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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Homeworld Caverns]
(Following the events in "The Trial", after escaping in Blue Diamond's palanquin, Steven and Lars crash-landed in the dark caverns down below. The two of them slowly emerge from the broken wreckage of the palanquin.)
Steven Lars! Are you okay?
Lars Thanks to your bubble. *groans* My bones are only a little broken.
Steven *chuckles* My bones too. *holds out his hand*
Lars *grabs Steven's hand and gets up* Dude, those giant ladies were furious with you!
Steven They're the Diamonds. They've been after my mom for 6,000 years, and now they're after me! Come on, we gotta move.
(Steven and Lars get out from the broken palanquin and begin running into the dark and desolate underground of Homeworld.)
Lars How are we supposed to get off this planet? Do you even know where you're going?
Steven No, this is my first time here too.
Lars Oh, this is so messed up. What are we gonna eat?
Steven There's tons of food if you like rocks for dinner. *hears a strange noise*
Lars Salt is a rock, right? Maybe we could season some dirt and make a meal.
Steven Wait!
(Steven cups his ears to listen out for the noise again, when Lars' stomach starts grumbling.)
Lars Ughhh, sorry.
(Just then, a Shattering Robonoid comes in behind Steven and Lars.)
Steven & Lars Aghh!
Steven They found us! Run!
Lars Wait! If we stand perfectly still it won't see us. I saw it in a movie once!
(The Robonoid beams a red light at Steven and Lars and begins scanning them both, when it detects Steven's gemstone underneath his shirt.)
Lars That sounds good.
(The Robonoid then begins charging an energy beam.)
Steven We should probably move!
Steven & Lars Aghh!
(Steven quickly pushes Lars out of the way when the Robonoid fires its energy beam, causing a head of a Gem statue behind them to explode.)
Lars I think that movie... was about dinosaurs.
(After missing, the Robonoid quickly turns its attention onto Steven again.)
Steven Lars, come on!
Lars Woah!!
(Steven drags Lars along, and they both run around a corner, while the Robonoid gives chase and scans its surrounding.)
Lars What are we gonna do!? What's gonna happen!?
Steven We're gonna run, and we're gonna be okay!
Lars No!
(Steven and Lars stop running and seek refuge underneath a Gem structure.)
Lars You just don't get it. I hate being scared all the time! I was scared of everything except baking. Actually, I was scared of that too. I never even tried baking baklava because it looked so hard! I never had the guts to stick up for anybody. Not even me! And now I'm hiding again like a big, cowardly loser under some... space building!
Steven Don't beat yourself up like that, Lars. That's what the killer robots are for.
??? Quickly! Down here!
(Steven and Lars, startled by the sudden voice, turn around and spots a hand pointing out of a hole in the ground, beckoning them over.)
Lars Steven? What if it's a trap?
Steven Uhh... I don't think we have a choice!
(Just then, the Robonoid catches up, and Steven and Lars quickly jump down the hole before it can scan them. A rock covers up the hole, and a shivering Steven and Lars sigh in relief.)
Lars Close one, huh?
Steven Ha, yeah. But, who...?
??? Don't worry!
(A shadowy figure approaches Steven and Lars.)
??? you're safe now! We're not gonna hurt you.
Lars Thank you! Whoever... you...
(The gemstone of the figure begins to glow, revealing a pair of twin Gems, conjoined at the waist. Lars screams at the sight of the Gems, and the Gems flinch in response.
Steven It's okay, Lars. Thank you for saving us.
Twin Gems *inches close and inspect Steven and Lars* How bizarre! What are they? They certainly don't look like Gems we've ever seen before.
(The twin Gems gasp as the sound of the Robonoid looms overhead.)
Twin Gems Come, this way. This way, come!
(The twin Gems begins walking ahead into the cavern and Steven follows, when Lars halts him.)
Lars Steven, wait! Is this really a good idea?
Steven They seem... different. I think we can trust them!
(Lars and Steven begins walking through the cavern with the twin Gems as their guide.)
Steven Umm... Excuse me, but umm... Where are you taking us?
Twin Gems Somewhere... long forgotten. Where only those who don't belong... belong.
Lars Heh, sounds like my kind of place. You don't happen to have any fast-food joints around there, do you?
[Trans. Int. Homeworld Kindergarten]
(The group arrives at the end of the cavern, at the edge of a cliff, to a place full of pillars, each full of humanoid-shaped holes.)
Steven Whoa...
Lars What is this place?
Steven A Kindergarten... A really, really big one.
(The group enters a tunnel into a room inside a pillar, and the twin Gems whistle loudly.)
Twin Gems We're back! Here we are! It's okay to come out!
??? Oh, thank goodness! I hope you weren't followed!
(A fusion Gem then emerges from one of the holes inside the pillar.)
Fusion Gem You weren't, right, I hope, you double checked! *sees Steven and Lars, and gasps in fright* You've been followed!
Steven Uh, hi. *approaches the fusion Gem, and she backs off* Don't worry, I'm not a threat or anything.
Twin Gems It's okay, Rhodonite. Relax. We brought them here.
Rhodonite Can we trust them?
Twin Gems Sure. I think so.
(A Sapphire-like Gem then appears behind Lars, slightly startling him.)
"Sapphire" Gem Everyone! A wondrous prediction has come before me! The twins of Rutile will bring one, no... Two... strangers to our current place of hiding!
Rhodonite We know, Padparadscha, your prediction already happened!
Rutile Twins They were being chased by one of those terrible Robonoids.
Rhodonite Don't tell me you tried to fight those things.
Rutile Twins No, no, of course not. These two were about to be scanned when we pulled them under. We were just in time.
(Lars looks down from behind him, spotting a giant fusion Gem, and screams in fright.)
Lars Uhhh...
(The giant fusion Gem approaches Lars, and he runs away, yelling ad hiding behind Steven.)
Giant Fusion Gem They...don'
Rutile Twins That's what I said. I said the same thing!
Steven Hi, I'm Steven. I'm a Gem. Well, half-Gem. And this is Lars. He's all human.
Fluorite That'
Lars We look unusual?!
Rhodonite Of course you do. You can't just walk around on the surface like that! You're off-color, just like the rest of us.
Steven What do you mean... "off-color"?
Rutile Twins You know, wrong. Not... right. Flawed.
Steven Wait... I don't see anything wrong with you guys.
Giant Fusion Gem't...needed... Padparadscha...can...only...predict...things...that...just...happened.
Padparadscha Here comes Fluorite!
Rhodonite And a fusion like me... is unforgivable. When my- our Morganite found out, let's just say... we were replaced. But my story's nothin'! I mean, Fluorite, how many Gems are you now?
Fluorite Six... Maybe...more,
Rutile Twins And then there's us.
Steven You mean, you're not a fusion?
Rutile Twins We're... just a Rutile that came out wrong. We survived because... all the other Rutiles ran away, when we emerged. We survived... because they were afraid of us.
Lars Afraid of you? So you've been hiding your whole lives. What happens if they find you?
Rutile Twins We'll be... *looks at one another*
Padparadscha Shattered.
(Suddenly, the sounds of the Robonoid become noticeable.)
Rutile Twins Oh! No!
Fluorite Oh...
(The red light of a Robonoid's scanning beam illuminates a nearby tunnel.)
Rhodonite *panicking* You were followed! They're gonna find us! They're gonna break us!
Steven This is our fault! If it weren't for us, you would be fine!
Rutile Twins We couldn't just leave you there. We had to do something.
Lars *panicking* Steven, what are we gonna do?!
Steven Everyone, hide!
(Three Shattering Robonoids pass through the tunnel and into the room. The Off-Colors, Steven and Lars begin scurrying to hide away.)
Padparadscha Careful everyone, we're about to be found!
(Fluorite avoids being scanned by a Robonoid by circling around a pillar in the room. Steven and Lars hide in a hole, and Steven summons his shield, while Lars starts hyperventilating.)
Steven Lars. *puts his hand on Lars' chest* It's okay to be afraid.
(Lars tears up, stops hyperventilating and looks at Steven in determination.)
Lars A-Okay. *puts his hand on Steven's chest*
(Steven and Lars peek out of their hole, just as two Robonoids scan and close in on the Rutile Twins, hiding in a hole, in the middle. Everyone gasps in horror, as Rhodonite covers her, and Padparadscha's, eyes.)
Steven Oh no!
Lars We gotta do something! *runs out of the hole*
Steven Lars!
(The Rutile Twins cowers in fear as the Robonoids' scanning beams close in on their gemstone, when Lars hurls a rock at one of them, grasping the Robonoids' attention towards him.)
Rutile Twins Huh?
(The Robonoids begins scanning Lars as he stands perfectly still.)
Steven Lars!
Lars It's okay to be afraid...
(The Robonoids finish scanning Lars and move on somewhere else. Lars then gasps in relief.)
Steven Oh my gosh, Lars! They were trying to scan your gem! They can't see you!
Lars Alright, looks like the tables have turned-
Padparadscha *suddenly appears behind Lars* Human Lars!
Lars Gaaahh!
Padparadscha I've been possessed with the most marvelous vision!
(Rhodonite uncovers her eyes and realizes Padparadscha has disappeared from her side.)
Padparadscha You, human Lars, are gemless, and will be safe from the Robonoids, which only target Gems!
(Just Padparadscha speaks, a Robonoid scans her gemstone and prepares to fire at it, when Lars kicks the Robonoid away. The Robonoid, knocked away, fires its energy beam on the wall of the Kindergarten, causing it to explode. Lars quickly grabs Padparadscha and jumps out of the way, as rubble falls from the explosion.)
Lars I think... that's the coolest thing I've done in my life.
Steven It's not over yet!
(The other two Robonoids scan again, as Steven holds up his shield. They manage to scan Steven's gem through his shield, and Padparadscha's gem again. All three Robonoids loom ominously about the group, with their cannons primed and ready. At that moment, Lars quickly grabs a rock shard nearby and runs toward the Robonoid, hitting two away, but misses the third one, which evades him and comes after Steven. The Robonoid fires, but Steven deflects the beam off his shield, narrowly missing Lars's head, and hitting one of the Robonoids, causing an explosion which destroys a second Robonoid too.)
Padparadscha Oh! The shield is reflective!
(Steven lifts Padparadscha out of the way and deflects another beam from the last remaining Robonoid.)
Rhodonite *yelling* Padparadscha, come back, hide!
(Rhodonite's yelling draws the attention of the Robonoid and she freezes in fear as it begins scanning. Lars then jumps in the way, blocking Rhodonite's gemstones, and the Robonoid scans him instead.)
Lars *gasps and breathes heavily* Okay... *picks up the rock shard* Okay... OKAY!
(Lars jumps, lands on top of the Robonoid and whacks its sensor with the rock shard. The Robonoid begins firing energy beams wildly in all direction, barely missing everyone while Lars rides on it.)
Lars Whoa, whoa... *holds the rock shard up high in the air* Eat... THIS!
(Lars rams the rock shard right into the Robonoid's sensor, causing it to explode. Lars is then sent flying backwards in the air, hitting his head against a pillar with a cracking sound, and falls onto the ground, laying motionlessly.
Steven Lars! *runs over* Lars! *turns him over and shakes him* Lars?
(The Off-Colors walk over, cheering on Lars' victory.)
Rhodonite I didn't think we were gonna make it!
Rutile Twins That was amazing! You were amazing! Lars, that was so great!
Padparadscha We're winning! We're winning!
(Steven tries to listen for Lars's heartbeat on his chest and gasps in shock, hearing nothing. Steven bursts into tears and the room grows silent. Steven picks Lars up and holds him close, as he begins to grieve over Lars' sacrifice. Tears runs down his cheek onto Lars' face, and suddenly, Lars's body begins to glow. Everyone watches in shock and surprise as Lars' body turns pink, and he slowly gets up.)
Lars Ugh... Whoa... What happened?
Padparadscha Oh my, something incredible is going to happen to Lars!

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