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This article is about the formerly corrupted Snow Monster. You may be looking for another Jasper.

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Ocean Jasper, also known as the Snow Monster while corrupted, is a formerly corrupted Gem who first appeared in the episode "Gem Hunt". She was held captive by Jasper until "Earthlings", where she was forced into a fusion and fled after unfusing. She was later healed in "Change Your Mind", now living in Little Homeworld.



While corrupted, Ocean Jasper is a giant wolf-like creature with two horns. She has a mixture of teal colors, with coral spots across her body.


Uncorrupted, this Gem has teal skin and white hair, with coral markings and splotches on her body. She also retains the spikes from her formerly corrupted form. She has a dark teal bra with gray-teal body suit, dark teal cropped leggings, and gray-teal boots with dark teal toe caps.


"Gem Hunt"

She and Biggs Jasper are shown roaming the Great North and trying to evade Jasper. She is eventually found, poofed, and taken prisoner by Jasper alongside the other monster.

"Crack the Whip"

She and Biggs are used by Jasper in an attempt to attack the Crystal Gems.


In "Earthlings", she is shown imprisoned in the Beta Kindergarten alongside the rest of Jasper's Corrupted army. Jasper attempts to force a fusion with her to battle Smoky Quartz, but she breaks apart from the fusion and flees from Jasper.

"Change Your Mind"

In "Change Your Mind", she is healed by Steven and the Diamonds at Rose's Fountain, alongside other corrupted Gems, healing just seconds after the Heaven Beetle and Earth Beetle are both cured of their corruption; breaking the surface of the Fountain right underneath the pair as Pearl cryingly smiles and hugs Garnet, a possible implication she was a Crystal Gem. She is later seen having a conversation with an unknown Gem with thick brown hair.

Steven Universe: The Movie

She talks to Vidalia in Little Homeworld.

"Little Homeschool"

She is among many Gems shown at Little Homeschool.


She and Zebra Jasper work for Fish Stew Pizza (on Steven's suggestion). She works as the delivery-woman but throws the pizza boxes with enough force to knock several people out.


She and several other uncorrupted Quartzes play volleyball, but crack their gemstones, and go to Steven to get them healed. Later, they continue their games.

"A Very Special Episode"

She is one of the gems attending Sunstone's home safety "geminar".

Growing Pains"

Ocean Jasper (being corrupted at the time), is shown within Steven’s traumatic flashback.

"Homeworld Bound"

She is very briefly seen on Homeworld.


Ocean Jasper possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.



Biggs Jasper

While not much is known, they have been shown being together many times, with them being together while being corrupted being a possible starting point of their relationship.


While not shown to interact much, in "Change Your Mind", Pearl was shown happily crying when she saw her uncorrupted.

Episode Appearances


  • Despite her corrupted form having her gemstone be on her chest, her current gemstone is in an unknown place. This is likely an error.
  • It was confirmed at New York Comic Con 2016 that Ocean Jasper and similar Corrupted Gems are types of jasper.[1]
  • Ocean Jasper is the first Corrupted Gem to fuse with a non-Corrupted Gem, that being Jasper.
    • By extension, Ocean Jasper is also the first known Corrupted Gem to fuse with any other Gem.
  • Ocean Jasper is the first living (unshattered) Gem to be shown physically forced into fusion by another.
  • She is the only Jasper not to be voiced by Kimberly Brooks.
    • She was voiced by Kimberly in "A Very Special Episode", so it is up for debate whether or not she is voiced by her.


Image Description
Ocean Jasper's gemstone is located on her chest. The hexagonal-faceted gemstone is light blue with pink and dark blue blotches. It is a tetra-decahedron, specifically a truncated hexagonal dipyramid. As seen in "Gem Hunt", it has a silver ring around it, which unlike other Gems' gemstones, does not appear to be beneath her skin. After being uncorrupted, the gemstone seemingly moved; its current location is not known.


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