Blaming our problems completely on the mayor is not getting us anywhere. When one of us suffers, the town suffers. When you suffer, Mayor Billiam, the town suffers. So, no longer will I point my fingers at you. I will extend all my fingers on both my hands to everyone here today and ask that we share responsibility for the welfare and safety of Beach City, together!

—"Dewey Wins"
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Nanefua Pizza, known as Gunga to her granddaughters, is a character who made her debut in the episode "Beach Party". Previously working at her family's local business, Fish Stew Pizza, she is the current mayor of Beach City as of "Dewey Wins".


Nanefua is a short elderly woman with wafer-gray hair done up in a large bun. She wears an acapulco-green sweater, cashmere-colored shorts, pink flip-flop sandals with white socks on, and has a thin light pink scarf around her neck. She also wears large round black glasses, and when working at Fish Stew Pizza, the company's apron. In "Ocean Gem", she wore a blueish-green one-piece swimsuit with a corn-yellow rubber ring shaped like a duck.


Nanefua is a peaceful woman who is the mother of Kofi and grandmother of both Kiki and Jenny. She is a very playful old woman who enjoys joking around and is concerned with keeping harmony and peace within her family and diffusing stressful situations. She works with the rest of her family at Fish Stew Pizza cutting fish in the back. However, she is also very violent when she is deceived, as shown when the citizens of Beach City find out the power is still out after Bill Dewey promised its return by nightfall even though he knew it wouldn't return, as she ordered the citizens to tip his promotional truck.


"Beach Party"

Nanefua comes out of Fish Stew Pizza holding a dead fish, telling Kofi that he will wake the fish will all of the racket he is making. Kofi shows Nanefua what the Crystal Gems did to their shop sign, but she doesn't seem bothered by it. To get away from the enraged Kofi, Nanefua tells Kiki and Jenny that she thinks she hears all of their phones ringing, and the three head into the shop. Nanefua and the rest of the Pizza Family head to the beach upon Steven's invitation in an attempt to reconcile the families. When the Gems shapeshift into their outfits, Nanefua comments on how talented they all are. She doesn't understand why the Crystal Gems don't eat their food, commenting on how young people have experimental diets, but Garnet states that they are much older than she is.

Later, Steven sets up a game of volleyball and Nanefua is put on a team with him. She comments that even though she hasn't played in ages, she can still kick everyone's butt. Nanefua enjoys watching the games, but suddenly the Giant Pufferfish (a corrupted Watermelon Tourmaline) emerges. Nanefua isn't afraid of the monster; she and Steven run in circles around it. She coaches the Gems and her family with her plan to heat the sand into spiky glass and pop the monster. Once the plan is carried out, Kofi apologizes to the Crystal Gems, and Nanefua makes sure they are unbanned from Fish Stew Pizza.

"Ocean Gem"

Nanefua appears in her bathing suit and rubber ducky, confused as to why the ocean is gone along with the other Beach City citizens. Once the ocean is restored, she can be seen happily cheering on Steven and Connie.

"Maximum Capacity"

Nanefua can be seen sitting on the beach with Jenny, waiting for the fireworks display to start. She covers her ears when Garnet loudly slams two pots together.

"Political Power"

Nanefua is amongst the crowd of terrified Beach City citizens when the power goes out. When it doesn't come back on like Mayor Dewey promised, Nanefua can be seen shouting. It takes Steven to calm everyone down.

"Full Disclosure"

Nanefua can be seen standing next to Kofi and Mr. Fryman, who are having an argument.

"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

Ronaldo interviews Nanefua about the recent Gem attack. She states that she was cleaning up fish for a big order when she heard a loud rumbling followed by booms. The fish she was preparing fell to the ground, and she ran outside to see the Gem Warship in the sky.

"Historical Friction"

Nanefua watches Steven and Jamie's play performance. After getting an autograph from Jamie, she slaps his behind.

"Sadie's Song"

Nanefua watches the performances at Beach-a-Palooza. When Steven is the final act, Nanefua remarks that she knew it would be Steven because it had him "written all over it".

"Drop Beat Dad"

Nanefua is one of the many Beach City citizens that show up at Sour Cream's rave. She is shown to be disgusted by Guacola. When Sour Cream takes over the show from his father, Nanefua can be seen happily dancing.

"Buddy's Book"

Nanefua is shown to be reading a book at the Buddwick Public Library.

"Future Boy Zoltron"

Nanefua and the Pizza family try out the Zoltron machine at Funland.

"Dewey Wins"

Nanefua rallies up a group of Beach City citizens, telling them that Mayor Dewey did nothing about the recent attack on Beach City. She then tells them that is why they should vote for her for mayor. During the debate between Nanefua and Mayor Dewey, Nanefua states that she has blamed him for too many things, which is not helping. She tells the crowd that blaming their problems solely on the mayor won't get them anywhere and that she wishes for them to join her in taking responsibility for the town's welfare and safety together. Once Mayor Dewey realizes that Nanefua is better suited for the position, he drops out of the race, allowing her to become the new mayor of Beach City.

"Pool Hopping"


"Letters to Lars"

In this episode, Nanefua is shown taking her new duties as Mayor very seriously, wearing a suit and organizing a town meeting in order to make an emergency plan for gem related emergencies. She listens to the suggestions of her citizens and family and makes some of her own in order to organize a plan. When Mr. Dewy pipes up saying he is the only one not helping to protect the town, she tells him 'oh, you made things awkward'.


Nanefua appears at the wedding, and she later dances on the dance floor (with her Mayoral Bodyguards) at the reception. When Blue and Yellow Diamond arrive in Beach City and are about to attack (a "Code Blue" and "Code Yellow" according to Steven), Mayor Nanefua announces for the citizens of Beach City to relocate to their designated emergency shelters.

"Legs From Here to Homeworld"

She witnessed that Steven land his mother's old ship.

"Change Your Mind"


"Steven Universe: The Movie"

Nanefua is first seen among a crowd of people watching the damage caused by Spinel's Injector. When Steven is unable to provide her with an explanation, he recommends opening up the shelters for evacuation before moving in to investigate. She is later on the other end of a phone conversation with Greg Universe to inform him that the Abandoned Warehouse is going to be used as an evacuation shelter, but she advises he not cancel the Sadie Killer and the Suspects concert he had scheduled there as their concerts draw crowds. As compensation, Greg waives the cover charge and puts a 30% discount on band merchendise. After the concert, Nanefua reports to Steven that some stragglers are still missing from the shelters, but Steven is preoccupied looking for a pink Gem that ran off. She is later seen in Beach City trying to round up the missing citizens when she is caught up in the town-wide damage caused by Spinel accelerating her Injector's output. She's rescued by Connie Maheswaran riding on Lion and taken to Little Homeworld where she's wrapped up and taken care of by its residents along with the rest of her citizens. She, among others, happily greets Steven when he returns following the resolution of the conflict.

"Steven Universe Future"

In the opening, Nanefua is depicted standing next to multiple Ruby guards.


Image Description Appearance(s)
Swimsuit nanefua
Nanefua wears a blueish-green swimsuit with pink flip flops and a yellow duck rubber ring. "Ocean Gem"



Gunga's son and employer. Nanefua acts as a foil to Kofi's high strung personality, being playful while he is dead serious. Kofi sometimes thinks Nanefua is crazy, as shown when she and Steven ran close in circles to the Giant Pufferfish (a corrupted Watermelon Tourmaline) in "Beach Party". Though she is his employee, Kofi respects her fully and refers to her as "Mom".


Kiki is Nanefua's granddaughter and co-worker.


Nanefua's granddaughter and co-worker. She does not openly chastise Jenny for slacking off, even at work. SU Movie 1980.png

Steven Universe

Steven and Nanefua work well together in times of crisis such as when they were attacked on the beach in "Beach Party". Both share a playful personality and the ability to lead.
SU Movie 1980


Nanefua is one of only two attendees to get Jamie's autograph after his performance in Mayor Dewey's play, Beach City or Bust. While leaving, she slapped his butt.

Episode Appearances


  • According to Ian Jones-Quartey, both Kofi and Nanefua were born in Ghana, while Kiki and Jenny were both born in Beach City.[1]
  • Nanefua is partially based on the late Theodosia Okoh, Ian Jones-Quartey's grandmother and a national icon for the Republic of Ghana (having designed the nation's flag.)[2]
  • A young Nanefua, along with her mother, can be seen in Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1 spotting Amethyst as an owl in Pearl's Glass Ghost story. Whether or not this actually happened is up for debate, as that story was made up to scare Amethyst and ended with her turned to glass.


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