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Mystery Girl, or "S." as she writes next to her phone number, is a character that first appeared in "Last One Out of Beach City".


Mystery Girl bears a close resemblance to Rose Quartz, as pointed out by Steven. She has voluminous medium-length hair that is dyed a light shade of pink. She has defined lips with a gray ring pierced on her lower lip, and a slightly dark-peach complexion. She has a heavy build similar to a Quartz's and is taller than Pearl, roughly around Garnet's height. She has green eyes and wears dark gray eyeshadow and has thick eyelashes, and, aside from the aforementioned lower lip piercing, she has three gray piercings on each of her ears, with highest and middle piercing smaller than the lowest one.

In "Last One Out of Beach City", she wears a white crop top with what looks like a simplified animal design, and with the sleeves rolled up. She also wears dark gray pants with the right leg having a rip near the knee, and black combat boots. She has a jacket tied around her waist with various rectangular designs in varying shades of green similar to camouflage or flannel.

While riding her motorcycle, she wears black gloves and a black visor-less helmet; on the right side is a decal of a lightning bolt through a cloud, while the left side has stickers of a fire-breathing dinosaur and a bat resembling the The Aquabats's logo.


"Last One Out of Beach City"

Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven stop by the Big Donut to pick up some snacks. The Mystery Girl walks into the Big Donut and immediately catches Pearl's eye. Steven and Amethyst urge Pearl to speak to her. Pearl approaches her, but accidentally fumbles and knocks over a stack of cups before she could say anything and Mystery Girl leaves the Big Donut.

Eventually, she pulls up beside Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven on a motorcycle on the road. Following Amethyst's advice, Pearl gives the girl a look. She smiles back at her, causing Pearl to blush. The girl then drives through a yellow traffic light, while Pearl gets stuck at the red light. After a moment, Pearl drives through the red light after the girl. After the car chase with the Police Cruiser, the three hear music, and upon following it to its source, find themselves at the concert they had meant to go to. They spot her there as well. Pearl decides to go talk to the girl. Amethyst begins to worry about her, afraid that Pearl will be rejected. But Pearl's conversation with her goes well, despite being a bit awkward. Afterward, Pearl is confused, saying that the girl walked off after giving her a code on a piece of paper. Steven and Amethyst are quick to realize that Mystery Girl gave Pearl her phone number.

"The Big Show"

She appears in the back of the crowd during Sadie Killer and the Suspects' performance at Sunshine Justice's venue.



I asked her about her hair, and then she asked how I colored mine. I told her, "My appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light", and she said, "I know how that is", although, heh, I highly doubt it. Oh! And then I added, "By the way, I saved your planet and your species and you're welcome".

—Pearl, "Last One Out of Beach City"
Mystery Girl and Pearl.gif

Although not noticing Pearl at first in the Big Donut, Mystery Girl catches up to Pearl while driving, and flashes her a smile. At Mike Krol's concert in Ocean Town, she "checks Pearl out" before shaking her hand. The two discuss her dyed hair, and briefly, the Rebellion. Before leaving, Mystery Girl gives Pearl her phone number.

Episode Appearances


  • According to Jesse Zuke, Mystery Girl's piercings were inspired by their World of Warcraft character.
  • Zuke says they were "calling her 'Sheena' in [their] head" as a reference to the song "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" by the Ramones.[1] Her actual name is unconfirmed.
  • Also according to Zuke's blog, Mystery Girl is a smoker, though this has never be confirmed onscreen since Cartoon Network does not allow smoking to be shown.
  • Mystery Girl's phone number is 301-555-0189. The area code (301) corresponds to western Maryland, while numbers of the form 555-01XX are reserved for fictional use. The 89 in the last portion of the phone number corresponds to Zuke's birth year of 1989.
  • Along with Onion and Rainbow Quartz, Mystery Girl is one of the few characters with an important role that has not said a word.
  • It was confirmed by storyboard supervisor and director Kat Morris that Mystery Girl would return to the show after her debut, which later came true in the episode "The Big Show".[2]


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