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♫ All you wanna do... is see me turn into... ♫

—"Giant Woman"
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Opal is the fusion of Pearl and Amethyst. She made her debut in the episode "Giant Woman".


She's an ultra-powerful, "Stone Cold Betty", that part's me...and she's, like, kinda tall — that part's Pearl.

—Amethyst, "Giant Woman"

Opal has a lean, toned body with two pairs of slender arms. She is very tall, being at least twice as tall as Garnet. Her height is partly due to her constantly on the tip of her toes. Opal has periwinkle skin, a thin, rounded face with a pointed nose and plump lips (traits inherited from Pearl and Amethyst, respectively), baby blue eyes with dark blue pupils, and thick, wavy, off-white hair. Her hair extends slightly past her calves, tied back into a rowdy ponytail by a pale salmon band. Extending from off the ponytail's sides are chin-length bangs resembling Pearl's and two small pigtails in the front tied by pale yellow ties. Her two gemstones are in the same places where Amethyst and Pearl's gemstones are.

Opal's outfit consists of fuchsia, knee-length leggings with pale-violet cuffs rolled up, and yellow flat boots.

Pre-regeneration (debut)

Opal had a strapless pastel teal top with a drape in the front and back that went down to her shins, featuring an accented star at the base. She wore these drapes in a similar fashion to Amethyst.


As seen in "The Return", Opal had undergone some changes. She had an added neckline to her top and a sash around her waist. Her appearance changed per Pearl's regeneration in "Steven the Sword Fighter". Since she appeared in white and green-tinted light, the colors of her clothing weren't confirmed, but they were assumed to be the same, with slight differences.

Third regeneration

As seen in "Log Date 7 15 2", Opal had undergone another change due to Amethyst's regeneration in "Reformed". Her neckline had become a single teal green color. The sash around her waist was replaced with a yellow waist base and mint green design with straps overlapping the yellow part.

Fourth regeneration (previous)

As seen in "Together Alone", Opal had undergone yet another change due to Amethyst's regeneration in "Crack the Whip". Her top is now ripped and exposes her waist. Her leggings are shin-length and more orchid. Her drape also has a lighter coloration.

Current regeneration

As seen in Steven Universe: The Movie, Opal has once more undergone changes due to both Amethyst's and Pearl's regenerations in "Change Your Mind". Her top is no longer ripped, colored light green, and portraits a pale green star-shaped pattern on her waist.


Amethyst's ability to live in the moment and Pearl's obsessive single-mindedness results in a stable fusion. Opal achieves a sense of peace in that balance that Amethyst and Pearl rarely experience on their own. At times, she is so calm and at peace that she forgets the task at hand like forgetting to retrieve the Heaven Beetle after rescuing Steven. According to the book Guide to the Crystal Gems, Opal is very forgetful.

Opal's personality is theorized to be a combination of Amethyst's carefree personality and power, along with Pearl's grace and precision. She appears to be more open to Steven's desire to have fun and play, as she sang part of his song back to him. In "Fusion", Opal shows posed with elegant and silly poses.

The balance that holds Opal together is, by far, the thinnest of all the other known fusions. In the "Fusion" short, she is referenced as an example of how fusion is hard for Gems who have trouble collaborating. The ease with which she can separate is very different from that of Garnet, who only involuntarily unfuses when under extreme emotion or by force. If Pearl and Amethyst have conflicting views while fused, Opal may revert to her constituent Gems; the slightest dissonance between the two poses a danger of involuntary defusion.[1] In "Log Date 7 15 2", Amethyst and Pearl are shown to have a much easier time fusing than before.


Though it is unknown when Opal first formed, it was before the beginning of the series. It is suggested in "Giant Woman" that Amethyst and Pearl used to fuse more often because they used to get along better.

"Giant Woman"

Amethyst and Pearl begin to quarrel, with both of them naming reasons why they never form Opal after Pearl wins checkers easily. Steven asks what Opal is, and Amethyst describes her as a tall, "stone cold betty." Pearl explains to Steven what fusion is, and throughout their mission to the Sky Spire to recover the Heaven Beetle, Steven begs the two to fuse.

Opal, about to fire from her bow.

After a corrupted Gem, the Big Bird, swallows Pearl's spear, Amethyst and Pearl decide the situation is dire enough to fuse. They attempt to fuse. However, they initially fail. After Steven gets eaten by the Big Bird, Opal's arms reach into the Corrupted Gem, grabbing Steven and Steven Jr. After some acrobatics and flips, Opal sets down Steven and fires at the Corrupted Gem with her energy bow, taking it down in one shot. When Steven asks Opal if she knows who he is, she smiles and playfully quotes his song from earlier in the episode. Opal and Steven warp back to the Temple, but when Garnet asks where the Heaven Beetle is, Opal frantically says "I don't have it," before promptly unfusing.

"The Return"

Opal, about to shoot the Gem Warship.

As Peridot's Gem Warship approaches the Earth, Steven, and Lion teleport back to the beach where Garnet and Opal are attempting to stop the ship. Opal, upon Garnet's command, shoots her arrows at the ship which have no effect. Upon seeing that Steven came back, Opal is shocked and unfuses.

"Log Date 7 15 2"

Opal carrying the Gem Drill.

Pearl and Amethyst need to put the Gem Drill head on a pair of supports. Amethyst shapeshifts into Purple Puma to lift up the drill, but Pearl says they should be more careful. The two fuse into Opal who places the drill head on the supports. Opal's appearance briefly shocks Peridot. However, she understands Opal is present for a reason.

Save the Light

In battles, Pearl and Amethyst can fuse into Opal. They have two attacks, Rain of Arrows, and Super Shot Arrow.

"Together Alone"

Opal, alongside Garnet and Stevonnie.

Opal briefly returns after her long absence, forming to support Stevonnie in the ball on Homeworld. However, she was quickly poofed by Yellow Diamond, resulting in Amethyst and Pearl retreating to their gems individually.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Opal, after summoning her guitar.

Opal is seen in the movie after Steg uses his levitation powers to float Pearl and Amethyst into the sky. With Pearl's newfound independence realized and her memory restored, her and Amethyst fuse to form Opal in celebration. Opal sings a duet with Steg as they float down to the ground.

"Snow Day"

Opal, shapeshifted into Steven, about to fire a Steven-shaped Garnet with her bow.

Pearl and Amethyst, shapeshifted into Steven, form Opal (who is also shapeshifted into Steven) in order to catch Steven while playing Steven Tag. Opal attempts to shoot Garnet at Steven with her bow.


Opal is an amalgam of our combined magical and physical attributes fused into a single entity.

—Pearl, "Giant Woman"

Opal possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.


Natural Abilities

  • Enhanced Agility/Reflexes: Opal is extraordinarily agile, limber, and gracefully elegant, being able to stand on the tips of her toes constantly and execute acrobatic reflexes. Because of this, she is swift and agile in battle, able to outmaneuver almost any opponent she comes across.
    • Enhanced Jumping: Opal can jump exceptionally high and far, even from a stationary position. This ability grant her impressive parkour and free-running skills which, along with her reflexes, allow her to scale almost any surface or terrain quickly.
  • Superhuman Strength: In "Know Your Fusion", an illustration of Opal is seen on a "test your strength" device. On this device, Opal is considered stronger than Garnet, but not as strong as Sugilite.


Opal's recurve bow.

Opal, firing her bow

Opal's Gem Bubbles.

  • Gem Weapons Proficiency: Due to being a fusion of Amethyst and Pearl, Opal can summon either Amethyst's whip or Pearl's spear at will. She can combine these two weapons and make her primary weapon: an opalescent recurve bow.
    • Archery Proficiency: Opal's weapon is an opalescent recurve bow that fires arrows made of light-based energy, which are summoned when the bowstring is drawn back. The bow is roughly as tall as Opal herself. Pearl's spear gives the light arrows and makes up the bow's limbs, while the lash of Amethyst's whip becomes the string.
      • Gem Bubbling Arrows: These arrows can explode in midair, emitting bright light and dispersing smaller arrows in multiple directions from the center. Gems that are pierced by these smaller arrows have their gemstone(s) automatically bubbled and teleported to the Burning Room, as shown in the episode "Giant Woman".
      • Multi-shot Arrows: These explosive arrows have the ability to split into multiple, smaller arrows that can attack multiple targets simultaneously or overwhelm one target, shown in the episode "The Return".
  • Shapeshifting: Like most other Gems, Opal is capable of shapeshifting. This is first shown in "Snow Day", where she shapeshifts into "Classic" Steven during a game of Steven Tag.

Save the Light

  • Rain of Arrows: Opal fires an arrow in the sky with her recurve bow. Multiple arrows rain from the sky, damaging enemies. Requires 3 Star Points to use.
  • Super Shot Arrow: Opal fires an arrow with her bow straight at her targets. You should fire the bow at the right angle, in order to deal heavy damage to enemies. Requires 6 Star Points to use.


Steven Universe

Stay low.

—Opal, "Giant Woman"
GIF - Opal.gif

Opal retains a protective nature over Steven from both Pearl and Amethyst. She is willing to play around with Steven, as when he asked if she knew him, she replied by smiling and singing his song back to him.


I also see you helped your teammates fuse.

—Garnet, "Giant Woman"
The Return 169.png

Opal and Garnet are on seemingly good terms and work together well. When Opal returned with Steven in "Giant Woman", Garnet didn't seem surprised and simply asked her if she completed her mission. In "Log Date 7 15 2", Garnet seemed entirely unfazed by Pearl's and Amethyst's sudden fusion again and simply states that they did a good job lifting. In "The Return", Opal recognizes Garnet's leadership and awaits her command to fire her arrow/arrows, working together without problems while attempting to destroy the Gem Warship.


♫ Independent together, if we try ♫

—Opal and Steg, Steven Universe: The Movie
SU Movie 1238.png

Opal and Steg appear to sync in many aspects. Harmonizing along the lines of "Independent Together," the two sing in consonance and hover together under Steg's levitational skills, interacting with one another as the music progresses and playing their respective instruments. At one point, Steg nearly falls out of stress, but fortunately, Opal catches him before the fusion is undone.

Episode Appearances


  • Pearl refers to Opal as an "amalgam." This is also the name of Opal's fusion dance theme.

Opal's entry in "Guide to the Crystal Gems".

  • Opal's appearance consists more of Pearl's features and physical appearance.
    • This extends to her weapon: Pearl's spear not only makes up the recurve bow, but the arrows are visually similar to the energy blast her spear can emit. Meanwhile, Amethyst's whip merely acts as the bowstring and gives the bow its two yellow flexible star-shaped crossguards.
  • She is the first fusion to be introduced as such.
  • Opal's fusion dance is shown for the first time in "Log Date 7 15 2".
    • In “Together Alone”, Pearl and Amethyst are shown to be able to fuse without dancing.
  • Opal is the only Gem with an exclusively ranged weapon.
  • She was the first Gem to show the ability to bubble Gems from a distance without physical contact.
    • This was also shown in "Gem Drill", Steven helps The Cluster bubble itself without physical contact.
  • When her arrow bubbled the Gem Shards from the Big Bird, her bubbles were colored mint-green.
  • Opal is currently the fusion with the most regenerations out of all currently existing fusions. This excludes Stevonnie, whose outfits mainly consist of Steven and Connie's combined.
  • While Pearl's gemstone on Opal is depicted with a pink highlight in Guide to the Crystal Gems and barring a close up of Opal at the end of "Giant Woman", this is never usually seen in the show itself.
  • In Steven Universe: The Movie, Opal joins Steg in performing "Independent Together".
    • In real life, Opal's voice actress Aimee Mann and Steg's voice actor Ted Leo together form the Indie Rock musical duo The Both.
    • This moment also showcases Opal's bass proficiency, acquired from Pearl, which is presumably also a reference to Aimee Mann's bass skill in real life.
  • Opal, along with Garnet and Stevonnie, makes an appearance in the "Dove Self-Esteem Project" short "Body Functionality" to explain the function of fusions' extra body parts (Opal mentions that, for instance, her four arms aid her in her archery), and her forgetfulness is prominently displayed as she keeps forgetting her lines. Notably, she speaks much more in this short than she has in any episode of the show to date.[2]
  • Despite Pearl second regeneration, and Amethyst's second and third regenerations, Opal's design in Save the Light, the "Body Functionality" short in the "Dove Self-Esteem Project", and the Which Crystal Gem Are You? quiz is that of her debut regeneration.

Cultural References

Giant Woman Storyboard Animation Opal Summoning Weapon.gif

  • Opal shares some similarities with Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Time, Empowerment, Creation and Destruction, featuring four arms, long hair, and a gemstone located on the forehead.
    • Additionally, Opal was originally planned to make a manji (a Hindu symbol of peace) with her arms when summoning her weapon, of which Kali is commonly associated with, but was changed due to its resemblance to a swastika.[3]
    • She also resembles the Hindu deity Lakshmi, who, like Opal, has four arms. Opal's weaponry also revolves around light, something Lakshmi is closely associated with.
    • Opal bears many resemblances to the ritual monster card Shinato, King of a Higher Plane from the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. They are both very tall, with long, white hair, gray skin, and a feminine appearance. They also have similar color palettes in their outfits, including green, yellow, and lilac, which have an alike distribution in both characters. Shinato has a bindi mark on the forehead where Opal has Pearl's gem. Both have extra body parts (Shinato has three pairs of wings, Opal has two pairs of arms). Shinato's attribute is Light, and Opal's powers are also based on light and energy. To summon Shinato in the game, you must use two or more monster cards with a lesser level in your field as a tribute, along with its magic summon card. To form Opal, both Pearl and Amethyst perform a fusion dance, creating together a more powerful being. Finally, both seem to be based upon divinities; Shinato upon the Japanese wind goddess Shinatobe or Shinatsuhiko, while Opal resembles Hindu deities Lakshmi and Kali (more closely the former).
  • Opal is similar to the design of Nabooru from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, even to the point of having her pointed nose.
  • Opal's bow resembles a Mongol bow.
  • Opal's theme is a style of music called High-Energy Piano Anthem, a type of music invented by Masami Ueda, the composer for the Bayonetta games.


Image Description
Pearl's gemstone on Opal. It resembles a cabochon, a gemstone that has not been faceted, but has been polished. The gemstone has a mix of pale yellow, baby blue, and light pink.

Opal ChestGem Day.png
Amethyst's gemstone on Opal features a hexagonal facet. It is a tetradecahedron, specifically a truncated hexagonal bipyramid. The gemstone has a mix of pale yellow, light pink, tints of light purple, and baby blue.


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    "Dove & Cartoon Network | Episode 6 Body Functionality"
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