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==Production Notes==
==Production Notes==
*In the first scene, after Steven opens the front door, the door is suddenly closed in cuts to close-up shots, then it reopens itself in overhead shots.
*Onion is shown riding and wrecking the same scooter he won in "[[Arcade Mania]]."
*Onion is shown riding and wrecking the same scooter he won in "[[Arcade Mania]]."

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"Onion Trade" is the 15th episode of the first season of Steven Universe, and the 15th overall episode of the series.


A toy trade between Steven and Onion escalates to epic proportions.


Steven finds Amethyst outside and tells her that he lost his "G.U.Y" toy. Pearl told him that he can't find his stuff because of his room being messy. She opens his window and a bird with a pizza flew outside. Then he goes into town to tell his father the bad news leaving the two still arguing. When he get to the car wash, his father sprayed him with the hose ready to play with him. Steven tells his dad that he lost his toy his father gave him last summer. His father then gives him a bag of quarters with which he goes to Funland Arcade to try to win another one.

After numerous failed attempts were he continue's to get 'Dave Guy', he realizes that Onion had the particular "G.U.Y" he wants. He follows him with the hopes of trading all the toys he has for the particular "Ranger Guy". With Onion refusing the trade, he goes back to the Temple and talks with Amethyst who gives him Pearl's Replicator Wand.

The wand is to Onion's liking and he accepts the trade. As time passes, Onion begins to replicate countless numbers of G.U.Y toy balls. Steven reveals he traded the wand for Ranger G.U.Y, and Pearl asks why he didn't just use it the replicate the toy. The gems, bombarded by Onion's attacks, fail to coerce Onion to relinquish the Replicator Wand. As the Gems have Onion's attention, Steven is able to jump on Onion and cause him to drop the wand. He realizes that all along, Onion had stolen his Ranger Guy and in the end, lets him keep it because he realizes all Onion does is "Sit around and wait for his dad". Garnet destroys the Replicator Wand which results in the disintergration of every replicated toy and item.

Amethyst then asked about the all the stuff she copied got turned into nothing, which left Pearl in replying her "Yes" as the gems walked off home Greg approached his son and told him that it was cool of what he did and asks him why go through all that trouble for a toy which Steven replys that he wanted it just for the memories but states that he has new memories. Horrible, horrible memories, and the iris closes as the camera shifts up to the sky.


Production Notes


  • In the first scene, after Steven opens the front door, the door is suddenly closed in cuts to close-up shots, then it reopens itself in overhead shots.


  • Onion is shown riding and wrecking the same scooter he won in "Arcade Mania."

Cultural References

  • The ketchup packets Onion threw had "Hynez" written on them. This is a reference to the popular condiment manufacturer, Heinz, and the last name of character designer, Danny Hynez.
  • It's possible that the GUYS (Guys Under Your Supervision) toy line of rubber figures is a parody of MUSCLE (Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere), a similar toy line based on the Kinnikuman manga.
  • Steven's advice for surviving Onion's Dave Guy pool is "try to act like a rich duck", referring to Scrooge McDuck and his tendency to swim through the money in his massive vault, like in theme to the show "DuckTales".
  • When Steven is telling Amethyst about "G.U.Y.S", it is referencing the Megaman stage select.


  • It is revealed that Onion does in fact speak, however, he doesn't speak English.
  • This is the first time Onion's Dad appears in the series.
  • This is the last episode to air on a Monday before [adult swim] moved its start time up to 8:00 PM.
  • This is Onion's first major role.


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