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This is a transcribed copy of "Now We're Only Falling Apart". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Beach House]
(Following the events in "A Single Pale Rose", Steven and Pearl explain the latest revelation to Amethyst and Garnet.)
Amethyst Let me get this straight. Rose Quartz, leader of the Crystal Gems, Steven's mom, was actually Pink Diamond?!
Steven She faked her own shattering, and reformed to be Rose all the time.
Pearl Pink Diamond's final command to me was that no one could know. But now that Steven does, I can finally tell you all everything!
Amethyst Phew! I mean, a pink lion, a pink sword, and now Pink Diamond?! Huh, if you told me Rose invented cotton candy, I'd believe it. Right, Garnet? Uh, Garnet?
(Garnet is seen shaking in her seat, as she slowly gets up and walks towards the Warp Pad.)
Garnet Rose... She... She...! Ughh... Ahh...!
(Garnet struggles to stay together as a single tear drips from her eye, but unfuses back into Ruby and Sapphire.)
Ruby Sapphire-
Sapphire She lied to us! She lied about everything! *freezes the floor in her fury* She held our hands, looked at us right in the eyes, and told us to never question who we are as Garnet. We never questioned ourselves, or her!
Ruby We couldn't have known!
Sapphire No, you couldn't have known. You never know what's going on. That's what I'm for!
Ruby Sapphire...
Sapphire But I never looked into her, I trusted her... I let her make fools of us all! *stomps off to the Warp Pad*
Ruby Sapphire, wait! *chases after Sapphire*
Steven Guys!
(Steven tries to run after the pair, but slips and falls on the ice Sapphire caused.)
Ruby Please... We can just stay calm a-and talk about this, right? Let's just... talk.
Sapphire Talk about what? How our relationship is based on a lie? What else is there to say...
(Sapphire warps away and Ruby drops to her knees.)
Pearl Ruby, I am so sorry...
Steven Come on, Pearl. Help me explain everything to Sapphire.
Pearl Right.
Steven Sit tight, Ruby. We'll go and get Sapphire.
Ruby Okay...
(Steven and Pearl warp away after Sapphire, as Ruby starts weeping in immerse sadness.)
[Trans. Rose's Fountain]
(Steven and Pearl arrive at Rose's sanctuary, where it is now frozen over and snowing.)
Pearl Maybe she's here.
(Steven then spots Sapphire slumped over Rose's fountain.)
Steven Sapphire!
(Steven and Pearl run up to Sapphire, but she strikes a blast of ice at them to halt their path.)
Sapphire Everything we were running from, she was right there all along... Using us for her... little war...? Smiling at us with those... knowing eyes...? Making me believe in a better future that I couldn't see, because it wasn't real. And now here we are, our friends, shattered!... And corrupted!... Of course she was a Diamond. What a long road she took, to torture us all like this...
Steven It wasn't like that! You know she didn't want anyone to get hurt.
Sapphire I don't know that! I clearly... don't know anything...!
Pearl You deserve to know everything. I was given to Pink Diamond a few thousand years before she was given the Earth. I was supposed to make her happy, I just... never could...
(Pearl begins recounting her time with Pink Diamond, cuing a flashback.)
[Trans. Int. Moon Base (Flashback)]
(Pink Diamond sits in her chair, browsing through various Gem locations on Earth on the control panel, while Pearl stands next to her, glancing up at Pink Diamond. In her boredom, Pink Diamond returns the glance. Pearl quickly looks back forward, as does Pink Diamond.)
Pink Diamond Could you imagine that running a colony would be this dull?
Pearl I could imagine it, if you would like me to, my Diamond.
Pink Diamond *sighs* Show me the status of the Prime Kindergarten.
Pearl Yes, my Diamond.
(Pearl places her hand on the control panel and projects a hologram of Earth with her gem.)
Pearl The first Quartz soldiers are due to emerge soon.
Pink Diamond *gasps excitedly* Finally, something exciting!
(Pink Diamond jumps down into the observation room of the base, while Pearl calmly walks down the stairs.)
Pink Diamond Hurry, we've got to see this! Quickly, turn it on.
Pearl Yes, my Diamond.
(Pearl activates the orb in the room, and the Prime Kindergarten is projected all around in the room.)
Pink Diamond Look at this, Pearl! We're creating life from nothing!
(Pink Diamond watches an Amethyst emerge from the wall of the Kindergarten.)
Pink Diamond Welcome to Earth! *holds out her arms for a hug*
(The Amethyst, being a hologram, walks through Pink Diamond and over to some other Amethysts, and began talking to them.)
Pink Diamond *sighs* I wish I could just be there...
Pearl I'll have us warped in the Kindergarten at once, my Diamond.
Pink Diamond W-What? N-No, no, if I went down to the Kindergarten I would never hear the end of it from Yellow and Blue. Oh, but could you imagine? Me, down there, laughing and playing with the Amethysts?
Pearl Of course I can, my Diamond.
(Pearl projects a hologram of Pink Diamond laughing with the Amethysts.)
Pearl You look so happy.
Pink Diamond I won't be so happy when Blue and Yellow find out.
Pearl They won't find out.
Pink Diamond How's that?
Pearl Because... You look just like a Quartz.
(The hologram Pink Diamond shapeshifts into a Rose Quartz.)
Pearl You changed your shape for a day!
Pink Diamond That's brilliant, Pearl!
Pearl I'm glad I was able to help my Dia-
(Pearl dispelles her projection and looked up at Pink Diamond, to find that she had seemingly disappeared.)
Pink Diamond Hehe, down here!
(Pearl looks down and finds that Pink Diamond had shapeshifted herself into a Rose Quartz.)
[Trans. Int. Prime Kindergarten (Flashback)]
(Rose and Pearl warp to the Prime Kindergarten, which looks very lively with several active Injectors and many Amethysts walking around.)
Rose Pearl, look! This is... incredible! We have to go down there and check it out.
Pearl Wah!
(Rose grabs Pearl and floats down to the ground of the Kindergarten.)
Rose Pearl, this is so-
Amethyst 1 Outta my way!
Rose Wha- Ugh!
(Rose gets shoved by an Amethyst as she runs past, causing her to fall over onto the ground.)
Pearl Oh no! I'm so sorry, these Amethyst guards can be so rude!
Rose But Pearl, don't you see what's happening?
Pearl Huh?!
Rose We're actually here! And I am fitting right in! None of that dumb salute- Thank you so much for talking me into this, I couldn't have done this on my own.
Pearl Uhh... You're welcome, my Diamond-
Rose Gah- Shhh... Pearl, you're gonna get us in trouble.
Pearl Sorry, my... Quartz.
(Rose giggles and leads Pearl off. They walk up to a group of Amethysts standing by the canyon wall.)
Rose Hey... fellow Amethyst guards! What are we all up to?
Amethyst 2 There's two more from our unit that haven't emerged yet, so we're gonna wait for them. Here comes one of them.
(An Amethyst bursts out from the wall and lands on the ground, groaning in disorientation. Rose walks up to her and clutches her shoulders.)
Rose Oh, wow, look at you. Welcome to Earth!
Amethyst 3 That is the first and... nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.
Amethyst 4 *runs in* What's going on here? Our orders were to move out as soon as you emerged!
Amethyst 5 But 8XM hasn't emerged yet.
Amethyst 4 She can catch up with us later. Go, go, go!
Rose Hup! Hup! Hup!
(The Amethysts ran off and Rose started to follow them, but Pearl quickly halted her.)
Pearl My Diamond? Please? Let's not draw any more attention to ourselves than we already have.
Rose Ugh you're right. But things were getting really fun.
Pearl What if, we took some time to explore some of Earth's other features?
Rose Pearl! You're so smart.
[Trans. Rose's Fountain]
(The flashback pauses briefly, returning to Steven, Sapphire and Pearl.)
Steven So it was all, just so she could get out and have some fun?
Pearl Well, that's how it started...
[Trans. Ext. Prime Kindergarten (Flashback)]
(The flashback continues; Rose and Pearl exit the Prime Kindergarten to observe the surroundings of Earth.)
Rose So... This... is Earth.
Pearl And this is just a small portion of the resources available for making Gems on this planet.
Rose I have to see it all.
(A montage begins as Rose and Pearl explore Earth together. They walk through a field of flowers, chase a butterfly, and watch a fish in a river. The pair then see a group of humans collecting water from the river, when Rose comes to a horrific realization. The sky begins to grow dark, the pair return back to the Kindergarten, with Rose looking uneasy.)
Pearl Is everything alright, my Diamond? You seem troubled.
Rose All this life that's been growing wild here on Earth... None of it... will survive my invasion. We're not creating life from nothing. We're taking life, and leaving nothing behind.
(Flashes of lightning strike as thunder is heard, and it begins to rain.)
Pearl Forgive me, my Diamond. I shouldn't have brought you to such a place.
Rose No. I needed to see this.
(Rose gazes at the Kindergarten, now looking dark and ominous.)
[Trans. Rose's Fountain]
(The flashback pauses again, returning to Steven, Sapphire and Pearl.)
Steven So she did want to protect Earth. She didn't realize what the colony was doing to the planet.
Sapphire So what?! She suddenly started to care about Earth? Why did she have to rope us into all this? Why couldn't she just stop the colonization herself?
Pearl She tried.
[Trans. Int. Moon Base (Flashback)]
(A flashback montage is shown of Pink Diamond pleading to Blue and Yellow Diamond, only to be shut down by them.)
Pearl (voiceover) When she told the other Diamonds she didn't want to go through with the colony, they told her to finish what she started. When she told the other Diamonds she wanted to preserve life on Earth, they created the zoo and threw a handful of humans in. She did everything she could as Pink Diamond. But her status meant nothing to Blue and Yellow. So she decided to make a stand, as someone they couldn't ignore.
(In her fury, Pink Diamond shapeshifts into Rose Quartz.)
[Trans. Int. Ancient Sky Arena (Flashback)]
Pearl She was going to scare every Gem off the planet. But everything changed when she saw... your fusion.
(Rose and Pearl saw the newly-fused Garnet for the first time, but quickly fled before the Homeworld Gems could catch them.)
[Trans. Int. Forest (Flashback)]
(Rose begins musing over Garnet's fusion as she and Pearl trod through a forest.)
Rose I still can't believe it. Only on Earth, don't you think? Only on Earth where anything can happen. A fusion of two completely different Gems! Can all Gems do that? How have I never heard of this?! I've only ever heard that it's unheard of. Can you imagine what that must feel li-
(Pearl suddenly lifts Rose above her by her feet.)
Pearl Fusion... Activate!
(Pearl quickly loses balance, and she and Rose collapse onto the ground.)
Pearl Oh! I thought- If a Ruby and a Sapphire- But you're a Diamond- Forgive me! What am I doing? I... I need to be replaced immediately!
Rose No!
(Pearl begins blushing madly, while Rose gazes at her in awe.)
Pearl But I've been... imagining things, even when you haven't asked me to. I imagined that I ran away and met you here on Earth, a Rose Quartz. And I'm not yours, but, I make you so happy anyway! Isn't that ridiculous?! Tell me to stop!
Rose *grabs Pearl's shoulders excitedly* Please don't ever stop!
(Pearl and Rose suddenly fuse into Rainbow Quartz, but she quickly brakes apart, and the pair collapse onto the ground again.)
Pearl This is very not allowed.
Rose *gasps* That fusion! We never should've left her there with Blue! Who knows what sort of horrible punishment-
(Just then, a rustling is heard in some bushes nearby. Pearl, with a sword in hand, cautiously searches through the bushes and finds Garnet, having fallen down a hill.)
Garnet Ouch... Ah!
(Garnet flinches at the sight of Pearl, as Rose walks towards them through the bushes.)
Garnet We didn't mean to fuse! Well... well, we did this time. We'll unfuse! We, we'll...
Rose No, no, please... I'm glad to see you again.
[Trans. Rose's Fountain]
(The flashback concludes, as it stops snowing and the ice around the sanctuary begins to thaw.)
Pearl Before Garnet, Rose was only fighting for Earth. But Garnet changed everything. Rose wanted to fight for her, she wanted to fight for Gems! And maybe she was foolish, and maybe even... selfish! But she was-
Sapphire Following us.
Pearl What?
Sapphire This whole time, we thought we were following her, but she was following us. How could she not after you swept her off her feet?
Pearl W-What? Me?
Steven Are you kidding? You took her on this whirlwind tour of Earth and then she wanted to live here with you forever!
(Pearl begins blushing madly.)
Sapphire That's just how I felt when I came here with... *gasps* Ruby! Oh no! We have to get back right away!
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(The group warps back to the dark-looking beach house.)
Sapphire Ruby! I'm so sorry! Where...? Huh?
(Sapphire then sees a note on the floor with "Sapphire" written on it.)
Sapphire Oh no...

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