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Nephrites are a type of Gem that were in charge of piloting and commanding ships, including Homeworld Dropships. All Nephrites shown so far, including "Centi", have been voiced by Aparna Nancherla.


Change Your Mind 972.png

Main article: Caste System

Nephrites are in charge of piloting Homeworld Dropships to begin colonizing other planets, and may also serve as pilots for various other types of ships. Their rank in the caste system is never clearly stated, but appears to be high considering they captain their own ships and Yellow Diamond was shown to contact a Nephrite captain directly in "Jungle Moon", something she would not do with a lower-ranking Gem. Numerous Nephrites were corrupted, with one (known as "Centi") formerly being a captain in charge of other Nephrites (in command of a dropship that went to Earth). These Gems flew in Gem spaceships and started building structures on Gem colonies.

Physical Characteristics

Nephrites stand at roughly the same height as Pearls, with a slender build, no visible nose, and a large single eye with a yellowish off-white sclera. They are also shown to have thick wild hair similar to that of Quartzes, although most have their hair styled into buns and braids.

Unique among gems, Nephrites come in two different physical variations that seemingly denote the rank that they are "born" into, despite being of the same gemstone. Captains have teardrop-shaped heads with pointed chins, and large ring-bearing cuts that replace and function as an eye. "Lesser" crew members have spherical heads, and smaller cuts that can vary in placement by individual.

Corrupted Nephrites take the form of giant, armored centipede-like creatures that can spit acid. When uncorrupted, they gain corruption scars in the form of spikes and/or isolated pieces of exoskeleton on their forearms. 

Since they serve as pilots for colony drop ships, all Homeworld Nephrites wear standard pilot uniforms, albeit with an additional fur shoulder pads and sometimes a skullcap. Some, such as Neprhite Facet- 413 Cabochon-12 , also have coat tails on their uniform, though it's not known if this is used to differentiate captains from normal crew members.

Main Nephrites

  • Nephrite Facet-413 Cabochon-12 - Known as "Centipeetle" or "Centi" while corrupted, Nephrite is a Gem that was sent from Homeworld with her crew to start building the colony on Earth. However, she got caught in the war and was separated from her crew. She was ordered to retreat, but was unable to find her crew and board her ship in time and suffered from the attack caused by the Diamonds, resulting in her corruption.

Unknown Nephrites

  • Unknown Nephrite - Pearl once took a Nephrite out of the cockpit of a dropship during the Rebellion.
  • Hessonite's Nephrites - A group of Nephrites working on Hessonite's warship. They are said to be performing a drill at the time of the Crystal Gems' arrival to the ship. They are mentioned in Save the Light.
  • Nephrite Facet-XJ Cut-763 - A Nephrite who works for Yellow Diamond. In the flashback from "Jungle Moon", she shows hesitation for doing her job as the planet they are terraforming has organic life; Yellow Diamond ignores her complaints and demands for her to do her job or else she will shatter her and her crew personally.

Other Nephrites

Nephrite's Crew

Nephrite's Crew is a group of various formerly-corrupted Nephrites whose captain was Nephrite Facet-413 Cabochon-12 ("Centi"). Two of these Nephrites, then corrupted, debuted in "Monster Reunion".

They did not evacuate Earth when ordered to as they did not want to leave their captain behind, and as a result they also became corrupted. Beginning with "Monster Reunion", they lived together in the Ancient Gem Colony Ship.

They, along with their captain, were uncorrupted by the Diamonds in "Change Your Mind" at Rose's Fountain. Seven Nephrites are visible with their captain in the fountain's pool.

Flying Centipeedle

In the comic book Steven Universe: Fusion Frenzy, a Nephrite is featured as a corrupted gem to fight, initiating Pearl and Amethyst to fuse into Opal.

The Nephrite is pictured on top of a pile of rocks in a cave, with small wings on her back. Amethyst and Pearl refer to the nephrite as a "Flying Centipeedle" throughout the comic.

Additionally, when Pearl holds the bubbled "Flying Centipeedle" in her hand, the gem doesn't seem to resemble an actual nephrite gem, but a Quartz cut gem. It is unknown whether there is meaning behind the unique gem cut or it's just the artists' take on a nephrite gemstone.

Image Gemstone Physical Information Other Info
Nephrite (2).PNG
Her gemstone placement and its exact appearance are unknown. She has deep green skin, a black eye with a light green sclera, and very light yellow hair.  All of these Nephrites appeared in "Change Your Mind" after being uncorrupted at Rose's Fountain.
Nephrite (3).PNG
Her gemstone placement and its exact appearance are unknown. They have bright green skin, black eyes with light green scleras, and very dark green hair. 
Nephrite (4).PNG
Her gemstone placement and its exact appearance are unknown.
Nephrite (6).PNG
Her gemstone placement and its exact appearance are unknown.
Nephrite (5).PNG
Her gemstone placement and its exact appearance are unknown. They have warm green skin with black eyes and mint green scleras, and light chartreuse hair. 
Nephrite (8).PNG
Her gemstone placement and its exact appearance are unknown.
Nephrite (7).PNG
Her gemstone placement and its exact appearance are unknown. She has dull green skin, a black eye with a light yellow sclera, and white hair. 

Little Homeworld Residents

Other Nephrites are shown living in Little Homeworld during the events of Steven Universe: The Movie.

Image Gemstone Physical Information Other Info
Nephrite -Chest 2- By TheOffColors.png
Nephrite Gem by Kyrope (From 2. Movie Trailer).png

Her gemstone is located on her chest.
Nephrite has dull green skin, a black eye with a very light yellow-green sclera, and black hair.  Not much is known about her, but seen in "Guidance", she has perfectionist tendencies, and seen in "A Very Special Episode" she appears to have a playful personality. Has also appeared in "Homeworld Bound" when she's on Aubergine Pearl's tour, and in "Everything's Fine" playing baseball with Amethyst and some other gems.
Nephrite -Chest- By TheOffColors.png
Nephrite Gem by Kyrope (From 2. Movie Trailer).png

Her gemstone located on her chest.
Nephrite has apple green skin, a black eye with a very light yellow-green sclera, and very dark yellow-green hair. 

Appears in Steven Universe: The Movie

The Nephrite with the poofy white buns has also appeared in "Homeworld Bound" when she's on Aubergine Pearl's tour.

Nephrite -belly- By TheOffColors edit by rosecuarzoyt.png
Nephrite Gem by Kyrope (From 2. Movie Trailer).png

Her gemstone located on her navel.
Nephrite has dull green skin, a black eye with a very light yellow-green sclera, and very light yellow hair.  


  • The Nephrites and Jades both being voiced by Aparna Nancherla is because real-life jade is a category belonging to two different minerals: nephrite and jadeite.
  • The gemstones of the Nephrites (namely the captain Nephrite) are similar in appearance to a Poké Ball from the Pokémon series.
    • The gemstones of the common Nephrites bear more of a resemblance to that of the Jades.

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