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Gems like us aren't needed.

Fluorite in "Off Colors"

The Off Colors are a group of unaligned Gems who present abnormal physique, behavior, or abilities and have been deemed "defective" and "off-color" by Homeworld's strict standards and caste system. They lived reclusively in an abandoned Homeworld Kindergarten for eons before the site was compromised with the arrival of Steven and Lars. After the Off Colors escaped with Lars' help, he took them on many adventures and committed crimes against Homeworld's regime. Since defeating Emerald with the help of Stevonnie, the Off Colors were on route to Earth. As of "Change Your Mind", they have arrived on Earth.


Pre-Series (Eons Ago)

Padparadscha was left behind and disowned after her future vision was revealed to be defective, as she can only see events that have already occurred. Since emerging from their Homeworld Kindergarten, the Rutile Twins were isolated as a result of forming incorrectly, bearing the resemblance of conjoined twins. The twins also remarked that the other Rutiles ran away after seeing their deformed body. Rhodonite and Fluorite were ostracized for being fusions and fled (as Rhodonite's component Pearl and Ruby were even replaced by their Morganite after being caught fusing). These four Gems met each other and remained in hiding in an abandoned Homeworld Kindergarten to avoid being "shattered".

"Off Colors" and "Lars' Head"

Steven and Lars are taken to the Homeworld Kindergarten and meet the Off Colors when the Rutile Twins find them being chased by a Shattering Robonoid. Since then, Shattering Robonoids searched the area for Steven and Lars, eventually making their way into the Off Colors' home. Defending the Off Colors, Lars sacrifices himself and is brought back to life by Steven. Now magical and pink, Lars persuades Steven to return to Earth in order to ensure his safety by going through his new pocket dimension and exiting through Lion. The Off Colors choose to stay with Lars on Homeworld despite his protest.

In Between "Lars' Head" and "Lars of the Stars"

After Steven returned to Earth, the Off Colors figured out a way to escape Homeworld which involved stealing a ship. This was successful due to Lars' ability to slip past Gem scanners undetected. Once off Homeworld, Lars and the Off Colors committed various crimes against Homeworld and its outreaches to make their way to Earth since they were on the run. This included stealing Emerald's personal shuttle and crashing it on Upsilon 9, impersonating imperial officers during a "cosmic jubilee" and taking Emerald's fastest ship (the Sun Incinerator) while sixty-seven elite Citrines guarded it on Klavius 7. According to Lars, Emerald was hunting down the Off Colors since "Sector 4". At some point, Lars also stole a cape.

During this time, Lars grew as a leader, gained a vast amount of knowledge on space travel, created the Star Skipper and became captain of the Off Colors with each member gaining a position; Padparadscha is the technical adviser, Fluorite is the chief engineer, the Rutile Twins are in charge of maneuvering the Sun Incinerator and Rhodonite is the head of strategic operations; unfortunately this also made them many enemies who answer to Emerald and gave her details of the criminals causing her trouble.[1]

"Lars of the Stars"

With the Sun Incinerator, Lars and the Off Colors head towards Earth until Emerald tracks them down. During this time, Steven and Connie enter the ship from Lars' pocket dimension in order to give him a package his parents made for him. Emerald vows to destroy them herself, and the Sun Incinerator is able to temporarily escape when traveling at hyperspeed. Lars and the Off Colors tell Steven and Connie that they are very excited to finally reach Earth after all of their travels. Not long after, Emerald is once again able to track down the Sun Incinerator in her imperial warship: the Destiny Destroyer. Lars orders Rhodonite to drop the Sun Incinerator's shields and when Emerald attacks, she misses on purpose because, as Lars mocks, she loves the ship and that it's her best friend. Emerald confirms this and attempts to prevent the Off Colors from escaping instead. Stevonnie travels in the Star Skipper, destroying the Destiny Destroyer's main weapons. Following this, the Destiny Destroyer launches missiles which causes Stevonnie to crash land.

"Jungle Moon"

After Stevonnie crash lands, the Off Colors continue looking for them. Stevonnie is able to communicate with them using an old Moon Base communicator allowing Lars and the Off Colors to track them down. Stevonnie and the Off Colors are reunited and the Off Colors continue their trip to Earth without being hunted down.

"Your Mother and Mine"

Steven first introduces Garnet to the Off Colors in "Your Mother and Mine". She immediately compliments all of them, but inadvertently makes them all feel uncomfortable until she inspires them with the tales of The Re.

"Letters to Lars"

They continue travelling through space whilst Steven read Lars a letter from Beach City.

"Change Your Mind"

After their long travel in the stars, the Off Colors land in Beach City during a performance of Sadie Killer and the Suspects, at the same time The Great Diamond Authority, now reformed and united, lands on Earth, on Steven's request, to heal the Corrupted Gems. They're briefly scared, and comically propose to surrender as they think the Diamond Mech came for them. Upon being reassured that the Diamonds have now reformed and they bear no ill will to them, they accept to meet and greet them and the Crystal Gems, mingling with the inhabitants of Beach City and playing with Lion. Sadie and Lars meet again and happily banter, until Sadie has to return to the stage.

"Steven Universe: The Movie"



  • Lars Barriga - An ally and member of the Off Colors after the events of "Lars' Head". He is now pink and has powers since being resurrected by Steven after his death. Lars later becomes the captain of the Off Colors.
  • Fluorite - The presumed original leader of the Off Colors, and a fusion of six Gems.
  • Padparadscha - A member, and a defective Sapphire that can only have visions of events slightly in the past.
  • Rutile Twins - A member, and a defective Rutile split into two during formation.
  • Rhodonite - A member, and a fusion of a Pearl and a Ruby.



  • In general, the term "off-color" refers to Gems that have flaws and as such are looked down upon by Gem society.
  • Earlier in production, there were intended to be two more Off Colors, two gray Gems named Flint and Chert that had a moral detachment to fighting and would thereby go against their intended purposes.[2]
    • They were scrapped due to the number of Off Colors being too much and the fact they did not fit in with the other Off Colors in terms of being ostracized not due to the way they are, but rather by what they believe.


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