people with excellent taste. And who enjoy potpourri." ..It's like a snack for your nose.
(Steven goes and looks around again.)
Steven "Your fancy foreign spoon collection is impressive. As are your tiny glass goats."
(Steven sighs and grabs a pen from the pen cup.)
Steven Ah, geez. It's as good a start as any. Any paper in here?
(Steven opens a drawer, looking for some paper, but instead finds a neat pile of letters.
Steven Huh? Letters from dad? They're all unopened.
(Steven then gasps and runs up the stairs again, stopping at the same picture he did before, but looking at it more closely. The picture is of a man, a woman, and what must be their son. Steven immediately recognizes the boy in the picture.)
Steven DAD?!
(Greg is sill searching through boxes for something when Steven runs into the room again.)
Steven Dad! Wha- Th-Th- This is your house?
Greg Not mine. My parents'.
Steven *gasps* This was your room! Wha- This place is beautiful! I thought you said you grew up in a prison.
Greg I did. You have no idea what it was like-- curfew, chaperones, meatloaf.
Steven You didn't like meatloaf?
Greg Not every Thursday for twenty years.
Steven Aw, it couldn't have been that bad.
Greg Steven, it was horrible! Do you know how old I was the first time I had a taco? *sighs* Too old.
(Steven then looks through a box as well, but with much more enthusiasm then Greg.)
Steven Ooh, so this is your stuff! Is this your little hand? And your tiny baby boots! Wh- A wrestling trophy? I didn't know you wrestled.
Greg Not by choice.
Steven A middle school year book? Ooh! You had braces!
(Steven took a picture of Greg's school picture on his phone.)
Steven You look just like me! Only more...human.
(Steven looks sad for a moment before perking up again.)
Steven So many people signed this. Tim wants you to have a great summer, and *gasps* who is Lauren Hecht? She sure wrote a lot.
Greg We were in mathletes together. It was just one of the million things my parents made me do.
Steven Where are they, anyways?
Greg At their time share on Florida Island. They go every single winter every single year. They threw a fit the first time I refused to go with them.
Steven Your hair, it's so short!
Greg Oh no, is that my graduation photo? They made me cut it, and it was right before a gig.
Steven Do you have any photos of you on stage?
Greg Ha! Are you kidding? Everything music was off-limits. Which is why I had to..hide my stuff.
(Greg opens an air vent and pulls out a small box.)
Greg Yes! This is it! We can finally get out of here. Now, leave that junk behind.
(Greg climbs through the window again, this time with more difficulty.
Greg Alright, one leg at a time.
Steven Can't we use the front door?
Greg Oh, sorry. It's a habit.
(The two of them exit the house and Steven is about to hop into the passenger seat of the van before Greg stops him.
Greg Hold on there, Steven.
(Greg looks at Steven, excitedly spinning his car keys around his fingers.)
Greg This is your journey of self discovery, so you should get behind the wheel.
Steven But, where are we headed next?
Greg That's up to you.
(Steven gets into the driver's seat of the van with Greg in the passenger's and drives away from the house.)
Greg I get it, Steven. When I was little Gregory DeMayo, I was just going through the motions, doing what everybody else wanted. But one day, my friend in social studies snuck me this,
(Greg holds up a Kerry Moonbeam CD.)
Greg This is the CD with the song that made me who I am! Hold on to your butt, Steven!
(Greg puts the CD in to the van's CD player and the song he was talking about starts playing.)
Kerry Moonbeam ♪ Looking for your place in the universe, don’t you know the universe is looking too? ♪
(Greg begging looking very happy and inspired, meanwhile Steven looks uncomfortable and untouched.)
Kerry Moonbeam ♪ Lookin' for it's place in you, and now it's comin' through, ♪
Steven Hey-
Greg Hang on, you gotta listen to this part.
Greg and Kerry Moonbeam ♪ Welcome to the party, Mr. Universe. We're so glad we are a part of you. Meet the rocks and flowers, the seconds and the hours. The splinters, winters, apples, chaples, teardrops, temples, cats, and castles. Anything that you can be, the things you see and cannot see. Are Mr. Universe, Mr. Universe. ♪
Steven Dad...I-Is this where our name comes from?
Greg Yes, yes exactly!
Steven You took it from a song?
Greg Once I heard this, everything changed. I suddenly realized there was so much out there I hadn't even thought to dream about. The whole world-- the whole universe. I wanted to get out and see all of it. So I got in this van, on this road, and I never looked back! I never could have known a couple years of couch surfing and basement shows would lead me to your mother, and you. Now it's you turn! Where does Mr. Universe make you want to go?
Steven What? I-I don't know.
Greg Maybe you need to hear it again.
(Greg plays the song again from the radio.)
Kerry Moonbeam ♪ Looking for your place in the universe ♪
Steven Dad! Th-This isn't helping!
(Steven turns off the song, Greg frowns and looks at Steven with confusion. as Steven starts to grow angry.)
Steven I don't need this song! I need...I need what you had!
Greg What?
Steven I wish I could've grown up at a house like that.
Greg No you don't!
Steven Maybe your parents weren't so bad. Maybe they gave you curfews and chaperones and meatloaf f-for a reason!
Greg Steven, you don't know what they were like!
Steven They can't be worse than mom's family. I went halfway across the galaxy for them, and this was right here?!
Greg Steven, I couldn't do anything growing up. Everything I liked, or wore, wanted was always wrong! Trust me, you're better off then I was.
Steven I can't believe I never realized, you're.. you're just like mom!
(Steven then glowed pink and his grip tightened on the steering wheel.)
Greg You grew up with actual freedom!
Steven I grew up in a van! I never went to school! I've never been to the doctor until two days ago!
Greg Steven! You're a gem! You're not like other kids!
Steven I could have done all that stuff! My problem isn't that I'm a gem, my problem is that I'm a UNIVERSE!
(Steven yanked the steering wheel clean off as he yelled the word "universe", and Greg's eyes widened in panic.
Greg Watch out!
(Steven slams his foot onto the brake and the van turns to it's side, skidding across the road at the same speed. The screen cuts to black as the sound of wheels squealing and a car crashing can be heard)
(The sound of Greg's voice calling Steven's name progressively gets louder over a loud ringing as Steven slowly blinks his eyes open. Steven is lying in a dirt patch on the side of the road with Greg hovering over him. The van is destroyed behind them.)
Greg Oh, thank goodness! You really scared me there, kiddo.
Steven *groans in pain* What did I do?
Greg Tow truck's on it's way. The van's seen worse.. We'll all get through this. And-- look, I-I-..I'm proud of you.
Steven ...What?
Greg Y'know, I never had the guts to tell my old man off like that. I'm glad you can tell me anything. You know you can tell me anything, right? You're having a hard time right now, I-I get it. We'll get the van fixed up, we can head back home. We'll get you some more ice cream, how does that sound?
(Steven is not listening, and instead is looking at the picture of middle-school Greg he had taken earlier. He stares at it for a few seconds as his finger hovered over the delete button. He clicks.)

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